Evolve Salon

San Antonio, TX
4.5 / 37 Reviews

Evolve Salon

San Antonio, TX
4.5 / 37 Reviews

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    Completed our hands-on Level 1 course, featuring foundational cutting and color techniques

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Jasmine Baskerville

Deva Inspired Stylist
4.7 / 32 Reviews
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Not a true DevaCut

by Amanda on DECEMBER 16, 2018
Service Received: DevaCut

Jasmine was my first experience with a DevaCut and at first I was optimistic. However I didn't notice any improvement to my hair. Due to a long wait to get in again, I tried another Deva stylist and that's when I realized just how much I was missing out on. While Jasmine was nice, she didn't talk to me about the curly girl method or give me advice in general. She also recommended products that I later found out were not good for curly hair. She was nice and the salon was great (minus the long waits to get in), but I wouldn't recommend it to any curly hair friends.

Don't even attempt

by Wen on SEPTEMBER 19, 2018
Service Received: DevaCut

I have had several Deva curl haircuts. I am experienced in the technique. I ended up trying Jasmine twice because my original hair stylist had moved out of my area. Unfortunately, Jasmine, her her own historical reference, has only gone through one Deva curl hair cutting experience. I never did get my curl to come back, and the color she put on my hair was absolutely atrocious. I looked like trailor park trash. I had to fix the color myself. I'm not sure if she thinks her mom's experience has helped her with her own as a hairstylist, but she needs to go through more training in order to consider herself a Deva curl expert. I am now driving out of the area to go back to my original devacurl hair stylist, and my curl has returned, and my hair looks fabulous! I don't recommend someone who thinks one training session with Deva has made her knowledgeable. Chalk it up to ego and pride.

New Look

by Whitney on AUGUST 20, 2018
Service Received: DevaCut

I saw Jasmine recently for an 8inch chop off. She gave me a new look. Still getting used to it. However, the experience with her was smooth. She took time to ask questions to determine what my concerns and wishes were. She showed me how to diffuse my new lengths and ensured we bound my hair donations. Now I see why she was booked several weeks out. I’d definitely return and refer her.

First Deva cut in SA

by Danielle Hurtado on JULY 06, 2018
Service Received: DevaCut

I’m from El Paso, Texas. Unfortunately we do not have any certified curly stylist here at all, therefore I have to drive some ways just for a cut. I used to drive to Albuquerque, New Mexico, however I guess you can say I settled. My stylist was good, she just wasn’t getting the exact look I was aiming for. My first visit with Jasmine was awesome. She sat me down, asked me if there was a certain look I was aiming for, my concerns regarding my curls, etc. She did as awesome job at aiming for the look I wanted. I know it’s a process so it won’t happen on my first cut. But I won’t need very many to get exactly what I want. I absolutely loved her! My hair finally looks blended and not choppy!!

Love Jasmine!

by Elba on JUNE 21, 2018
Service Received: DevaCut
Price: $175+

I was impressed with Jasmine’s service! She walked me through everything she was doing, and informed me about certain products that did my hair well. I am definitely keeping her as my hair stylist! I loved my deva cut!

Curls Revived!

by Marshley M. on JUNE 06, 2018
Service Received: DevaCut
Price: $51-$75

My curls are back! My curls were suffering from the damage of color and heat. Jasmine gave my hair volume and moisture. My curls are so soft I can run my fingers through my hair without getting them tangled. She gave my hair a flattering shape and my hair feels amazing and light! I love it! I will definitely continue to visit and make my appointments with her!

First Deva Cut

by Natira E on JUNE 05, 2018

Deciding to have my hair cut while curly was the best thing ever. Jasmine gave me a lovely shape based on a picture I showed her. She took her time and knows what she is doing. No sales pitch to buy the products she used. Going back in August. It was obvious she loves what she does.


by Amy on MAY 26, 2018

Jasmine is just fantastic. She really listens and has lots of patience! I'm so happy that i found her to cut my curly hair!

Best DevaCut I've had so far :-)

by Jaimee on MAY 12, 2018

Jasmine is so great at cutting curly hair! I had my first cut 5 months ago, and my 2nd cut today...that's how long my cut lasts, and I was still getting compliments on my hair last week ;-) I had received multiple Devacuts from another stylist in San Antonio, but they were always done quickly and I left wanting to trim in certain spots to "fix" it. :-( I never had to cut anything myself once I saw Jasmine. Yay for finding my curly hair stylist at last. Thank you, Jasmine, for helping a curl-friend out!

Best haircut I've ever had

by Lecia on MAY 09, 2018

I had never had someone who knows curly hair cut mine before, but now I know how good my curls can look. Jasmine made my hair look so good for a long time. I'm going back today for the second time and I can't wait.


by Sophia I. on APRIL 27, 2018

I had my first ever DevaCut with Jasmine today, and I LOVE it! I look beautiful and I FEEL beautiful. Super friendly service, explained everything, listened to what I wanted for my hair and the haircut was perfect!

Excellent curly haircut

by Stephanie on APRIL 17, 2018

It is so hard to find someone who knows how to cut curly hair, so I am so happy to have found Jasmine!! She understands curly hair and knows how to work with your curls to get the best shape. I also appreciated that she explained everything she was doing while she cut my hair. She also had lots of tips and ideas for what to use in my hair and how to get the most out of my curls. Highly recommend Jasmine!!

Great curly cut

by Kristin C. on APRIL 07, 2018

I’ve been looking for someone with deva training to cut my hair and Jasmine did an amazing job! My curls are revived!

Got my curls back!

by Wendy Garland on APRIL 04, 2018

I have been trying to find someone to cut my curl/wavy hair to bring back the curls again!! Jasmine did a great job and I walked out with more cursl than I've had in over a year. Thank you!!

Good experience

by Terri on MARCH 16, 2018

I was one of those unprepared customers loathed by stylists, but Jasmine was friendly, patient and helpful. I showed up at the appointment with un-styled hair, — a no-no when getting a dry Deva cut, especially if you're a new customer. Even though I was her last client of the night, Jasmine took the time to rewash, dry and style my hair so she could give me a proper cut. We looked at photos together to figure out what I wanted. She stayed upbeat and positive the whole time. I like my haircut, and she also gave me a goodie bag with some product samples and a coupon for my next visit.

First Deva Cut For My 10 Year Old

by Laura on MARCH 08, 2018

Let me just say Jasmine is awesome! My 10 year old daughter wanted to start wearing her hair down with her natural curls so i scheduled with Jasmine. She took her time and explained everything to me and her on how to wash her hair and what different products to use. She got lots of compliments on her hair and fell in love with it. We will definitely be going back and referring to Jasmine. Thank you Jasmine!!

Jasmine is the best!

by Tiffany on JANUARY 28, 2018

Finding someone to do curly hair is always a nightmare! Every time I go for cut or a trim I end up leaving with a triangle looking cut that drives me crazy!! Then I found Jasmine... Deva curl certified hairstylist she did the damn thing! My hair is layered to the Gods

Great experience!

by Leah Stephens on JANUARY 07, 2018

Jasmine is great! She took the time to listen to what I wanted, and the haircut she gave me was perfect. I have wavy hair that gets very heavy and flat on top when the layers start getting too long--she gave me fresh new layers that gave me volume and new life to my curls! She is also available on Sundays, which is a HUGE plus for someone who works full time. Go see Jasmine!

First time I didn’t cry getting my hair cut

by Jennifer on JANUARY 05, 2018

So glad I found a curly hair guru. She did a great job listening to my needs, and really understood my curls. Its a bit shorter that I expected bit that because after the moisturizer treatment my curls shrunk ( they look fab btw) seeing her again. Awesome job!

My first deva cut!

by Sunny W on NOVEMBER 29, 2017

I had been using the same hair stylist for almost 10 years, I am new to the area and my other stylist was 6 hours away so I needed to find one here. I found Jasmine through the Deva Curl website and I couldn't be happier with my hair cut! This was my first deva cut so I was a little nervous but she did an amazing job, she will be my new stylist from now on! Thank you Jasmine!!

Great Stylist!

by Bridgitte on NOVEMBER 22, 2017

Jasmine knew exactly what to do when it came to fixing my hair. She had evened out a couple of uneven layers and blended them very well into each other, while still maintaining the length I had originally wanted. This was my first deva cut with Jasmine and I'm positive it won't be the last!

Got volume

by Brenda P on NOVEMBER 14, 2017

Jasmine did a great job giving my volume. My curls were laying flat becauseI had long layers. She gave me shorter layers on top and now my hair looks more full.

Great Haircut!

by Alyssa C. on NOVEMBER 05, 2017

Had a really good overall experience the cut was good and I really liked it, though when I got home I realized we didn’t get rid of as much thickness as much as I had wanted. She spent a lot of time explaining different products and how they will help my hair. Like I said overall great experience and I will be going back.

Great haircut

by Renee on SEPTEMBER 21, 2017

First Deva cut. Jasmine was really nice and spent a lot of time with my consultation and cut. Very informative about how to get the most out of my curls. I've made a second appointment and look forward to having Jasmine cut my hair again.


by Jordan on AUGUST 24, 2017

Jasmine was so nice and very helpful in deciding the best choice for my hair. She walked through everything she used and explained why. The cut she did was amazing and looks beautiful on me. I will definitely be going back! Best curly hair stylist in San Antonio :)

GREAT haircut

by Melanie on AUGUST 05, 2017

Jasmine did my hair justice! Before I went to get my curly hair cut, it felt dry and damaged. Went to jasmine who was very nice attentive and she gave my curls just what they needed ,a beautiful cut. Will definitely be going back!!

Excellent Devacut Experience

by Jessica M. on AUGUST 04, 2017

Yesterday I had my first Devacut with Jasmine, and I was thoroughly pleased with the experience. It was not my first Devacut, and I drove nearly two hours to get to the salon because there are no Deva inspired stylists near my town. What I liked about this experience was that Jasmine really listened to what I wanted, and she checked with me to make sure the finished product was what I wanted. She also gave me some styling tips and recommendations on products. I will definitely be making the long drive back to this salon!

Not what I expected, first time DevaCut

by Jenn on JULY 08, 2017

Cut was inconsistent, long pieces left in the front, short pieces cut on top only with rest of hair left noticeably longer with no flow. Unwanted chunky highlights (supposedly a "biage" which I didn't agree to but was charged for on top of regular coloring). Color is not at all what I requested, but I trusted her with bleaching- I wanted light brown and I got orange/copper. She didn't even dry my hair with a diffuser. I had no curl pattern, volume or style when she removed me from dryer- I had never seen my curls so flat and undefined. I was charged for a styling even though she literally placed me under the dryer for 50 minutes. I thought I'd be seeing my curls healthy after my first Devacut- didn't happen. Very disappointed.


by Amber V on MARCH 17, 2017

Jasmine was very professional and I Love my Deva Cut!

First Devacut!

by Alyssa R on MARCH 02, 2017

Amazing haircut! I have never truly seen my hair curl and clump because of all my heat damage. Looking forward to my next cut and slowly getting rid of all my heat damaged ends.

Good first Deva cut! Eager to see what the next one does for me.

by Audrey S. on JANUARY 28, 2017

As my hair got longer getting regular wet cuts was noticeably not doing my curls any favors. I was losing more volume and definition every month so I decided to try out a Deva cut and see what happened. I have 2c/3a curls so I didn't see a massive change in terms of curl tightness but I did get a pretty significant change in how my curls behave now. Jasmine did a really good job on my hair. I let her know that my curls couldn't handle texturizing or thinning and she worked around it for me to achieve what I wanted. I know full well that the first cut with a new stylist isn't always a spectacular transformation since they have to learn how your hair responds. Second and third cuts, in my experience, usually end up much more impressive due to the hair sometimes clumping in new ways (which mine totally did), but Jasmine still did an excellent job with me. I got more volume in my hair and my curls at the crown have stopped clumping into each other anymore which was my main concern. There was a little bit not taken off the bottom in the front of my hair that looked a bit strange until I shortened it myself but that's on me for trying to conserve as much length as possible and not expecting the new, shorter layers on top to curl as much as they ended up doing. There were a couple strands that ended up a bit too short to curl properly as well but I've always struggled with the weird pieces that don't behave like the rest of my hair that so it's not a huge deal to me and I know where the "line" is now so I can better communicate that next time. In short, Jasmine knows what she's doing with curls and I'll definitely be going back when I need another trim!

Great stylist

by Elizabeth on JANUARY 27, 2017

Jasmine did a great job. Loved the different reds she added to my hair and the cut was perfect. I'd definitely recommend her

Very satisfied.

by De'Andreia J. on JANUARY 26, 2017

I've been going to Jasmine for about 2 yrs now for my hair cuts. I'm a curly girl and she gave me my first Deva Curl cut this past week. I love it! I still have layers in my hair and my curls are way more defined and I have a tighter curl pattern so you can imagine how hard it is to get and keep defined curls. Definitely would recommend her to any other curly girl.

Awesome awesome awesome

by Thavorey on JANUARY 26, 2017

Jasmine gave me and my daughter haircuts. I have long thin hair and my 4 yo daughter has long curly hair. Both of our haircuts were awesome and neither of them took too long. Jasmine asks specifically what kind of look you're going for and is sure to explain the best way to style your hair. I get my hair done by her all the time. Super nice salon too.

Best haircut of my life

by Marley on JANUARY 26, 2017

Can I just say that Jasmine has blessed me with her shears. This is the best haircut that I have ever had and I keep finding new reasons why I love it. I really stressed about not losing my length but really amp my volume. The balance in my curls has never been better. Not only can I wear it curly, I can also wear it straight, round brushed, up, however! I've never had a cut that can fit all of my needs, it's either straight or curly and never an in between. Definitely come get your hair cut with Jas and be super satisfied because she takes pride in her work and loves her curly girls! Curls are her passion and you can see it, during her process and through the end result. You won't be disappointed! Thank you Jasmine!!!!!!

Worst haircut I've ever had!

by melissa on DECEMBER 29, 2016

This was the worst haircut I've ever had in my life. I had no layers going in and I have medium fine hair and she texturized and thinned it out,which I absolutely didn't want. I was trying to keep as kuchen volume as possible, I live big curly hair. I know a devacut is different than a regular hair cut, but she just hacked at my hair like Edward Scissorhands. I had really short pieces in the front that didnt fall naturally, and she also left random long pieces framing my face as well. I ended up having to cut my hair above my shoulders to fix the mess she made of my hair. I wouldn't ever recommend this evolve salon (or just Jasmin the so called Deva cut specialist) to anyone wanting a good curly hair cut. I'm not discrediting their other serv8ces, but I wouldn't recommend Jasmin to an enemy.

Fantastic results, and at an affordable price!

by Audrey on NOVEMBER 21, 2016

Jasmine is Evolve's Deva-inspired stylist, and she really knows her stuff. She sat me down before she started cutting and asked what I was hoping to get out of the cut, my complaints about my current curls, and how I generally styled and worked with my hair. When I said I had issues with volume due to the weight of my hair, she decided to do notching on my curls to break up the weight and help encourage more lifting at the root, without making my hair look thinner. It worked beautifully! And the rest of the cut is just as lovely. Any spots I felt were too long after it was all styled and dry, she trimmed up more, and she was careful to not cut too much off of the few strands I have that tend to lay looser. My curls aren't wrapping into each other anymore and are as wild and free as I've always wanted. I can't complain about the price either, $55 for a cut and style is so much cheaper than most places around here.


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