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1618 Main Street 6th Floor, Dallas, TX, US 75201

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4 Reviews

Angela Hicks Knows Super Coily Hair!

Z|March 28, 2017
Angela gave me my first DevaCut. She listened wholeheartedly to my needs, wants, and concerns. (I've had bad experiences with stylists in the past whose claims of expertise with natural hair surprisingly turned out to be false, sadly.) I looooooved my cut immediately. She preserved as much length as she could, per my request, but it looked and "fell" so much better. Afterwards, she gave me the wash-and-go of life! I had no idea my hair could even LOOK like that. Everyone asked me about my hair for days. I am a repeat customer as long as I can drive to her! Thanks, Angela! What a relief to finally find a stylist who really CAN handle super coily (4a) hair.

Happy Curly Girl

Pam Glaspie|September 25, 2016
Experienced my first cut with Angela and how amazing. From the moment I entered the salon it felt really comfortable. Angela is such an educated stylist and I appreciate her knowledge. Never been exposed to someone who knows who gets it! my flatiron is in the drawer maybe I'll donate or keep it as a memory since for the first time in my 40+ years alive I like these multi curls floating on my head. THANKS ANGELA looking forward to coming back!

Deva Cut by Angela

Liza R|July 26, 2016
Angela is AMAZING! This is my first time coming here and my experience was great. Angela explained in detail how she was cutting and styling my hair, how it would look by the end of the day, what to do and what not to do. By the time I walked out of there I was in loved with my curls for the first time. Thank you Angela for making me feel pretty!!

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