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1935 Madison St, Clarksville, TN, US 37042

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6 Reviews

Great Shape!

Rachel|May 30, 2019

Service Received: DevaCut

Price: $51-$75

Maggie has done an an amazing job of helping me learn how shape my curls so that they aren’t a fuzzy mess anymore. I am always happy with my Deva Curl cut. Maggie’s attention to every strand of curls is evident because my hair looks great. She has even taken the time to educate me on ways to maintain my curl shapes through the techniques used to wash and style my hair with the products that best fit my hair texture and curl patterns. I would recommend any curly-haired person to use Maggie’s services.


Kristian|May 19, 2019

Service Received: DevaCut

Price: $76-$125

I went to Maggie at the recommendation of two family members, and I am so glad I did!! They both raved about their DevaCuts so I was excited and nervous about my hair cut. I have relatively long hair and am always hesitant to get a haircut because I never like them. Maggie asked what I disliked about my hair and what my hair goals were before starting to cut my hair. I have so many different textures and curl patterns in my hair so I was worried even more to get it cut. She cut and washed my hair, where I learned so much! She explained everything she was doing as she did it so that I could replicate the correct techniques for my hair. Once she washed and put the product in we went to diffuse and my hair has never looked better! I was beyond ecstatic with the result. And she was the absolute sweetest throughout the appt. I definitely recommend Maggie for any curly girls out there!

Great hair and educational!!!

Michelle |February 7, 2019

Service Received: DevaCut

I don’t think there are even enough words to say how fantastic my experience was! My New Years resolution was to embrace my natural curls but I had no idea what to do. I searched the internet and tried on my own but was having no success so I searched out a professional for some guidance and at least a good trim to get rid of my damaged ends... what I got was so so much more!! She walked me through what I was looking for and what I had been doing (all wrong btw). Then she took the time to explain my hair type and what kind of products I would need. She cut my hair and explained it the whole way through... totally got rid of the “triangle” look I was rocking! Then told me all about the products she was using and how to apply them to my hair for the desired look. I literally had a mirror and was watching her wash my hair and apply the products. My hair is AMAZING! I want d sexy Shakira curls and hair I could touch and wasn’t so weighed down with product that my hair was sticky and that is EXACTLY what she was able to bring out. She took my curls and completely enhanced them and made them the best they could be. BUT best of all... she taught ME how to take care of them! No more scouring the internet spending $$$$ on tons of the wrong products. I am loving my curls like I never have before!

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