Verve Salon LLC

Nazareth, PA
4.8 / 11 Reviews
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Verve Salon LLC

Nazareth, PA
4.8 / 11 Reviews

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Deva Certified Stylist

Achieved DevaCurl certification, our highest level of curl expertise

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Completed our hands-on course for super curly and highly textured hair

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  • Deva Certified Stylist

    Achieved DevaCurl certification, our highest level of curl expertise

  • Art of Texture Stylist

    Completed our hands-on course for super curly and highly textured hair

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Beth Ann Knerr

Deva Certified Stylist
5.0 / 1 Reviews
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  • DevaCut
  • Pintura Highlighting
  • DevaCurl Transformation
  • Super Curly No-Poo Transformation
  • Super Curly DevaCut
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Only place I’ll get my haircut

by Terri Quinn on JANUARY 23, 2019
Service Received: DevaCut

I have been going to Verve for about 8 years. Beth is the BEST! I discovered Deva products from a friend and Beth was the closest salon that was Deva certified and I have never felt the need to go anywhere else as I am always 100% satisfied when I leave. I get my Deva cut, then a shampoo with an explanation of all of the products she is using and what they do for my curls and then I sit under the heat lamps. My only “complaint” is I make my appointments on weeknights and I have this fantastic hair and I go home and rarely get to show it off!


by Ashley Weiss on NOVEMBER 28, 2018
Service Received: DevaCurl Transformation
Price: $51-$75

Beth is amazing! The salon has a great atmosphere and she really knows what she is doing! She teaches you something new every time you're in, love it here!!

Healthy curls that people stop you on the street about!

by Alison T on DECEMBER 07, 2017

Beth (owner of Verve Salon) has been doing my hair for almost 3 years. I previously went to other Deva salons (while moving around for my education) for the previous 10 years. Beth's Deva cuts and care (you get the Deva experience every visit, even if you go for a root touch up every four weeks like I do) are exceptional and she is constantly attending Deva classes to stay up on current training. Deva cut/care is the only time I have ever walked out of salon with my hair looking perfect...gone are the days of doing your hair again when you get home from cut, because they don't know how to style it. People literally stop me when I'm out and about to ask about my color and style. Another testament is that I've referred three friends there who are now Deva believers :).

Great cut

by Rachel on OCTOBER 28, 2016

I spent time reviewing verve salon for about a little over a month before I booked an appointment yesterday. I watched many YouTube videos on the deva cut and also did extensive research for about a year. I knew what to expect and also what I wanted which is crucial before going through any type of change whether it's big or small. I've had MANY horrific salon experiences and I wasn't going to let that happen again. As I walked in I was greeted by Beth of which whom I made the appointment with since she's a Deva certified stylist. I sat in the chair and we briefly discussed what I want in my hair and what she recommends. She began dry cutting my 3b curls and created a truly gorgeous form that I couldn't be more happier with. She retained my length while still dusting my ends. The no poo and conditioning was great and of course felt amazing. The only downfall was the styling part. With my curls I do not use heat and once I place my products I do NOT touch my hair for hours until it's been thoroughly air dried. I sat under the dryer for I'd say almost 45 minutes and within that time Beth did tousle my hair about twice which caused major frizz. It may not seem like the biggest of deals but when you walk out of the salon with frizzy and damp hair it's not exactly what you see or expect from a Deva salon. Nevertheless once I got home I restyled my hair as I usually do and was satisfied. So yes I was satisfied with the cut but not thrilled with the damp frizzy hair. Would I recommend this salon? Absolutely! It's an adorable salon, very clean, and she was very knowledgeable which made me very comfortable. I wI'll definitely be back but most likely just for the cut, which to me was the most crucial!

The DevaCurl Experience

by Deanne on APRIL 26, 2016

My first experience at Verve was five weeks ago with Alison. The time she devoted to me was amazing. We discussed my hair and what I didn't like about it. She delicacy cut my hair and answered all my questions throughout the process. Then the wash, conditioning and the scalp massage! Did I mention scalp massage? It is wonderful and the best I ever experienced! Alison explained each product and the DevaCurl process. It was a learning experience I am very grateful for. The cut made a huge difference in my hair. I recently had my second hair cut with Alison and again it was a wonderful experience. Can't say enough good things Verve. They focus their attention soley on you the entire visit! And Beth Ann has great taste in music!

Happy I came

by Nancy on MARCH 13, 2016

I have had my curly hair cut at many places (including people who have been trained in Deva Curl products) and this was an standout. It's refreshing to have a salon experience where the interest is in you having great hair EVERYDAY, not just when you leave the salon. I appreciated Beth's experience and ability to assess my hair and advise how to achieve great results at home. As it was already mentioned, Beth is adept at explaining how to make the most of Deva products, but not pushy. I like that she's "step by step" and a clear communicator. Be aware, if you've never had your hair cut by someone who really knows what they are doing with curly hair, you will probably be surprised by the results. I love that I am actually wearing my hair down, not in a pony tail all the time, $58 was very reasonable for the time and attention I received. Worth the drive!

Best thing to happen to curly hair

by Jenelle on JANUARY 06, 2016

If you are debating whether to try a DevaCurl cut at Verve, you can stop debating because it's totally worth it. Beth was awesome- so knowledgable, helpful, and an overall awesome stylist. This was my first experience with a Deva cut; I did a cut (donated ~10" of hair) and color and she really took the time to make sure everything was done right and explained the process thoroughly, so I knew what to do when I got home. Very happy with the results and I will be going back in the future!

Saved my curls- Worth the drive!

by Nat on JULY 20, 2015

Going to Verve was a breath a fresh air! So you can work with my hair?? My curls are very tight and small, it was so nice finding someone who knew what to do with them, especially since I had recently got a haircut that was just bad! Although this place is 1hr and a half from me, it was worth the drive! Beth was amazing! She was very knowledgable of curly hair and Deva Curl products! She explained everything as she was doing it and made me feel very comfortable. She gave me the shape and style I needed! I was very pleased with my Deva Cut and experience at Verve! Will definitely be back!

Love my curls

by Angela on JUNE 02, 2015

At Verve Salon, Beth gave me the best haircut/style that I've ever had. The shape lasted and looked great for months. Her instructions during and after have helped me keep my curls looking great. I will keep going back!

Curls are celebrated!

by Tracey B on MAY 30, 2015

So many things can go wrong with curly hair. At Verve, curls are understood & celebrated. Thanks the the expertise of Beth & Devacurl, my hair looks and feels amazing. If you have curly hair, this is the salon for you!

New to DevaCurl

by Susan on MAY 18, 2015

I have curly hair and have been trying to find someone to cut it (correctly) for years!! I love the dry cut!! Actually, I was ready to walk out the door half way through the cut. It looked that good!! Beth is GREAT! Like anything else, you have to see what works best for you and your hair. I like the idea that Beth will switch products around on future visits. I like being able to see how my hair reacts to products before spending the money for the full bottle. Because if there's one thing I know and I've learned, not all products work on my hair. Or I should say I don't like the way my hair feels with certain products. It really is a great and friendly salon and I would recommend giving it a try!


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