Studio Curl

Greensboro, NC
5.0 / 19 Reviews

Studio Curl

Greensboro, NC
5.0 / 19 Reviews

Specializing in cutting curls and giving them the attention needed for a great look. In doing so , consultation is vital. Experience a how to, explanation of product knowledge so you can feel confident while achieving the look you want at home.

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Deva Advanced Stylist

Completed our hands-on Level 2 course, featuring advanced cutting and color techniques

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  • Deva Advanced Stylist

    Completed our hands-on Level 2 course, featuring advanced cutting and color techniques

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Bonnie Romero

Deva Advanced Stylist
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First time devacut-simply the best!!

by Maria on JUNE 08, 2018
Service Received: DevaCut

I recieved my very first devacur today. I could not wait for my appointment with Bonnie and she did not disappoint!!! My hair looks AMAZING and I have already received so many compliments!! Bonnie took her time cutting each strand and transformed me from Christmas tree hair (the shape of my hair literally looked like a Christmas tree) to beautiful bouncy shiny VOLUMIOUS curls!!! I am so happy to have found Bonnie and cannot wait until my next appointment! She took her time, went through the routine and explained products to me! She also provided me with some great tips!! :) I really enjoyed my appointment and absolutely LOVE my hair!!

YEP. Bonnie knows her stuff.

by Maggie Johnson on FEBRUARY 23, 2018

This was not my first awesome Deva Stylist experience. Bonnie is skilled, artistic, and she cares about her clients. I'm thrilled with my Deva cut, and will return to Bonnie for more.

She's Amazing!

by Amelia on JANUARY 30, 2018

I just got my first Deva Cut from Bonnie. She is absolutely amazing. I was very nervous about it, since it's a bit more than I normally spend, but I could not be more thrilled about the results. She walked me through what she was doing step by step so that I can do it at home. I love my new hair!


by Laura Tosh on DECEMBER 15, 2017

I had my first Devacurl cut a week ago and I absolutely love it. Bonnie knows exactly how to work with curls and is great at instructing you on how to achieve the style at home. My hair has never looked so good and I've had a lot of compliments on my new do. The Devacurl products are great also, just what you need to make your curls look fabulous.

I love me some Bonnie

by Ashley H on SEPTEMBER 21, 2017

I hadn't gotten my hair cut in over a year because I was scared of yet another terrible haircut. I'd had a few Deva Cuts but couldn't justify the cost until I had a nightmare hair experience and remembered why I'd stopped going to "normal" salons. Bonnie was amazing. She has a warm and funny personality and made me feel totally at ease and not like an awful person for going so long between cuts. On top of that my hair looks better than it ever has before. Even with other deva cuts. She just got me and I am thrilled with my new hair. I've gotten dozens of compliments in the last two days. Even from strangers. I'm so happy! Thanks Bonnie!!

Curl Wizard

by E. E. on MARCH 29, 2017

Bonnie is a very talented stylist. She took her time, listened to me and really delivered. I will continue to use her and send all fellow curlies to her when asked for recommendations on a stylist. Her passion for her work shows through and it was a pleasure to be treated with such care. She's a no-rush, detail oriented person. She definitely knows her stuff! Thanks, Bonnie!

Wonderful !

by Nancy wharton on MARCH 02, 2017

I had my first Deva Cut with Bonnie and I left feeling extremely happy. She took her time, explained how I could achieve the look I wanted at home. My hair looked beautiful and my curls rocked. I also loved the Salon, beautiful and relaxing. She is wonderful at what she does. I was very impressed, and I surely will recommend Bonnie to all my Curly hair friends looking for a talented hair stylist.


by Jennifer B on FEBRUARY 16, 2017

This was my first DevaCut and I was honestly trying to prepare myself for it not to be so great. Even brought ponytail holders so I could put my bun in a ball when I was done (just knew that it would be a big ball of frizz). BOY WAS I WRONG!! Bonnie was amazing. My hair has NEVER looked or felt this great. I have my curls back!!! She explained everything to me and made sure I knew how to do this myself at home. She took her time and I could see her excitement when she saw my hair coming to life! That's how you know someone loves doing what they do. I feel so confident and empowered now to get my hair look great at home. I will go here whenever I need a devacut!

Highly Recommended

by Rosalind on JULY 27, 2016

I'm so glad I made an appointment with Bonnie. I've used Devacurl products for some time, but I never really got the hang of them - Bonnie showed me how to get the most from them and has given me a great haircut that makes my waves spring into life. After years of fighting with it, I finally feel like I can get along with my hair! Thank you so much Bonnie!

First DevaCut!

by Hayden H. on JULY 15, 2016

This was my first time having my hair cut by a deva stylist and Bonnie was the best I could have ever asked for! She took her time and explained each step of what she was doing so that I could go home and do it on my own. She was so knowledgeable about every product and how each worked on my hair and I am so in love with the end product! My hair has never looked healthier, it has no frizz and the curls are tight and beautiful! Thank you Bonnie for changing my hair for the better, I will definitely be returning and pointing all of my curly-headed friends in your direction!

First DevaCut & No Poo Transformation

by Ashley Cheeks on JUNE 28, 2016

I’ve struggled with how to manage my naturally curly hair since forever!! I’ve tried every curly hair product out there, except for DevaCurl. Recently, I started doing some research on DevaCurl because I’ve seen it everywhere, especially on social media. I came to this site to seek out a Deva stylist, which is where I found Bonnie! After reading all of the amazing reviews below and finding her on Instagram (best idea ever because I got a chance to see her amazing work), I contacted Bonnie and made an appointment for my first Deva Cut & No Poo Transformation. Bonnie was extremely nice and talked me through the process. The appointment almost felt like a Curly Hair routine 101 class which helped a lot since I desperately needed tips to manage my curls. I seriously left the salon thinking, where has Bonnie been all my life?!

I love my cut

by Jasmine on MAY 26, 2016

I have been natural for 6 years and have never had my hair cut. I begin researching cuts on natural hair and discovered the devacut. Many stylist in my area either did not know about this cut or knew but preferred to straighten my hair before cutting. I found Bonnie's number from the devacare locator and gave her a call. The next day I was in her chair quite nervous. Bonnie chatted with me, calm me down, and we talked about the cut I was looking for. I was in and out of the salon in 1 1/2 hours with a new and fabulous cut, washed, and styled hair. I've received so many compliments on my inverted bob. I would highly recommend anyone to Bonnie for natural curly haircuts and styles.

Fabulous Deva Cut

by Ann on DECEMBER 29, 2015

I received my first Deva Cut from Bonnie. I have very thick wavy/curly hair. However, I have always struggled with wearing my hair curly. Bonnie took her time and explained to me about my specific hair type. After receiving the Deva cut, I had a No Poo Transformation. Highly recommend doing this as well to learn about what products will work best for you. After about a week, I am able to use all the products with my hair holding curls for several days at a time. Excited to finally find a stylist who can cut my hair to enhance the natural curl. Will be returning to Bonnie for my next cut.

Fantastic for Thick and Curly Hair

by Ann on DECEMBER 23, 2015

My hair is extremely thick and wavy. Over the past two years, my hair has become more curly than wavy. I no longer wanted to straighten my hair everyday, but have been unable to find anyone who can cut my hair with a curl without making my hair look like a triangle or super frizzy. Thrilled to finally found a stylist who can give me a fabulous cut that it's easy to style and embraces my natural curls. Bonnie is fantastic! Highly recommend getting the Deva cut and the No Poo Transformation. Bonnie took her time cutting my hair and explaining how my hair will work best. During the No Poo Transformation, I learned how to care for my hair on a daily basis. Will be getting a deva cut with Bonnie from now on!!!!

Fantastic Devacurl stylist

by Deb on DECEMBER 11, 2015

I have tried several stylists since embracing my natural curls over 2 years ago, Bonnie is "the best"! I am from Nebraska and found her via this site nearly one year ago while visiting family in the area, I have tried other stylists during the interim and have decided after my second cut with her today to just make my cuts coincide with visits to see our grandchildren! She is definitely worth seeking out if you are looking for a curly girl stylist!

Deva cut

by Tamara on DECEMBER 10, 2015

This is my second Deva Cut. I have tightly curly hair and I don't trust many people with these curls! But Bonnie helps me to be comfortable talking with me through the whole proccess. She made sure I received the cut I wanted. I am happy with my Deva Cut!

Curl Specialist

by Ana V. on NOVEMBER 19, 2015

Had my first Deva Cut today. Now I can truly say, I'm in love with my curls!!! Bonnie took her time, cut my hair and styled it. Once finished the results were AMAZING!! She answered all my questions and I'm totally satisfied!! I definitely recommend her.

First DevaCut and consultation

by Jean on NOVEMBER 16, 2015

Bonnie gave me a great cut and was great at educating me about my particular curl patterns and recommending the Deva Curl products needed to maintain and enhance my curl.


by Kelly Hargett on NOVEMBER 13, 2015

Bonnie is the absolute best! She has cut my hair twice now and each time the curls get better and better. I would recommend her to anyone with curly or wavy hair (or even straight hair because she is REALLY good). If you are looking in Greensboro/Winston-Salem area, go see Bonnie!


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