Joyfully Curly by Joy Rudisill

Charlotte, NC
3.8 / 18 Reviews

Joyfully Curly by Joy Rudisill

Charlotte, NC
3.8 / 18 Reviews

Attended several curl inspiration classes since 2006 throughout the southeast. Specializing exclusively in naturally curl hair based on The Curly Girl method, using and retailing DevaCurl products.

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    Completed our hands-on Level 2 course, featuring advanced cutting and color techniques

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Joy Rudisill

Deva Advanced Stylist
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by Sheila on DECEMBER 14, 2018
Service Received: Pintura Highlighting, DevaCut
Price: $76-$125

After years of blow dryers, curling irons, hot rollers and over processing, my wavy hair was often frizzy and fried. Traditional "layered" cuts required these techniques and tools. Around 2012, I read a story on Yahoo about a salon in NYC that cut only curly hair and used paper towels to dry it. I found Joyfully Curly in Charlotte and have been amazed at the transformation to the health of my hair. I finally found a stylist who understands that cutting curly hair is totally different than cutting straight hair. The system works if you stick with it. Joy is knowledgeable about the Deva Cut and Deva products. I use the Deva Three Step plus the Leave In Conditioner. I also trust Joy with my color which is semi-permanent. The salon is cozy, comfortable and easy to access. As with any stylist, it's helpful to bring a picture of a curly look you like. Deva Curl and Joy's cuts have been life changing for me and I am so grateful.


by Maggie on OCTOBER 27, 2018
Service Received: Heaven In Hair Divine Deep Condition, DevaCurl Transformation, Pintura Highlighting, DevaCut

Joy has been cutting my hair for the past 6 years. She has taken frizzy, over-treated hair to a flattering look by teaching me how to take care of and embrace naturally curly hair. She has developed creative ways to work with coloring (or not!) gray hair. I can honestly say, I have never found another hair dresser that has her knowledge and skill set for curly hair. I highly recommend Joy for all curly heads.


by Christine on OCTOBER 22, 2018
Service Received: DevaCut

Joy was delightful to work with, explained the Devacut concept in great detail, gave me an awesome cut with great instructions to take care of it, and I LOVE my hair! She was attentive and responsive. She only wants you to contact her by email so she can respond after hours when she is not giving attention to another client. That seems very reasonable to me. You have to know what this cut entails, study the Devacut website and Joy's website before seeing her. It was exactly what I expected. I was very very pleased.


by Angel on JUNE 01, 2018

I splurged on a Devacut for my 45th birthday. After so many years of struggling with my naturally curly hair, I was excited for a change. However, my experience with Joy was less than desirable. Although I think that she gave me a good cut, her attitude was very off-putting. Not only was she almost 30 mins. late to the appointment, but she was also quite rude throughout my time in her salon. At first, I chalked it up to her having a bad day (which is still an unprofessional way to interact with a client), but later, after mentioning to a few people about my experience with her, a couple shared their disappointment with their experiences with her. I will not return to her salon.

Total Transformation

by Laura T on MAY 02, 2018

I never understood the gift of having curly hair until I started going to Joy just over 2 years ago. Up until this point, I simply did my best to try and either “manage” my curls or make them conform to straight-hair principles (which equals a frizzy, unruly mess). Joy has totally changed all of this for me with her expert styling and education in the ways of curly hair. Joy knows exactly and precisely how to cut each individual curl and which DevaCurl products to apply in order to maximize the full potential of my curls. On top of her skill and artistry, Joy is also the consummate professional. She is always prompt and responsive with all business tasks and correspondence and her space is extremely clean and inviting. Joy works very efficiently and is 100% focused on me and my curls during appointments. After years of feeling unsure about my curly hair, it’s now something that I fully embrace and feel so extremely proud of. Thank you, Joy; I feel so lucky to have you!

Even the DevaCurl Experts Were Impressed!

by Annie on APRIL 18, 2018

I went to a hair show with my uncle (who is a barber); these hair shows are to teach hair dressers about new products and to keep their licensing up to date. Stylists come in from all over to do the trainings. I went by the DevaCurl booth and one of the men at their booth was giving me high praise for my hair. I thanked him and told him I would relay it to my stylist. He looked surprised ... he thought THEY had done my hair that morning! Thanks Joy!!! I've spent years trying to tame my curls (and feel like I have tried every hair care product on the market). A couple of different people recommended DevaCurl so I figured I would give it a try. I bought the beginner kit (with the book and the trial size products) and used those for a about a year. That lead me to Joy. I have been seeing Joy for a few years now ... and people who have known me most of my life say that I have finally found products and a stylist who understands my hair. I'm so glad I found Joy!

Loving my curls

by Sandy M on MARCH 19, 2018

I found Joy 4 years ago. My hair was a frizzy, over colored, and abused mess. At the first appointment Joy was very patient with me and explained the curly girl method and about the deva products. She listened to me explain how I would like my hair to look before she did anything. She cut my hair dry and picked up each little curl and trimmed it like nothing I had ever experienced before. After the cut she showed me the correct way to shampoo and condition my curls. The end result was simply amazing! Thru the years Joy has taught me to embrace my curls - they all have a place now. Thank you Joy!!

Family of Curly Girls

by Francesca on MARCH 13, 2018

When my daughter was born, she had no hair at all. Finally, at age 2, she had waves. By 4, long ringlets. My own hair being just wavy, I scoured the Internet on what to do with curly locks; I was fortunate to discover the Curly Girl Handbook, which led me to Deva Curl products, which then led me to Joy. Joy isn’t just “Deva Curl”.... she is truly a unique stylist and talent in her own right. She does a true Curl by Curl cut. My daughter’s hair has been healthy and shaped and hydrated her entire life (now age 9) thanks to Joy. Finally last year I asked Joy to fix my botched color job and I asked her if she could help my waves. Since I have always used water based shampoos, my hair was ready to take whatever she could throw at me. Shocker: I HAVE CURLS TOO!!! Now not only do I get compliments on my great color and cut, but no longer do people ask where my daughter gets her gorgeous’s all me! :) Joy is an experienced hair artist and I wouldn’t trust anyone else with mine or my daughter’s hair.

I Finally got compliments!

by Brandy on MARCH 10, 2018

I’ve been doing the curly girl method for almost 7 months now. The stylist who I went to for my first devacut was booked for two months and my hair was in desperate need of a cut. I was able to get an appt with joy within a week which was great. When I walked in my hair was a flat undefined mess. I told joy I didn’t want any length cut off but to do what was necessary. She was so knowledgeable about everything curly girl. She gave me some great tips and information I’d never heard of. But the best thing was when she was finished. My hair was totally transformed. I thought I had loose waves but it turns out I have beautiful bouncy curls. When I got home my boyfriend, who rarely ever compliments my hair was amazed. We went out to dinner that night and I got a compliment from the hostess. And my next days curls were even better! After pineappling overnight I had so much volume. I’m definitely following joys recommended routine and will be going back to her. As for these other reviews, I think it comes down to not being knowledgeable about what a devacut is. Curly hair gets weighed down very easily so it’s important to get regular devacuts to avoid that. So as joy recommends on her website, make sure you’re committed to the curly girl method before deciding to go this route.

Extremely Skilled!

by Annebritt Birkeland on MARCH 09, 2018

Joy is EXTREMELY skilled in curly or wavy hair care & styling! I was fortunate to get an appointment with her this week and I have to say she gave me one of the best haircuts I have ever had! She expertly shaped my below shoulder length thick curly coarse hair as she gave me detailed instructions on how to properly care for and maintain my curls. Although I have been a devoted Devacurl customer for 2 years, Joy taught me how to really use the products in the best way for my hair specifically and helped me understand the reasons why at a deeper level. If you are a curly haired person near Charlotte you need to see what Joy can do for your hair, she is truly a top level professional who will help your hair be the most beautiful it can be and healthier than it ever has been before! I have already booked my bext appointment! Thank you so much Joy!

Hacked off My Hair

by Amy on JANUARY 13, 2018

I talked to her about what I wanted before the cut, but I'm not sure she was listening. I asked her to trim off only what was needed to make it healthy while keeping the shape I had. She cut off 4-5 inches and my layers are gone. My hair is very uneven and I've been sad these last few months with yet another inches lost hair cut. She is very strict and not personable. She doesn't want to be called and is very short (semingly annoyed) when she responds in her emails. He facility was a mess, I didn't feel welcome, and she was very late to the appointment.

Not returning

by Meg on NOVEMBER 22, 2017

I had been growing out the sides in order to pull my hair back. I asked Joy to not shorten there. When I left, several inches had been whacked off. My hair grows very slowly and that set me back months. Also the styling was not chic or modern at all. I looked like a backwoods woman when she was finished.

No answer

by Kasey on SEPTEMBER 13, 2017

I have called Joy many times and left messages with no return call. Very disappointed. Used text, voicemails and Facebook. I finally gave up...

Not a fan

by Rachel on MARCH 16, 2017

Apparently devacurl will certify anyone these days. It's been over a year and a half and I'm still trying to grow out the top half of my hair that was cut ridiculously short and unproportionate. Very high maintenance cut that doesn't even look good when at it's best. Turned me off to the whole deva concept as false marketing and self promotion.

the only stylist I'll ever trust with my hair

by Vanessa on FEBRUARY 04, 2017

Joy is amazing. She literally changed my life and my hair routine, if you saw me 3 years ago you wouldnt even recognize me because of the beautiful mane I have grown now thanks to Joys passion and knowledge! The bad reviews on here must be from people not actually depending on the devacurl system and just looking for a automatic transformation, like I said it took me 3 years to get where i am today & a lot of time and effort on my own part. YOU MUST RESEARCH FOR YOURSELF!!! But dont trash an educated soul as sweet as her because you yourself have not done your own homework. Keep being amazing Joy! & keep changing lives like you have done for me :)

Not happy

by Jen on OCTOBER 13, 2016

Joy cut my hair so uneven and took around 3 inches off. I was mortified. I attempted to let the cut grow out and straightened my hair 6 months later only to find so many very uneven strands it was crazy.

Deva Cut was fantastic

by Martha on NOVEMBER 02, 2015

Joy's instructions on what to do before the consultation were enlightening. LOVED the Deva Cut. Within three days of the cut I got FIVE compliments. Four were from total strangers.

Joy is a joy!

by Walli on MARCH 28, 2015

Joy is inspirational in advising, cutting, and giving information about curly hair! She is truly wonderful and does beautiful work. She is a pleasure to deal with--always professional and organized!


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