The Angels salon

Elizabeth, NJ
4.7 / 35 Reviews
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A certified stylist is here
A certified stylist is here

The Angels salon

Elizabeth, NJ
4.7 / 35 Reviews

A multi cultural salon providing services for every hair texture.

Our Certifications

Icon certified art of texture
Art of Texture Stylist

Completed our hands-on course for super curly and highly textured hair

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Deva Certified Stylist

Achieved DevaCurl certification, our highest level of curl expertise

Icon certified art of textureIcon certified
  • Art of Texture Stylist

    Completed our hands-on course for super curly and highly textured hair

  • Deva Certified Stylist

    Achieved DevaCurl certification, our highest level of curl expertise

Devacurl Services

Stylists at this salon

Joe Ortiz

Deva Certified Stylist
Icon certifiedIcon certified art of texture
  • Super Curly No-Poo Transformation
  • Super Curly DevaCut
  • DevaCurl Transformation
  • Pintura Highlighting
  • DevaCut
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My Go-To Guy

by Kelsey on JUNE 12, 2018

So satisfied with my deva cut! my curls feel weightless and healthier. Joe is the sweetest and definitely transformed my hair. He did such a beautiful job.


by Betty on JUNE 12, 2018

Came in knowing very little but left with an abundance of Education. Beautiful haircut, Thanks Joe...,see you soon

Love the shape

by Carrie on JUNE 12, 2018

Just an awesome experience, first when you think of a haircut you believe you will loose length. Well I didn’t, I now have length shape and volume. Joe you’re the BEST!!!!!!!


by Mayda on JUNE 23, 2016

Nothing short of great work by Joe. I have been a client of The Angels salon for the past 7 years or so (Styled by another amazing stylist-Lourdes), and now having someone in the salon I love specialized in natural curly hair it sure is a big plus. My first Deva cut (6/23/16) was a great learning experience as far as how to care for my hair. The cut and products used brought life to my neglected, dry mane, and I can’t get enough of how great my hair turned out. I will absolutely continue using tips and recommendation given to care for my curls. ~products used Devacurl Decadence line~

Hated it

by J on JANUARY 16, 2016

He didn't know what to do with my hair at all. Compare to every other deva cut hairstylist they all did the same routine as for him he was doing something else

Joe was everything I thought he would be when it came to details and LISTENING to what I wanted, it was so much fun to talk to him about my hair transition. I got great tips and Deva Curl recommendations which would be suitable for my hair needs. THANK YOU 🙏🏽

by Angelica Fuentes on JUNE 12, 2018

Joe was everything I thought he would be when it came to details and LISTENING to what I wanted, it was so much fun to talk to him about my hair transition. I got great tips and Deva Curl product recommendations suitable for my hair needs. THANK YOU 🙏🏽

amazing stylist!

by Yaniris on JUNE 12, 2018

Had my hair cut and styled by Joe a little over a month ago, and I can definitely see how much my hair has changed since. Joe not only styled and colored my hair, but he made sure to recommend the right products to keep my curls well hydrated and defined. I get lots of compliments and definitely recommend him.

Curls A-poppin!

by Tara Jefferson on JUNE 12, 2018

I had my first curly cut in over 30 years (the first one I had in my teens was a disaster!) with Joe Miguel at a pop-up in Inwood and it was fantastic! He was very knowledgeable and helped me with my curly daily routine. My cut is awesome and I love looking at it every morning. I cannot say enough about Joe Miguel and have recommended him to several friends. #Verysatisfiedcustomer


by Catherine on JUNE 06, 2018
Service Received: DevaCut
Price: $76-$125

I want to thank Joe for cutting and styling my hair. He did an absolutely amazing job. It was such an easy comforting process to go through. Him and his team made the experience so great! I cannot wait to come back -- i will definitely be recommending him to my family and friends. Especially my friends, since Joe has convinced me to leave my hair natural to attend my 10 year high school reunion LOL. I will definitely be coming back for my follow up cut! Thank you!!

My Curls Love Joe

by Lorraine on JUNE 12, 2018

Since my transition over 7 years ago I had only done a curly cut once and it was in DR. I hadn't heard of any stylist that I trusted to give me the cut I wanted. Joe not only gave me the cut but his time with my hair and his tips transformed my hair to lush bouncy curls. I look forward to more of his popups in Washington Heights. Thanks also to his wife who was very sweet


by Katyana Deleon on JUNE 12, 2018

My natural hair journey began almost a year ago with the King of Curls, Joe Miguel. Joe is much more than his certifications! His talents with hair, especially CURLY hair, is unmatched. He is much more than a hair stylist. He provides a service that not only transforms you from the outside, but most importantly, he gives you the confidence and the empowerment to transform from within. I trust Joe with my hair, but also with my self-esteem because he truly cares about every person that sits in his chair. The hair cut itself is always breathtaking, but I thank him the most for the pre-consultation and for taking the time to get to know me and what’s important to me before he even began the cut. Because of Joe, I am much stronger, I am dedicated to my growth, and I empower every ringlet of my curly crown. Love you, Joe! Thank you everyday for this gift. This crown is trusted only in your hands!

Never have I EVER experienced someone so professional and caring !

by Joy E on JUNE 06, 2018
Service Received: DevaCut

From the moment I walked in to the time I stepped out the door I received nothing but professionalism, care, extensive information on the correct way to care for my type of hair which I appreciated so much. Thank you so much joe!

Worth the visit !!

by Johnay C on JUNE 12, 2018

I was referred to Joe by a co worker and I was eager to go to have my curls ready to go for summer since it’s so difficult finding products for my hair! and they had never been shaped either.. I took an hour drive to his salon because I was determined and trusted his work already just from seeing amazing outcomes and I left super satisfied and excited to continue a healthy curly journey!! I can’t wait to see the growth and outcome of my new regimen he provided with Deva Curl products! No poo, conditioner and melt into moisture will now be staples for my hair care !! he even gave me samples, Thanks so much Joe!!

So So Good!!!!!

by Rebekah on JUNE 12, 2018

I’ve always loved my curls but have never gotten a cut I loved, until today. Joe was so good and so nice I immediately felt at home. So informational too! Never getting a cut anywhere else!

Love my DevaCut!

by Kendall on JUNE 12, 2018

Joe and Eric were amazing! Eric made me feel so comfortable getting my hair washed and striking up conversation! Joe also gave amazing customer service and not only was I treated with the utmost respect, but I ABSOLUTELY LOVED my DevaCut! He made sure to talk to me about what I would like in a cut and gave me great tips on how to take care of my hair! He even gave me a little sample of the product to take home with me. After coming here for a cut, I wouldn't go to anyone else! Joe was awesome!


by Lisette on JANUARY 01, 2018

I spent my whole life receiving the same cut. Layers! Great when straight, horrible when curly. Finally going the shape I wanted with volume.

Amazing and professional stylist

by Jessica on JUNE 12, 2018

I think it's safe to say how nervous one can get when they decide on having someone new cut their hair. However Joe , his wife and staff made me feel as if I was apart of their family. From booking the appointment to walking out the door was one of the best salon experience I ever had, and this amazing cut I received was just the cherry on top. Would highly recommend him for all your hair needs.

Exceptional services

by Alejandra on OCTOBER 03, 2017

I did the search and found Joe. From the consultation to the cut and the education it was everything I was looking for. I absolutely Recommend him


by Brittany on JUNE 12, 2018

Joe worked magic on my curls and I cannot thank him enough! Definitely recommend x100000!!

If you’ve got curls....He’s your guy!

by Jennifer on JUNE 15, 2018
Service Received: DevaCut

Joe is professional yet down to earth. Very informative about YOUR hair and what works best for you. Love my cut and color. Thanks so much!

Absolutely Amazing

by Katelyn Joyce on DECEMBER 31, 2016

After years of hating my curls, I transitioned a year ago and just made seven months post big chop a few weeks ago. I went to Joe recently for the first time because I wanted a professional to cut and style my hair and he made me love my curls even more. He doesn't just style your hair but also teaches you what to use and how to care for your curls on your own. He is a curl teacher. I love his work and will be going back.

Exceptional Service

by Donna on NOVEMBER 24, 2017

Great experience, he knows what to do , what you need , how to take care of your hair and most importantly the best haircut ever! Great cut Joe, Thank you

Amazing !!

by December on JUNE 12, 2018

Went in extremely nervous came out feeling nothing short of fabulous !! Jo Miguel gave me an amazing cut and shaped my hair perfectly , he also showed me how to style my hair to get the look I’d been looking for and also how to maintain and care for my tresses !! I loved the experience and the results !! Thank you so much !!!!!!


by Martine on JUNE 12, 2018

The entire experience was amazing! Angel and his amazing staff were so accommodating, professional and helpful. Angel provided such good education on my personal hair care needs which was empowering. I'm so happy to have found him! I'm now recommending everyone to him!

Love my cut!!!

by Nicy on JUNE 12, 2018

My experience was great. Joe and his staff are super friendly and knowledgeable. He listened to my concerns and gave me a perfect cut. My hair is bouncy, big and curly...just the way i like it!


by Yesenia on JUNE 12, 2018
Service Received: DevaCut
Price: $126-$175

My sister recommended me to him and im so glad i gave this salon a shot. this is my third Deva cute and has been the best one by far!! Jose is knowledgable about curly hair and gave me some awesome tips for my hair. I let him give me a cut he thought would suit my face and the end results were just stunning. I will not go anywhere else for my cuts from now on!! hes the best!!

OMG Emotional

by Natalie on JUNE 12, 2018

Afraid to have anyone touch my curls, but I knew this day was coming. Talk about guiding me through this process, A special thanks to Joe and The Ángels Salón for making this nerve recking day a phenomenal one!!

Amazing experience with Joe and Eric

by Claudia on JUNE 03, 2016

This is my second time getting the full Deva cut with Joe. I have to say it is the best experience I have had at any hair salon. He is very friendly and definitely skilled. The salon is clean and professional. My curls are looking awesome!

I found my place

by Lisa on MAY 14, 2016

Very informational, from beginning to end. Never thought my hair was going to curl like this. Superb, Yes!! Thanks Joe!!!

Joe is awesome

by Sarah on MAY 27, 2016

Joe is EXCELLENT. I have been very pleased with his curly haircuts and attention. The deva wash process takes quite long, but it is worth it! Highly reccomended

Love my cut!!!!!!

by Laura on APRIL 04, 2016

I enjoyed every minute of my experience, Thanks to Joe and Eric...

Curls! Curls! Curls!

by Brenda on JUNE 12, 2018

From the phone to the front desk to Joe and the assistant. They all were unbelievably awesome! Oh yea! The curls and cut , best ever.

Love this salon!

by Savannah C on SEPTEMBER 11, 2016

Joe and Eric made the experience feel as I was paying so little for an amazing treatment and service. Eric massaged the products beautifully into my scalp and joe gave me an amazing cut and the perfect devacurl style!! I will be coming back every 2-3 months for treatment!

Great place !

by Yasmine on NOVEMBER 20, 2015

Joe is awesome ! He is super maticulous and will do exactly what you want. Everyone in the salon is super chill and friendly.

Everything i wanted

by Angelica on JUNE 12, 2018

I had been looking for someone to give my curly hair and very short cut and not look like a mushroom ! I had seen a few of Joe’s cuts on two of my family members whose hair is curlier than mine and decided to try him. When i say amazing i mean amazing! I have never before walked out of a salon feeling like i wanted to just take pictures of myself ! The staff at Angels was friendly and professional, my appointment started right on time, the atmosphere was relaxing and just really put the icing on the cake for an overall great hair day !


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