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2 Reviews

Really rough hair cut

My curls were gone|December 7, 2017
I wnet for my first devacut but have been a devagirl for a few years now. First, she raked her fingers through my dry hair as not to use a comb bit ruined all the curls and the natural way they lay right there. My hair was a large and frizzy and resembled a bush at this point. Then with my trim, she took inches off everywhere. It looked insane but I still was hoping it would look nice after the wash and style. She kept telling me this would look amazing. Well, she scrubbed my hair, rinsed the shampoo and the started "noodling" my hair. This process was her putting in lots of conditioner and then twisting it around in the air so much I swear my hair was going to be ripped out. I still was hopeful...ok, these ringlets she's creating will look awesome lile she says right? Wrong, after this torture, she rinsed all the conditioner out and scrubbed my hair dry with a regular towel. Then combed through my hair with a comb, put a quarter sized amount of gel in and never scrunched it in at al and then diffused. It looked horrible once she was done. My hair at the top was almost straight and the bottom was just a frizzy mess of hair. She then raved how awesome it was. I told her my hair obviously looked better when I arrived before she touched it. She then said, well, some hair just doesn't like the devacut. Don't waste your money here.

DecaCut Gone BAD

A Concerned Curly Girl|October 1, 2017
When I arrived to the Salon I was excited and ready to begin my new journey. I have been transitioning to my natural curls for a few months now and I was so excited to get the Deva Haircut. It was the next step I’m my curl journey. The stylist was informative about the process and did a really good job on the cut, however once it was styling time the wheel feel off the wagon. Every curl girl knows that you have to flip over and scrunch these products in correct? No scrunching was done. No Diva Towl was used and she raked her hands through my hair and pulled my tiny curls out. I ended up having to come home and re-wet it and style it myself. I will say again it was a nice cut, but I want every curly friend out there to know that you need to be apart of the styling process if you go here. Know your hair and also, don’t let them use other products in your hair. She tried to put an oil on my hair and it has 3 types of silicones and a sulfate in it that I CANNOT have in my hair. Glad I checked the label! I will say they did not make me pay for the “Devacut” just a regular haircut, but I just wanted all my curly girls out there to hear about my dreadful experience so hopefully there first DevaCut can be different. Love , A Concerned Curly Girly

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