Mane Addiction Salon

Indianapolis, IN
4.9 / 38 Reviews

Mane Addiction Salon

Indianapolis, IN
4.9 / 38 Reviews

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  • Art of Texture Stylist

    Completed our hands-on course for super curly and highly textured hair

  • Deva Product Pro

    Completed our online professional tutorial series for daily curl care

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Laquita Burnett

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Came with beautiful hair, left with Mullet

by Mullet Gal on JUNE 12, 2018

First time client after following Laquitta for over a year on Instagram. Booked a Devacurl Cut to even out some long layers and specified I wanted to keep my length. I was given a mullet instead--total opposite of my vision. I'm really bummed out about my experience. My mullet has really messed with my self confidence! Initially the cute was $65 and I was charged a $15 consultation fee (I guess it costs $15 to be a new client and also to listen to her talk.) And a $45 transformation fee ( I guess it costs more since she totally transformed me from a normal gal, to a gal with a curly mullet). $125 later--a terrible hair cut, lower self esteem, feeling of betrayal. Looks like I'll spend the rest of this year growing it out. Thanks L!

Devacurl Cut & Devacurl Transformation

by Tamiko H. on JUNE 12, 2018

LaQuita is phenomenal. She educated me on my natural hair, the Devacurl products, & the do's & don'ts of taking care of natural hair. Explained each process thoroughly. Asked me important questions on the step by step process of what I do for my hair care regimen.. She was able to assess my hair quickly & told me exactly what was going on with it. I left the salon educated and my Devacurl Cut was fantastic feeling soft and more healthier. I will be returning to LaQuita, she is now my Devacurl Stylist.


by Mary on JUNE 12, 2018

Laquita did a fabulous job with my hair. I had never added this drastic amount of color to it, but I trusted her and it turned out awesome. I also got the Devacut and usually I hate to get my hair cut because of the loss of length but there was none!! She really knows her stuff!

This girl knows her stuff!

by Timberly Orbell on MARCH 28, 2017

LaQuita did a phenomenal job with my deva cut! I was completely comfortable with her as soon as I walked in the door. She talked me through what she was going to do with total confidence and professionalism. She makes you feel very welcome and at home in the chair. I walked away so happy with my hair! This girl knows her stuff! I modeled for the deva Academy in NYC and she follows their methods TO A T! She doesn't take shortcuts or do her own spin on things. Very professional. Very welcoming. Very knowledgeable about the products. She knows the benefits of each one and how to pair them together. I felt that my last stylist tried to sell the new, "better", more expensive products to me for commission or even competition points. I felt that she sincerely studied my hair and listened to my needs to recommend the best products for me. She even taught me how to style my stupid baby hairs! This girl is a keeper!!!

Pintura Highlights and Deva Cut

by Annie Neu on NOVEMBER 25, 2017

I decided to go natural over 20 years ago, before it became popular. I've always loved my curls so I stopped relaxing it and used heat and flat irons whenever I wanted to go straight. Unfortunately, I could never trust anyone with my hair due to a couple of bad experiences so I did my own trims and kept the same look for over two decades. A friend with natural hair texted me one day to tell me about LaQuita and how talented she was. She had similar experiences to me so I trusted her and booked my first appointment. From the moment I met her I knew I could trust her. It took me about two months to make such a drastic change but she was patient with me. My most recent appointment I decided to go full blonde with pintura highlights and a deva cut to get a rounder shape. I finally had the hair I always wanted and never thought I could have. Over the past two weeks I have received so many compliments on my hair. I've even had stranger walk up to me just to say they love my hair! If you have gone natural and never trusted anyone before, please go see LaQuita. I promise you will not be disappointed!

Transformation SUCCESS

by Jennifer on JUNE 12, 2018

Laquita did an AWESOME job. I had a cut from her 2 months prior and said I'd be back to get a color. My hair is/was jet black. She recommended blond and my mom thought copper would be best ...Laquita did BOTH! It came about fabulously! The two colors helped to lighten my facial features and complemented my skin tone! I've NEVER had color, let alone color on my long natural hair. I would highly recommend her services and if your brave, just let her do her thang! I've already recommended 3 people, including my mom...who LOVES her cut and wash and go style! She's worth EVERY penny!

Healthy hair

by Dominique on JUNE 12, 2018

Laquita is one of the best and she’s one of the only ones I trust on my hair. She’s very educated in her field and knows all about natural hair. She efficient, very sweet and personable and will have you in and out of her salon! Book her and you won’t regret it!

Life changing

by Kendyl Lewis on JUNE 12, 2018

LaQuita is so great! She went above and beyond for me she didn’t like how my curls air dryed so she redone it until it was perfect! I’m honestly in shock with my curls I haven’t seen my natural hair this pretty in forever!


by Sharon O on JANUARY 05, 2018

LaQuita is awesome! She takes the time to explain what she is doing and how to use Devacurl products at home the right way. My curls always look fabulous!

Hair never looked better, buh bye frizz!

by Jillian Chrisman on AUGUST 26, 2017

Discovering Deva Curl and LaQuita has been a complete change in my troubled hair history. It was so different to be in the care of a professional who knew how to make my hair look healthy and happy. Now, any day can be a great hair day! Thanks LaQuita!

The Absolute Best!

by Felicia Hitch on NOVEMBER 15, 2017

If you have curls, you should be going to LaQuita. In my almost 30 years I have never had a great experience at the salon. I had what I like to call "haircut phobia" and would go up to a year without a cut. And then I met LaQuita and she gave my the absolute best haircut I've ever had. When I left the salon I felt like a new women! My curls are so beautiful and defined. She is also very personable and friendly. I felt very comfortable there and that is a big deal for me. I can't wait to go back! Thank you again, LaQuita!

Total satisfaction!

by Lashan on NOVEMBER 09, 2017

After exploring my options with so many stylist throughout the years my journey has ended right here, Laquita was very informative about her products and took full control of my hair as needed. I never knew my hair had the ability to look so wavy and luxuriant. My hair insecurities is out the door finally and, I will always feel at home when I'm in her chair. Thanks a million Laquita!

Moisturized Hair for Days!

by Kathleen Muloma on AUGUST 04, 2017

I have been going to Ms. Laquita for years and she has always kept my hair healthy! I tried the Melt in to Moisture and Deep Sea Repair treatment and my hair has NEVER felt that moisturized in my LIFE, I have 4c hair and it was unbelievable how long it stayed moisturized, a week later, and it still feels great! Highly recommend Laquita and the melt into moisture and deep sea repair masks!!

Fantastic experience

by Shawndra on APRIL 16, 2017

LaQuita took plenty of time to find out what I wanted and to coach me on how to get it! I've never seen my wavy hair look so curly-curly and I'm inspired to try her techniques out at home. I also appreciated that she didn't push products but had what I needed when I requested to purchase.

Devacurl Transformation

by Laura Gardner on MARCH 25, 2017

After my cut and DevaCurl transformation with LaQuita, my curls have never looked so good! My normally frizzy curls became smooth and defined after this service. LaQuita told me all the tips and tricks for replicating the process at home. I am so happy to embrace my natural hair!


by Suzy Thomas on MARCH 21, 2017

I typically dread getting a haircut, but LaQuita did a phenomenal job. She understood all of the frustrations I was having with my curly hair, and gave me the perfect cut! Also I really enjoyed my visit, she's awesome. Definitely recommend, and I'll be sticking with her for sure.

Great Hair Cut - Great teacher!

by Colleen Walker on JULY 19, 2017

Laquita is great! Not only did she give me an awesome haircut, she really helped me learn how to use the DevaCurl products. She is the reason I use the DevaCurl Shampoo!

Deva curl transformation

by Andrea Brown on OCTOBER 18, 2017

I love my curly hair, but I love it more after using these products. Laquita is knowledgeable and is so professional! No more freezy, dry, or crunchy curls! I'm excited to love my curls even more!!!

Great cut, great advice

by Peggy Dailey on OCTOBER 17, 2017

Laquita listened to my hair concerns then transformed my frizzy, misshapen cut - you know that one for straight haired beauties that makes you look like a mushroom - and turned it into one I love with soft bouncy curls.

So feeling myself

by Ange' B. on JANUARY 23, 2017

I went in one way and came out feeling like a brand new person. LaQuita turned my dry, brittle, and split curls into a lovely, yet edgy healthy, perfect style. I consider it a blessing to have been in her chair!

Life changing

by Kayla on OCTOBER 13, 2017

Meeting with Laquita was the best thing I’ve ever done for my hair! Not only did she give me a cut that works for me but she taught me how to use my DevaCurl products properly and walked me through a wash and style routine that I can do on my own. I can’t recommend this experience enough for other curly girls! She’s 2 hours away from where I live but it’s worth the drive every 3-4 months to keep up with it!

DevaCut and NoPoo Transformation

by Katie on JULY 01, 2017

LaQuita is amazing! I thoroughly enjoyed my entire experience with her. I went in for a Devacut and she was careful to figure out exactly what I wanted and get a feel for my hair texture. She also talked me through the process so that I understood the products that she was using and could style myself at home. She was warm, personable, and very relatable and easy to chat with. I love my new haircut. It is exactly what I wanted a gave my curls a fresh new look. I cannot wait to return for pintura highlights!! I referred a friend as soon as I got to my car!

Deva Curl Beginner

by Diamon Burnett on NOVEMBER 05, 2016

La quita is very knowledgeable about her craft . She recommended Deva Curl products to me and told Me what would be great for my hair and what was wrong with my hair I highly recommend La quita

Loving my hydrated curls

by Truly Brittannia on SEPTEMBER 08, 2016

My hair needed a conditioner that full of hydration and moisture. I was elated by how my curls looked more defined and moisturized. Thanks, Laquita for the Devacurl service ❣

Devacut, Deva Transformation Love!

by Erica on DECEMBER 01, 2017

I'm so happy I booked my appointment with LaQuita! She did a fantastic job on my devacut and transformation. I've been using Deva Curl products for a long time and wasn't seeing much change in my hair on my own aside from more shine and less frizz but I was still having a lot of different curl textures. After seeing my before & after photos I didn't realize how much I needed this devacut! I felt so glam leaving the salon!

Devacurl Transformation and Devacut

by Tobey Oldham on SEPTEMBER 05, 2016

I love my transformation! My hair came back to life! Day 2 and it still looks great without having to add product.

First Deva cut and Pintura highlights

by Ilia Bluiett on JUNE 12, 2018

Quita did an amazing job on my deva cut and pintura highlights! She took her time to learn about how I style my curls and gave advice on what I should do to keep my curls popping! Her personality made the experience fun!

Devacurl makes your curls pop!

by Corea Pierce on SEPTEMBER 01, 2016

LaQuita recommend Devacurl for my dry and frizzy natural curls. It gave me the moisture I need and made my curls pop! I highly suggest you try this product if you struggle with the same issues not matter what curl texture you have. LaQuita is very informed on which product is best for you.

Devacurl Transformation

by Daija Hayes on AUGUST 23, 2016

I love the way it made my hair look and feel! I am purchasing my own today no more ugly curls lol

Devacut and Devacurl Transformation

by Alexis Spears on JUNE 12, 2018

My curls never looked so juicy and hydrated! LaQuita did an awesome job on my hair. I was very happy with the entire experience as this was my first cut and styling on my curly hair by a professional. She gave me a lot of useful information about the devacurl products and how to use them as well tips for my hair. She took the time to understand what I wanted and didn’t cut too much hair off which I appreciated as I’m trying to grow my hair out. I would definitely recommend LaQuita!

Consult and Devacurl product purchase

by Staci Sanders on AUGUST 18, 2016

LaQuita is very knowledgable when it comes to products and hair. She recommended Devacurl to me because I will be transitioning to natural very soon. The products are great and I love the way my hair looks when I do a wet and wavy look even though my hair is relaxed right now. I appreciate all of LaQuita's help with my decision and I will be using more Devacurl products once I transition to natural hair.

LaQuita is the BEST with every hair texture I’ve seen her work with! Especially mine! Wouldn’t want anyone else blessing this mess 😘

by Jenn on JUNE 12, 2018

I’ve had so many compliments and so many referrals to LaQuita! Most of the time now, people that have already heard of her automatically ask “Did you go see that Devacurl lady!?” Of course you know we are all talking about you Quita!! Thank you! Love the transformations you’ve done for me and the other ladies patiently waiting that I’ve stuck around to see the results!!!

Excellent Stylist

by Helen Marlene Redmon on JUNE 12, 2018

She’s is an excellent stylist, keeps up on latest hair trends. Offers excellent advice on how to care for you hair between visits to her salon. Uses excellent products design to give your hair tha little extra boost that it might. And if you having problems with your she gives very good advice on how to help correct the problem. I am always very pleased with my hair after she does it.


by Alexis Coleman on JUNE 12, 2018

I’ve been going to Laquita for over 7 years now and she has helped me keep my curls healthy while teaching me along the way on things to do to keep it up at home! She’s super knowledgeable on her craft and takes it all very serious! I haven’t let anyone else touch my hair because I only trust her! She recommended devacurl products to me quite some time ago and I absolutely love them! Highly recommended stylist !

Deva curl and my stylist are awesome

by Elaine Hart on JUNE 12, 2018

LaQuita is awesome! I have had to return to natural hair styles. Chemicals were weighing heavily on my hair. They left my hair dry, limp, and without luster. LaQuita returned the life to my hair. She introduced me to deva curl. The deva curl product line, along with LaQuita’s extensive hair care knowledge has made me very happy with my natural hair.

Haircut & Color

by Brittany N. Duncan on JUNE 12, 2018

It’s a real pleasure to have Laquita as my hairstylist. I come in with a vision of what haircut/style I want and Laquita delivers 100%! She has great passion and dedication for hairstyling.


by Lorena on JUNE 12, 2018

She's amazing! Very friendly & helpful! Highly recommended!!!

Deva Curl Deep Condition and Transformation

by Shakkira H. on APRIL 20, 2017

Laquita did an amazing job! My curls feel completely rejuvenated and have their bounce back!! She walked me through step by step so I can keep my curls healthy and hydrated. Every question I had referring to the maintaining of my hair, she had great advice. Laquita is not only professional but creates a great aura at her booth!


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