EGA Salon and Spa

Chicago, IL
5.0 / 62 Reviews
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A certified stylist is here

EGA Salon and Spa

Chicago, IL
5.0 / 62 Reviews

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    Achieved DevaCurl certification, our highest level of curl expertise

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Paul Martinez

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Gaby and EGA are great!

by Elizabeth H on JUNE 12, 2018

I needed to go to Chicago for a black tie event but didn't have time to get my hair done in Los Angeles. I found EGA salon on this site and decided to take a chance. They were fully booked on that Saturday, but Gaby agreed to come in to the shop early to accommodate me. She colored, conditioned and styled my hair. She also give me very valuable tips on how to detangle and rejuvenate my curls. Gaby is a gifted stylist and a lovely person to spend time with. I would consider flying back to Chicago another weekend just to get my hair done at EGA again. The owners of the salon were lovely as well. Five stars doesn't cover it.

Emily saved my hair!

by Lily Randolph on JUNE 12, 2018

My deva cut at EGA was the first actual haircut I’ve had in ages (other than trimming my ends at home..) because I’d always leave the salon upset. Well let me tell you, I left Emily’s chair feeling way better than when I went in & with some new styling tips too! Will be returning in a few months for a trim.

Curls transformed!

by Elizabeth on JUNE 12, 2018

Paul is fantastic! I had not had a hair cut in over 9 months do to a bad experience. He eased my fears and transformed my hair! Also, the styling lesson was great! I can finally wear my curls proudly, and stop hiding them in buns and braids!! Thank you!!!

1st DevaCurl Cut 02/27/18

by Joni on JUNE 12, 2018

I had my first DevaCurl cut. I was very nervous to get a haircut as I have had several bad cuts. I did online research to see who I should go to. I actually drove two hours to go to Paul and it was worth it. While the haircut was amazing, Paul’s teaching of how to use the products and how to do day 2 was icing on the cake. I was actually able to go four days with just refreshing my hair. Thank you Paul. I would definitely recommend Paul and EGA Salon & Spa.

Best yet!

by Linda Benjamin on JUNE 12, 2018

I’ve been to Curly Girls Shops from New York to Chicago. And though all of the hairdressers were good, Paul is the best & he teaches you how to style it yourself!

Curly Girl Class

by Joanna on JUNE 12, 2018

Paul is great. My appointment was more like a hands on class except for the cutting part. Paul showed me how to cleanse, moisturize, heal and style my hair. It already looks healthier and curlier than I've seen it in years. Second day looks even curlier. Love it.

Where have you been all my life!!

by Bee on JUNE 12, 2018

Paul worked his magic I just can't believe I have these healthy curls. Love how he put me to work from the wash to the style. Showing me things that changed my whole hair routine. Make your appointment today and meet a cool stylists. Paul your our guy for Chi Curl Gurls !

Love my hair!

by Evelyn on JUNE 12, 2018

I got my first Devacut this month (January). I'm loving my new look. I was very hesitant on getting my haircut because I was worried that it would be too short, I'm trying to grow it. To my surprise I didn't only get a haircut, I also got a lesson on curly wonder I was hesitant! You need a curly hair professional which was exactly what I found in Paul M. Paul was great! He not only cut my hair but also taught me how to do it myself, which by the way I was doing it wrong all along. Thanks Paul M. you're the BEST!

Great experience!

by Jane on JUNE 12, 2018

I have been straightening my curly (3A, 3B) hair daily for the past decade and one day thought “Why am I fighting this everyday?!”. I made the trek from NW Indiana to see Paul in early March. He listened intently and was very thorough in teaching/helping me embark on a new curly hair routine. He gave a better shape to my hair (growing out a very short pixie cut!) and encouraged me on this new journey. My curls have never looked so defined (not frizzy!) and they continue to improve as time goes on. I can’t wait to go back sometime this summer when I have a little more hair for Paul to work with!


by Emma on JUNE 06, 2018
Service Received: DevaCut
Price: $51-$75

Gaby is also a Deva Stylist at EGA and revived my curls! I went in as a frizzy mess and left with a head full of luscious curls. I've always hated my hair. I've been getting it chemically straightened for the past 8 years but Gaby was able to show me how to embrace my curls. She cut my hair perfectly and taught me how to style it myself. I've just bought my DevaDiffuser and can't wait to wear my hair curly everyday! Thanks, Gaby- you're a rockstar!!

Paul changed my (hair) life

by Maria Murphy on JUNE 12, 2018

I was excited for a skilled curly cut and Paul went above and beyond! He took the time to teach me how to wash and style my curls which was completely different from what I thought I should be doing. Before, my curls were more like waves and I was so impressed to see my curls come back. I attended a class taught by Paul a few weeks later and learned how to make my hair look glorious on day 2. Paul is a great teacher, an amazing hair stylist, and definitely knows how to turn frizzy, sad curls into full, round locks. Paul is awesome, I give him an 11/10.

The Ultimate Curl Coach

by Alexia on JUNE 12, 2018

Paul was incredible! He not only listened to what I wanted out of my DevaCut and Pintura highlights, but he taught me specific tips on how to style and dry my hair. Great experience overall!


by Karen on JUNE 12, 2018

I walked into the salon with cranky frizzy curls and walked out with soft wavy ribbons. Not only did Paul give me an incredible curly cut, he took the time to teach me how to properly wash, condition, and dry my curls. I have been to other Deva trained stylists, and he's the only one that did this. He's exceptional!

Awesome Devacut!

by Vicki on JUNE 12, 2018

Went to Paul for my first Devacut and absolutely loved It! He answered all of my questions and spent a lot of time teaching me how to reproduce the look at home. I highly recommend Paul! Thank you!

Finally, love my curls!!!

by Farah on JUNE 12, 2018

Paul was amazing! Not only did he cut my hair, but he took the time to teach me how to style and take care for my curls. I cannot wait to go back for my second haircut.

Awesome stylist and best hair cut ever!

by Shariliz on JUNE 12, 2018

I got my first Devacut 2 weeks ago with Paul and I love it!!!! I’m a puertorican with that interesting puertorican hair Lol and I’ve always had bad experiences in hair salons when I moved to USA from Puerto Rico so I stopped going to hair salons and I would have my husband just trim my hair but recently I wanted an actual hair cut. So I heard about Devacurl and the Devacut and searched for stylists in the area on their website. Paul was amazing. From the moment I sat down in the chair he began to teach me how to better style my curly hair and how to take care of my curls. He is there with you every step of the haircut and style teaching you and explaining to you exactly how you can do it at home. He even had me practice it. He was nice and able to answer all my questions. The whole experience gave me confidence in my new short do and I’ve received many positive comments from people and my husband loves my new look! It was pricey but the “class” made it worth it. Oh, and all the tricks and styling tips I learned have worked great at home!

Learned new tricks with Paul's curly class

by Nathalia on AUGUST 29, 2017

I got a complementary deep condition and "curly class" with Paul because of my membership with the spa. I'm no amateur when it comes to dealing with my 3B mop and am used to devacurl cuts and products, so I was SO surprised and happy when Paul showed me some new styling tips. He showed me how to get ready faster and use up less product, and how to really work with the direction of my curl to reduce frizz. I've been using his tips for about a month now and my hair looks fabulous. His curly consult is definitely worth it and I cannot wait to get a cut with him!

Paul = Life saver!

by Emily Kirkwood on JULY 27, 2017

I made an emergency appointment at Studio Within after my normal hairdresser, who never cut my hair curly before, made the attempt...and failed miserably. I am so glad the excellent staff at Studio Within was able to find an appointment for me within a few days, and with an expert like Paul, no less. He made sure I was on-board with his approach, and then carefully walked me through every step of the process. I wish I had taken notes, he gave me so much good information - but, fortunately, he sent me home with a summary! I only hoped to bring my hair from disaster to bearable, but Paul sent me home with a style that I'm genuinely excited about. He DEFINITELY knows his stuff!


by Lauren Spingola on JUNE 04, 2017

Paul transformed my dead blonde hair into a dark color that was healthy again. He's the best!

Paul is great!

by Ana Avila on AUGUST 26, 2017

I have a love/hate relationship with my curls. For the past 3 years I've been giving my hair a break from the hot tools (with the occasional blow dry every now and then) but since I moved to Chicago I hadn't been able to find anyone who made me feel comfortable getting a curly hair cut. Paul was very knowledgeable and helpful. He showed me how I should be styling my hair, how to massage and condition it, how to diffuse it, and even how to put it up in a pony tail! I couldn't be happier with my first experience with the DevaCut. 100% recommend Paul at Studio Within!

Great experience!

by Valerie D on JUNE 12, 2018

Definitely the best salon experience I had my Stylist Gaby was fabulous she explain and walked me through exactly what I need to embrace my curls it was really an experienced, I am in Chicago twice a year for work and I am going to make sure to visit EGA every time I am in town.

Emily is the bomb!!!

by Maddy on JUNE 20, 2018
Service Received: DevaCut

I saw Emily in May for my second deva haircut, but my first at EGA. I’ve always had long curly frizzy hair and never learned how to deal with it until recently (in my first deva cut elsewhere). For my second Devacut Emily was sooo fantastic! I was nervous because I wanted to go shorter than I had ever gone before in life, AND it was the day before my sister’s wedding. Emily took the time to really talk about what I wanted, go through my pinterest board of styles I like, but also was able to guide me to a great fun and by my standard totally short but manageable and low maintenance cut that I absolutely love!! I got many compliments at the wedding and felt great! She is a great stylist who listens and is so skilled at her craft. I felt in good hands and excited instead of nervous like I typically feel when getting my haircut. Cannot recommend enough!!!

Thank u Emily!

by Beckah L on JUNE 12, 2018

I traveled from NW Indiana to visit EGA because of the good reviews & Emily exceeded my expectations! I thought i’d Be getting a haircut for my curls but I also got a lot more. She showed me how to style at home & what to do for day 2-3 hair (which I always have trouble with). Thx again Emily!

Incredible Styler

by Chelsea on JANUARY 11, 2018

I was waiting a little bit to write this review so I could test out Paul's styling tips myself a couple of times at home. Following his steps, my curls have never looked better! Paul is there with you every step of the cut and style telling you exactly how you can do it at home. He's laid back and easy to talk to and answered all of my questions. The experience was a bit pricey considering I only got a trim, but the step-by-step styling tips and tricks made it worth it. I will definitely be seeing Paul again!

I ♥️ Paul

by Morgan on JANUARY 04, 2018

I’ve had long curly hair my entire life but had never gotten a Devacut! I found Paul by luck and could not have been any happier with my cut. He’s a wizard and completely transformed my mane. He taught me how to take care of my curls and helped give me confidence in my new short do. I will definitely be returning!

Great experience!

by Divya on JANUARY 02, 2018

Thank you Paul for helping me embrace my natural self :)

First DevaCut and never looking back!

by Gabriella S on DECEMBER 29, 2017

I had long hair (down to my waist) of wavy, thick hair. Every time I got a haircut, hair stylists would want to thin it out and would subtly complain. Not Paul! He took his time making sure the new cut was light weight for me. He went through and had me practice EVERYTHING he was doing. Such a great learning experience. He's the first person to achieve natural curls and waves on my hair. Thanks Paul!!!!

Gaby seriously changed my life!

by Gloria A. on JUNE 12, 2018

I used to hate my hair and I had no idea what to use or how to do anything to it, honestly no one ever seemed to know either, and then I found EGA Salon and Spa. Every one there is warm and welcoming, the energy in the salon was lovely. My stylist Gaby was so sweet and passionate about what she does and she made me feel amazing while teaching me how to love my hair again and what products to use it seriously was a game changer for me! Highly recommend this place!!

Paul the Miracle Worker

by Tabatha on DECEMBER 16, 2017

Paul is the best hair stylist I have ever had. If you have wavy or curly frizzy hair go to Paul and get a deva cut he will work a miracle on your hair. He showed me exactly how to do my hair and told me the products he was using and had me do it a little so I would know exactly how to do it when I went home. I have never had a hair cut which I could recreate at home and makes the most of my wavy hair and brings out my waves even more. I will always go to Paul from now on.

Deva Cut

by Sharely on DECEMBER 08, 2017

I love him!!! I love the way he teaches throughout the process. Showing me the proper ways to wash my hair. He made my curls look healthy and strong. I am so happy I came to him. Money was worth it. Definitely would be coming back.

Creative Modern Cut by Paul. Love.

by Laurie Murphy on AUGUST 24, 2017

I was looking for a new curly style that could be professional for C-suite yet still have some sex appeal for after work. Paul took the challenge and gave me a great cut/style and gave me lots of good tips. Paul also decided my color needed a tone down and put on the final touches. Voila! Couldn't be happier.

Paul Martinez is MAGIC

by Gab C on SEPTEMBER 07, 2017

AMAZING! Styled by Paul, who is so helpful and friendly. He taught me all about my curls and how to care for them. My cut was wonderful, and afterwards he showed me how to clean and style my curls like a pro. My hair hasn't been THIS CURLY in so long and I'm happy Paul worked his magic and brought them back to life. PLEASE be good to yourself and visit Paul ;)

Best haircut ever!

by Mehgan on SEPTEMBER 08, 2017

Paul did such a good job cutting and styling my hair! I was always hesitant when getting a haircut but now I don't have to be! Paul took the time to show me how he was styling my hair so that I could do it for myself at home. I didn't even realize my hair was as curly as it was! Paul is great and he has gained a new client!!

Paul is the best!!

by Michelle on OCTOBER 29, 2017

Paul made me look amazing. So patient, such a good teacher, and an awesome stylist. I highly recommend him, and am a Deva-convert.

Curls where there were tiny waves

by Michelle H. on OCTOBER 29, 2017

I had my first Deva appointment with Paul a few weeks ago. He made my hair look super-curly in a way I’ve never been able to do myself. He was very thorough in teaching me how to do it myself. He showed me how to wash and condition my hair, properly apply product, and how to dry it to maximize my hair’s potential. I will admit that it’s taken me some time to master what he taught me, but every day it looks closer and closer to how pretty it looked when he did it. I’m absolutely thrilled with my cut, and my new ways of caring for my hair. I recommend Paul to anyone who thinks their hair is a lost cause... because I felt that way and have been shown the light. Thank you Paul!!


by Maria V. on JUNE 12, 2018

I went to EGA and got a Deva cut by Gaby the haircut was perfect and she also took the time to explain what products to use and how to take care of my hair at home I highly recommend this Salon and Gaby very happy with my Deva experience!


by Susanna on DECEMBER 18, 2017

I've seen Paul three times think he's great. The cut he gave me is growing out really well, and the patient way he explains how to use the products couldn't be nicer. I'll definitely follow him to EGA Salon.

Great experience!

by Nellie Bermudez on SEPTEMBER 10, 2017

Today I got my first Devacut by Paul. I was a bit nervous, but he was great at explaining the entire process to me. He also gave me detailed instructions on what to do at home and what products to purchase to maintain it. I was extremely pleased with the service that I received and will definitely return.

Life changing

by Bethany on OCTOBER 21, 2017

Paul was so understanding and validating of my hair. I'm used to being half complimented half mocked about my hair, and having stylists who just didn't know how to do it or what to say. So I was, understandably, hesitant to put all of my trust in his hands. But as we got further I trusted him more and when I saw the final results I was shocked. My hair had never looked or felt that way in my entire life. No one is a lost cause. I'm never going back :)

Love my hair cut

by Stacy on SEPTEMBER 22, 2017

I have thick curly hair that I have never really enjoyed until I got my Deva cut from Paul. He was amazing! He not only showed how to wash and style my hair he had me do it with him. So when I left I knew exactly what I was doing to be able to wear my curls down. Best hair cut ever!!!

Paul knows Curls!

by Crystal King on OCTOBER 17, 2017

I had the opportunity to gain curl knowledge in a classroom setting taught by Paul. This “Curl Coach” truly knows his stuff. I learned more in 3 hours than all the research I’ve done in years. I also had the pleasure of becoming his model. My curls are beautiful. After watching Paul style my hair, I realized the mistakes of my daily routine. For an amazing curl experience, book with Paul.

Paul was Awesome!

by Christina L. on SEPTEMBER 10, 2017

I had the pleasure of being styled by Paul. He was excellent. Not only did he transform my curls but gave me tips on how to care for my hair! I would defiantly recommend Paul. I love my curls thank you!!!

Paul is great

by Eric on OCTOBER 13, 2017

I have grown my hair long for the first time in my life. Now that it is relatively long, I have been stumbling through blog posts and Internet forums trying to figure out how to take advantage of my curly hair and get it to look the best it can. A cut and style with Paul is what I’ve needed all along. He kept it simple but really explained the ‘why’ of what he does. My hair has never looked so good. I cannot recommend him more highly. Do yourself a favor and get an appointment.

Paul Curl Wizard

by Laura Delgado on DECEMBER 11, 2017

I love this place!!!! I had the most wonderful experience, I had never been in a salon where they will teach you how to treat and styled your hair at home. I have been doing it wrong my whole life and I will definitely stop spending money in some many hair products. I highly recommend this place very knowledgeable staff (we love Paul) and great prices for absolutely amazing experience.

Paul is the Curly Girl Hero

by Linda Benjamin on SEPTEMBER 13, 2017

Girls the suffering is over! The dream is real! Best curly hair I've ever had and He'll teach you how to style your hair at home so I didn't feel stranded after I left the salon. He's an educator from the real Deva Curl Academy! Thank you Paul.

Thank You Paul!

by Priyanka on JUNE 12, 2018

I went in a couple months ago for my first Devacut with Paul and then went in for a curly hair care class with him a few weeks afterward, and it's seriously been a game changer for me in taking care of my curls! From learning how to banish frizz to preserving curls from day 2 through even day 4 to learning how to use a diffuser properly, my hair has never looked so good. Thanks Paul!!

Learned so much

by Sheila on SEPTEMBER 28, 2017

for the first time I learned how to really take care of my curly hair. paul taught me how to wash it, style it, and dry it. absolutely would recommend for any curly cue! it’ll change the way you view haircuts.

Paul is the real deal!

by Gabriela Arechiga on DECEMBER 05, 2017

Paul has been amazing in sharing tips & tricks for my curly hair. Now I get compliments all the time!


by Richa on JANUARY 02, 2018

Great stylist. I used to hate my curly hair, would either blow dry it straight (I was lucky my hair is the kind that can do that) or toss it up in a pony tail when wet because I wouldn’t know how to dea with the curls. I saw Paul and learned the tricks needed to manage the curls and make them look good. Whenever I’d go to a stylist, I’d have them blow dry it straight before I’d leave. This time, I happily left with my hair curly, and have been leaving it curly since. This guy works miracles with curls, I’m so glad I went to John. It’s worth it!


by Stella Martínez on OCTOBER 18, 2017

Can’t express in words how mind blowing this class has been to me. The experience, knowledge, and simplicity that this class has given me, definitely makes me re-think how I will be approaching my curly hair clientele. Paul is AMAZING ! Super excited to take the next step, and can’t wait for my next class on DECEMBER !!! Thank you Paul !

Curl King

by Curtis Taylor on OCTOBER 17, 2017

Attended an amazing class with Paul as the instructor on the Deva Curl product, as a stylist who prides themselves as being knowledgeable about textured hair I would have to say a was completely blown away with the education I received from Paul in the short amount of time spent with him. He has made me reevaluate the way I will be addressing the needs of my curly hair clients; I can’t wait to attend the next class with Deva Curl in DEC.

Diva curl styling class

by Laurie murphy on JUNE 12, 2018

Great class tonight on how to make your curls look fantastic on day 2! Great tips and included some product as well. Had fun tonight learning styling techniques with Paul Martinez.

So happy With Paul!

by Nicole on OCTOBER 07, 2017

I found Paul using the salon finder on this website and I’m so glad that I did! I learned so much about how to reduce the time it takes to wash my hair and what products will effectively moisturize my hair. I told him my goals for my hair and he set realistic expectations and gave me the best cut I’ve ever had. Paul diligently cut my dead ends without taking too much length, a delicate balance where I’ve been disappointed by stylists far too many times. Thank you so much, Paul!

Meet Paul, the curl master

by Adriana on SEPTEMBER 29, 2017

I have never met someone more passionate and meticulous about curls than Paul. I've been going to the Deva salon in NYC for almost a decade and thought I was fully versed in all things Deva. Paul showed me new tricks to the trade and shortcuts to make detangling and styling less time consuming and labor intensive. Plus he's hilarious. I've never had more fun at a salon in my life (and as a Dominican I've spent about half my life in a salon). He went the extra mile and didn't stop trying new strategies with my curls until he was happy. He explained why we must say NO to coconut oil (I know right?). I have a mop of super curly textured hair and he literally left no strand untouched. His salon chair is truly a curly oasis.

Paul is amazing!

by Paige on JUNE 12, 2018

I traveled over 3 hours to get a cut from Paul and I'm so happy I did. He taught me how to wash and style and bring out my natural waves without a bunch of product. So soft and shiny. Will definitely be back!

Great experience!

by Erica Gonzalez on JUNE 12, 2018

I got a deva cut and color at EGA the level of professionalism and knowledge is outstanding Emily new exactly what to do and what to recommend for my curly hair, this was the first time I left the salon knowing what to do with my hair. Highly recommended EGA for all your beauty needs. A+


by Olivia on JUNE 12, 2018

Paul is fantastic! Truly the best haircut I’ve ever had.

Great curly girl cut

by Nina on JUNE 12, 2018

Finally someone who understands my hair! For the first time I love my hair. The cut was like none other, with attention paid to every curl. Paul also spent extra time to teach me how to style my hair so I can replicate the curly look. He’s got it down.

Great haircut

by Coryn S. on JUNE 12, 2018

Paul was amazing and made my hair look amazing too. Also he's fun to hang out with. Highly recommend

Excellent cut!!!

by Julianna on JUNE 12, 2018

Paul paid super close attention to my layers and cut each and every one. He made sure to even give some love to my baby hairs at the top! He showed how to properly wash and condition! As well as apply products and water to get that seaweed texture! His tips were great and I’m excited to give them a try and see how it turns out :)

Paul is the king of Curls in Chicago

by Jessica on NOVEMBER 30, 2017

First of all, He’s the first person to actually teach me how to style my hair at home. The devacut and beachy pintura highlights, first time higlighting my hair, are exactly what I dreamed of. The highlights blend naturally and look like I’ve been at the beach all summer. I’ve been to other so called deva stylist, None compare to Paul’s instagram @curlcoachpaul_devacurl He is an educator for Devacurl teaching other salons and he worked at the devacurl academy in L.A. for 2 years. Curly sisters he is the real deal and Chicago finally has a real Curly Master! Thank you Paul for all you do.

So many curly lessons learned!

by Megan on JUNE 12, 2018

I'm so glad I went to Paul. He schooled me on my waves and curls and I'm confident my hair will be more manageable and less frizzy by applying what he showed me. I'm basically going to save $100s of dollars on my products by using way less and using them in a more efficient way. And my hair looks and feels amazing!


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