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Ruined my appearance I came out looking horrific!!

Shanda lujan|March 2, 2019

Service Received: DevaCurl Transformation

I went in expecting to get a cut that allow my curls to fall naturally, I was in a car accident a little over a year ago and the jaws of life had to cut my hair shoulder length (almost to my butt)bc my ponytail was caught in the bend of the vehicle. My hair had grown just above the center of my back in the past year. When Haley put me in the chair and messed with my hair she determined that I would need about two inches off to even it out. I freaked out in the beginning and told her I didn’t want my hair short I had been trying to let it grow out again but she assured me two inches is all she would be cutting off. So she separated and pin up the back of my hair and then pulled of the front sides and too and pinned that up. She showed me how much she cut off the bottom layer in the back and it was shorter than I expected but my hair dressers always cut the back hairline shorter than the rest so I wasn’t real concerned about that. The problem is I told her I did not want it short and I didn’t want her to take off any more length bc I don’t want short hair!! She got to the front clip that had the front sides and top of my hair and she only about two inches strait across the top of the section.. I had no idea that 5 to six inches was taken off the back part of my head until she was moving me from the chair to shampoo my hair! When I looked down on the floor and seen all of my long hair laying there I asked her what she had done to me .. in tears.. she said she had to blend in the shorter spots on my head ( parts of my head on the lower part of my skull was fractured and needed to get shaved to repair my fractured skull after the car accident). She didn’t tell me she was going to do that and I assumed that she was listening to me as I explained that I was letting my hair grow back out! The top layer of my hair covered of the areas that were shorter underneath towards the upper part of my neck Lower part of my skull. So after washing and setting my hair she had me look at it and I was horrified. My hair is a mess .. what little hair I have.. she did nothing to the front except make it all one length but not as short as the back of my head.. i have had tracheotomy in August and my hair has always been able to hide it .. now my hair is shorter than the trach tie around my neck in many short layers!! I just started getting confidence in my appearance and after going to Haley I have a hard time getting up in the morning because as soon as I have to look in the mirror to do my trach care I cry as I’m looking at myself which leads to a lengthy anxiety attract! I have daily medical appointments that puts me out in public which causes more anxiety because I look very ugly! The reason I’m posting something so personal is because I don’t want anyone else to have to go through this and when I was out of shock and able to communicate calmly I called the salon first thing the following day wanting to talk to someone about what had happened and let them know how I felt( as if everyone in the sLon that day couldn’t tell by my tears and and over all shock that was all over my face and actions as I walked out). My mom took me there for a birthday gift.. yes this was done on my birthday and didn’t think that she should have to pay 80.00 dollars for destroying my life!! Ive never been called by anyone in that salon or Corp office... it will cost me 697.00 Dallas to have extensions put in .. who can afford to pay that much for someone else’s screw up?

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