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7360 Skidaway Rd. Ste. H 1, Savannah, GA, US 31406

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Level 1 InspiredDeva Inspired Stylist

Completed our hands-on Level 1 course, featuring foundational cutting and color techniques

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This revolutionary cutting technique was designed for all natural textures, from wavy to super curly. Hair is sculpted curl-by-curl, while dry, in its natural state. This service includes a transformation service.

DevaCurl Transformation

From wavy to super curly, the beauty of this service is the customized design for every client. This luxurious process begins with a healthy botanical cleanse and condition, followed by a styling and coaching session for at-home curl care.

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Level 1 Inspired
Completed our hands-on Level 1 course, featuring foundational cutting and color techniques


DevaCurl Transformation


2 Reviews

Afro Curlies - This Review is for You!

Kitara Wilson|March 5, 2016
​Written 3-5-16 This review is strictly for all of my fellow Afro-textured curlies. JC is the ONLY Deva certified stylist in Savannah. I initially overlooked JC when we first moved here last June because of the lack of social proof of her work online. When searching, I was only able to find a lot of straight and wavy-hair clients, or curly clients who appear to be bi-racial so I still had no clear indication of JC's skills with fractal curls. After a failed attempt to see well known stylist with a lot of social proof, I reached out to JC via Facebook and asked her A LOT of questions and sent her pictures of my hair. She was very kind in answering my questions and told me that she would not and could not guarantee that I would be 100% satisfied with my hair after getting out of her chair because everyone's experience is different. She did tell me however that 1/3 of her clients are fractal curlies, however for legal reasons, unless she gets written consent from her clients via a release form, she cannot post their pictures online. Hence, the lack of social proof I was looking for. My hair was in a very funky and awkward place due to a very bad cut from a different Deva certified stylist in Texas. I told the TX stylist my concerns and she really didn't do much by way of shaping my hair or correcting my issues. I went in with a mullet and left with a shorter mullet. This was last June so by the time I saw JC last month, it had grown back out to where it was before. I was very frustrated with it because it wasn't flattering at all. I booked a free consultation with JC, knowing that if I wasn't feeling she was right for me, I could get up and walk away. Luckily, I felt good about her confidence to help clean me up, and she didn't have any appointments booked after me so she was able to take me on the spot. One of the concerns I shared with JC was that I didn't want to lose a lot of my length (you know how we sometimes foolishly hold on to the whole length issue when deep down we know we need to let it go?), and based on the funky cut from before, she assured me that she would do the best she could keeping that in mind. After she cleaned me up she shampooed and conditioned my hair, and I would like to point out that through the ENTIRE process JC told me everything she was about to do so I wouldn't be in the dark. After I left the bowl she applied product to my hair and this is MY ONLY negative, hence the 4 stars instead of 5 - JC scrunched product into my hair and put me under the dryer. My hair had no definition and was basically an Afro, but I don't wear my hair that way. I rake in product to bring out curl definition and JC is not used to raking in product, and she admitted that. I think because the majority of her curly clients have looser curls so she can achieve great results with scrunching, but tightly textured curls need to be raked. I had the same experience with the stylist in TX and I told JC ahead of time that I would go home and restyle and she was fine with that. Once I came from under the dryer, my hair in the goofy Afro state blended beautifully with the cut, however once I got home, rewet and raked in my conditioner and gel, the damage of the poor cut from the stylist in TX was still evident. My hair still looked choppy and disjointed and I wasn't happy. JC offers a free re-cut within 7 days of the original cut if you're not happy. I tried washing and styling using various products over the next few days to no avail. I sent JC pictures and she agreed to see me again. I went in the following Monday (by appointment only) with my hair clean, dried and styled with the products I normally use. I admitted that trying to hold on to my length was causing me more harm than good and JC said she did the best she could knowing that I didn't want to lose length. As the stylist could she have given her professional opinion and told me that it probably wouldn't look good? Perhaps, but I actually appreciate her listening to me and allowing me to discover my error on my own versus her trying to push me to do something I wasn't ready for. By the time I sat in her chair again this past Monday, I was ready. JC proceeded to clean up my hair the way I could've allowed her to do the week prior. We did not rewet my hair and I left the salon a much happier girl. It will be a week Monday and I continue to be pleased with my hair. I haven't yet, but I plan to tag JC in some photos on Instagram because other fractal/highly textured curlies in Savannah need to know there is a skilled, compassionate and competent curly stylist in the area. If you're in need of curly cut, here are my two recommendations: 1\. Unless you wear your hair in an Afro state, go with your hair clean, dry and products applied the way you normally would so she can cut your hair in the state you normally wear it, which is what you'd do anyway, but don't do the shampoo unless you take your own products and apply them yourself before getting under the dryer. I asked JC before my second visit if it would be okay to do that and she said yes. 2\. If you've been looking for someone and don't want to drive to ATL, I suggest you book ASAP. JC is going to be working on the set of The Rock's movie Baywatch over the next couple of months and won't be taking new clients, she will only be seeing existing clients in-between days on the set. I hope this review has been helpful. If you want to see pics of my hair since I can't add them here, you can follow me @kitarawilson on Instagram. P.S. After reading the other reviewers comments I feel bad that she had a poor communication experience with JC which is something I did not experience. JC and I laughed and talked during both of my visits. We all have off days from time to time and perhaps that was an off day for JC? I hope Mariale has found happiness with her cut since her review. : )

Good haircut, but....

Mariale|January 6, 2016
I went today to have my first "Devacurl" haircut, and JC did a good job, my curls are nice and bouncy. The not so good part was that I told her to not alter the length too much, and we agree that and inch to and inch an a half was ok but she took at least four inches of it and I hate the length may hair is right now, and literally want to cry. Why ask, if she was going to do whatever she wanted? Also, don't go there expecting a friendly and easy to talk hairdresser, she is not, I felt like I was getting a haircut as a favor; which was kind of intimidating and made me feel that I couldn't tell her what I wanted, for example when she washed my hair, she was good at explaining the he difference between the No Poo and regular shampoos and all that but, she washed only my hair, not my scalp, it was like a half done job, and even though I paid good money to have a haircut and styling, the styling part is not really that much and I had to come home and wash my hair again to feel clean,. So, to recap, she has a good haircut technique, she explains well how to wash and dry your hair for better results but she is not really friendly, she didn't listen to my only request and I left with a bad feeling about the whole experience. Normally, I leave a saloon feeling pampered, not today. I might drive the 2 hours to Charleston next time.

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