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3318 5th Ave, San Diego, CA, US 92103

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2 Reviews

T R U S T JESSICA with YOUR C U R L S ! ! ! :)

Jessica Mitchell|January 29, 2020

We all know the mission we have in life to have fabulous hair... and to find the stylist who not only has the talent, skill, & vision but is able to listen to what your looking for, actually suggest and know your hair better than you and you leave the salon feeling like a million dollars! That feeling that you know, later that night, you HAVE to take your HAIR OUT on the town! Curly hair of any texture is hard enough. Now, find a stylist who can work with your hair texture, health, your level willingness to style it and suggest the products that will emphasize your particular curl... that is Jessica. I have had her be the only one who is allowed to color, cut and style my curls. She understands them and knows what they need to maintain their amazing structure. I continue to get compliments on my hair from random strangers....even after ALL these years! Trust me when I say that your search for the perfect stylist who not only will take care of your curls but make your curls be showcased in the BEST possible way... she cares. She cares about you as a human... can’t ask for better service than that. She was born to be a stylist and to make you feel beautiful. Thank YOU JESSICA!!!! :)

Best Curley cut I’ve ever had!

Troy Sage Thomas|January 20, 2020

I’ve been searching for stylists who know how to cut Curley hair all my life. Jessica is the first I’ve found and she is wonderful. She completely transformed my hair so the curls work to my favor and liking. I highly recommend Jessica for anyone with curls!

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