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make waves salon

5 Reviews

5400 Manila Ave, Oakland, CA, US 94618

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5 Reviews


Becky Mertens |April 7, 2019

Service Received: DevaCut

Price: $51-$75

One of the best haircuts Ive had!

Great job!

Jen J|April 3, 2019

Service Received: DevaCut

Laura did a great job on my wavy locks. They looked great leaving the salon but the real proof is how things go with less care and attention (ie I don’t do much w my hair). It still looks good! Note that Laura is not at 5400 Manila anymore! She is at 5431 College Ave now!

I couldn't see the mirror

Kathleen|September 20, 2018

Service Received: DevaCut

Price: $76-$125

This was my first DevaCut with Laura, and my last. It was just a really odd experience. She had me sit in the chair, then turned the chair sideways, away from the mirror. I thought she was just doing something for a minute and would shortly straighten the chair so it would face the mirror. But several minutes in I realized... she was cutting my whole head of hair and I couldn't see what she was doing. I have NEVER had a haircut that I couldn't watch, and I was freaking out the whole time. I'd explained to her that I'm trying to grow my hair out, and didn't want to go too short. But she cut off at least two inches from the back. I know the whole point of a trim is to take SOME off but I just couldn't see what she was doing and I don't think she needed to take as much off as she did. If I had been able to watch her work, I could have stopped her or at least asked her to explain why it needed to be cut to that length. In the end the shape came out fine, but the short length means it will take that much longer to grow out my hair. I hadn't wanted it this short, and I'm disappointed, but I know it will grow eventually. The part I felt was most weird though was just that she'd purposely turned my chair so that I couldn't see what she was doing - it was rather unnerving.

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