Christina's on the Ave. Hair Studio

Los Gatos, CA
5.0 / 36 Reviews

Christina's on the Ave. Hair Studio

Los Gatos, CA
5.0 / 36 Reviews

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  • Deva Advanced Stylist

    Completed our hands-on Level 2 course, featuring advanced cutting and color techniques

  • Deva Product Pro

    Completed our online professional tutorial series for daily curl care

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Christina Cusella

Deva Advanced Stylist
5.0 / 34 Reviews
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Living My Best Curl Life

by Marisa on OCTOBER 25, 2018
Service Received: DevaCut
Price: $126-$175

I am so glad I found Christina and her curly hair expertise! Never have I been so satisfied with a haircut, and confident that my stylist knew how to make it look its best. She started out the appointment by asking me questions about what I liked/didn't like about my previous haircuts, and talked me through her vision for styling and cutting my hair. This put me at ease and ensured that I would be happy with the way the haircut turned out (which I most definitely was!). Christina's strategy for the Deva Cut and Style was straightforward and I could tell she knew exactly what she was doing. She was able to transform my curls to being beautiful and frizz-free. I wholeheartedly recommend her for curly hair! I was able to purchase the Deva products right there too, since I wanted to make sure I keep my hair looking exactly how it looked walking out of her salon.


by Debbie on MAY 16, 2018

I was switching stylists every two or three cuts. They couldn’t seem to deal with my unruly fine curly hair. Then I found Christina. That was over 10 years ago! We’ve gone from short to long and back again all fabulously. I trust her to keep my hair natural and soft and easy to deal while always looking professional. She’s the best and has taught me to really love my curls!


by Ann on MARCH 18, 2018

I used to drive to SF to get my hair cut at a Devacurl salon because no one seemed to be able to deal with curly hair. That is until I found Christina. She knows how to work with curly hair, she listens and truly wants to make you happy. At first I just went to Christina for the curly girl cut, but soon realized that she is a master at color as well. She treats every customer like a life long friend and you always leave with a smile on your face. Give her a try!

Fantastic!!! Go here NOW

by Marybeth on MARCH 16, 2018

I've had the pleasure having Christina as my stylist for the last 3 years-she is amazing. Total strangers come up to me at least 2x a week and compliment me on my hair-no joke, this has never happened to me before. She is a master designer of cutting curly hair and has a deep knowledge of the Deva Curl system. Oh-and she's really fun too!

Christina is amazing with curly hair

by Sara on MARCH 15, 2018

I found Christina via this website three years ago, and recommend her to all my friends with curly hair. Before Christina started cutting my hair, I almost always wore it up in in a ponytail -- even though I'd had deva cuts before. I really didn't want to spend a ton of time on my hair, which was one of my worries about wearing it down. Christina worked with me to find a good style and shape for my curls, and was able to find ways to keep it low maintenance. She definitely knows curly hair. I'm so much happier with my hair! Would recommend her to anybody with curls.

A Curl Genius!

by Carole on MARCH 14, 2018

I have been going to Christina's salon for 8 years now and can honestly say that she is a curl genius and a true hair artist. She transformed my lackluster waves into beautiful, soft, shapely curls that constantly inspire perfect strangers compliment my hair and ask "Are those curls natural??" I was impressed from Day One when she dry-cut my hair, explaining that it allows her to follow the line and silhouette of the curl. She also introduced me to DevaCurl products and demonstrated the process, which has made a huge difference in the softness, shape, and shine of my curls. I am always happy with the way my hair looks and feels when I leave her salon. I've seen her work her magic on other curly girls and everyone leaves with a hug and a huge smile. I cannot recommend Christina enough!


by Erica on MARCH 12, 2018

It took me many years to find Christina and I'm so glad I did. I've never felt comfortable wearing my long curly hair down, it was almost always pulled back in a ponytail. Christina taught me the Deva three step system to bring my curls back to health and gave me a wonderful shorter cut to show them off and shape my face. She is a true professional - being a salon owner in downtown Los Gatos for over 30 years is a true testament. Thank you Christina!

Christina is the curl-whisperer!

by Elizabeth S. on MARCH 11, 2018

I have been to A LOT of hairdressers and Christina is the first one who really seems to understand my hair. On my first visit, Christina took a lot of time and care in showing me how to use Devacurl products to achieve the best results. My hair is rehydrated - and curling not frizzing! I've been to Christina 3 times now and have been really pleased with both the cut and color. She is meticulous in cutting with the natural curl of the hair and the color is very natural-looking (which I'm very particular about). Christina has a large and loyal clientele - of which I am happy to be one.

Finally embracing my curls!!!

by Julie D. on MARCH 10, 2018

I have been going to Christina for about 2 years now and my curls never looked better. I flat ironed my hair for a long time because my hair was so unruly. She has taught me to use the right products (DevaCurl) which makes my hair feel totally amazing!! She cuts each curl individually with care. Christina might say I can be kind of a challenging client but she always respects and listens to what I have to say. People always stop me and compliment me on my hair which says a lot. Thanks to Christina my hair looks and feels so healthy!!!!!

I highly recommend Christina! Love my new cut and color

by Kathy M on MARCH 09, 2018

I found Christina on your website, and was lucky to get an appointment with her right away. I was apprehensive about going to a new stylist, but felt like I needed a change. Most stylists just cut my hair and then blow dry it straight which looks good for all of one day. Christina was very warm and and welcoming. She understands curly hair and how to cut it. She also suggested a new hair color which I love. I am so happy with my new cut and color! My hair looks great every day, which is a huge relief for me because I don't have time to fuss with my hair everyday. I highly recommend Christina!


by Erica on MARCH 09, 2018

I am thrilled I found Christina! She’s an incredible stylist and knows her craft. Being a salon owner for over 30 years is a testament to that fact. She taught me how to use the Deva Curl 3 step system and after many years of wearing my long curly hair up, I’ve finally been able to wear my hair down after a fabulous haircut. I will never go anywhere else! She’s simply amazing.

Wear Curls with Confidence

by Sophia on AUGUST 13, 2017

Only because (like several girls with curly hair) I have a history of bad haircuts, watching someone approach my hair with scissors terrifies me. However, even before actually expressing my fears to Christina, she explained her plan to cut my hair, showing me a vision for my hair that fits me and my curl pattern specifically. She explains the science behind handling specific textures and curl patterns, giving the customer more confidence about the end product of the cut. One of the best points of my experience with Christina is, for once, I left feeling like I understood my hair enough to style it in the future and during the weeks after I left the salon. Because of Christina’s hidden talent for teaching, as well as hairstyling, I know the specific steps necessary to maintain my curls. I have never had someone explain in such detail what I needed to do. It has been about a month since my haircut, and even as it grows out I just grow happier as I feel even more and more confident with my curls. This confidence is all thanks to Christina.

Best in devacut, color and Deva product knowledge

by Sharon @ on APRIL 07, 2017

I have been endlessly searching for a creative hairstylist who really understands curls, and who can create a custom cut for my curls. With no success and a lot of frustration I decided to turn to the devacurl website. This is where I finally found Christina. She is not easy to get an appointment with but after spending time with her I understand why! Christina is not new to the beauty industry and has been an owner/operator in Los Gatos for over 30 years with a large devoted loyal clientele. She herself has curly hair and understands the frustrations first hand that curly girls experience. She has a beautiful clean salon and works solo. Once in her chair you will never want to leave her because she care deeply, and works wonders with your style and shape. My initial appt ran 2 plus hours with continous instruction on product knowledge and proper application, for my hair needs. I now wake up everyday knowing my curls will look and feel fabulous. Thank you, Christina for adding more time to your schedule and working me in. Your happy curly girl.

Best hair cut and full salon experience i've ever had

by Stephanie on APRIL 02, 2017

Firstly, I have incredibly kinky, curly hair. For 20 years I have been trying to find someone who truly can cut and highlight my hair in the bay area. Christina is that person! From the moment I stepped into her salon I knew I was in good hands. She immediately said what she would like to do with my hair. I knew she was spot on! Her cut and highlights are gorgeous. My hair, looks the best its ever looked. This includes using a NYC Curly Girl salon! Christina is a pleasure to spend time with as well. She has a caring, calm personality. Christina is truly the only person I will trust to manage my curls. LOVE LOVE LOVE her and her abilities.

Love my curls thanks to Christina

by Elisa on AUGUST 25, 2016

For the first time I love my curls thanks to Christina. She also colored my hair and it looks fabulous.

I drive for 6 hours to Christina's on The Avenue

by Leslie Furnas on APRIL 24, 2016

I tried other hair stylists when I moved 5 hours away from the SF Bay area. All cut my hair short, or put what I call an "old lady hair style" on my head. They only saw white hair, not me. One male stylist acknowledged my hair was wavy but cut it short because I was over 50. I let my hair grow out then went back to Christina. She kept my length and taught me how to use DevaCurl products to keep the curl in my hair. One time I tried a stylist in Reno who advertised DevaCurl product. After my hair grew out again I called Christina and apologized for trying someone else. Now, I feel lucky that I am able to make the 5 hour drive and feel honored that Christina takes the time I need to make me feel beautiful and to teach me how to take care of my hair to keep it healthy and beautiful.

Christina does an amazing job and cutting in styling your curls

by Nora sandoval on APRIL 04, 2016

Every curly girl has their own unique curled to deal with. Christina is great it's figuring out just exactly the right cut and style for your hair. I went from very long to pretty short and couldn't be happier with the result. I love all the products and my hair looks incredibly healthy. I would recommend her to any of my curly friends!

Best Salon for Curly Haired Girls!

by Marie Lore on MARCH 24, 2016

I've got extremely thick and wild curly hair. Over the years we have tried everything from super short to shoulder length. Even spent some time trying to straighten it with the Keratin blow out. Since she has been doing the Deva Curl 3 step process, my hair has never been easier and more manageable. I love the products, the smell, and how shiny my hair looks now. The salon is beautiful and in a great location with parking always available. Christina is both very professional and lots of fun! I can't recommend her highly enough!

Happy Curly Girl

by A.H. Mathews on MARCH 10, 2016

I'd been an unhappy Curly Girl before I met Christina. Since meeting Christina my whole outlook on curls has changed. She did the "Deva Curl" system on me and now I have soft, shiny , bouncy curls and a whole different attitude about my curls. Weather is no longer my enemy. I don't have to stress about damaging my hair with chemical straighteners. Love Christina, you can tell she really knows hair & loves doing hair. Plus she herself is a curly girl. I'm a true convert to Christina & "Deva Curl".

Christina is the BEST!

by Lorna Levers on MARCH 08, 2016

I have been going to Christina for 39 years. She is an amazing hair stylist and a very good friend. Every time I get my hair done, color or cut I walk out of the salon feeling like a beauty queen. She has introduced me to many products over the years including the DevaCurl product line. She is an expert with curly hair and making it look healthy and shiny. I highly recommend Christina for any service especially if you are a Curly Girl.

Christina is great!

by Therese on MARCH 05, 2016

I have been to see Christina for my Deva cut several times now and I love her. She is really kind and knows her Deva stuff! I have had a few Deva stylists in the past who, for different reasons didn't work out, but Christina is a keeper!


by Marina on MARCH 05, 2016

I'm 22 years old and have been chemically straightening my curly hair for most of my life. I finally decided to grow out my natural hair and I can't be happier! I really wish I could post a before and after picture on here because Christina brought my hair back to life! Not only did she know how to deal with my extremely thick, long, insane amount of curly hair, but she was so welcoming and really listened to what I had to say. She gave me her thoughts on what would be best for my type of hair and didn't cut any more than I wanted. I've had so many problems with my hair in the past and have a difficult time stepping foot into any salon and trusting someone with my hair. Christina's kind, approachable, and sincere personality will definitely have me going back! She even gave me her cell number to let me know about new products she thinks would work best with my hair. I would recommend Christina to anyone! She really knows what she's doing.

Curl Specialist

by Christina on DECEMBER 10, 2015

Christina has been my stylist for 2 years. I am so glad to have her in my town! She knows Deva Products and does an excellent job cutting, coloring and styling my curly hair as well as recommending the right products for my particular needs. I learn something new everytime I go.

Expert Haircare

by Ms. UCLA on JULY 31, 2015

I have been a client for Christina's for over 20 years. I normally blow my hair straight, because the curls were somewhat unruly. Christina really knows how to cut hair, and introduce me to the Devacurl productline. Life changing! Now I wear my hair natural as much as I wear it straight. I could not provide a higher review for Christina - she's amazing!

Best in LG!

by Dani on JULY 30, 2015

Christina is the best! She taught me all about which products work best with my Botticelli curly hair. I have been to many other stylist who claim they work with curly hair yet Christina is obviously the only stylist that has and now I wear my hair down because it's actually cut correctly and looks beautiful!The Deva three step system has given me new confidence and now I have positively gorgeous beautiful curls! Thank you Christina!!!

Awesome stylist

by Dr. Deb on JULY 25, 2015

Christina has been cutting my hair for years. She introduced me to Devacurl and I fell in love with my curls! So easy to take care of short or long! Christina really knows how to handle curly hair and keep it healthy.

I love my hair again!

by Sheila D on JULY 25, 2015

I've been to Christina's three times and I will never go anywhere else! I leave her salon loving my hair and three weeks later...I still love my hair. I've never experienced that with any other stylist. I wish I could give her more stars!

Awesome Studio

by Swills on JULY 25, 2015

I wish there was a category for 10 stars. The technical expertise is amazing, the environment is relaxing and professional. But most of all the care for the client is the best! Long time client/client for life.

Christina is the best.

by Captain Jim on JULY 25, 2015

I found Christina 29 years ago. Figured out she knew how to deal with my curly hair, she knew how to make it look good from the day I walk out of her shop until the day I get back. She is fantastic, I love her.

Curls look fabulous

by Liddie on JULY 25, 2015

Christina Cusella did a superb job introducing me and my curls to the Devacurl hair products and techniques. Great product, lovely Salon.

Christina is the best!

by Bill H on JULY 25, 2015

I have been with Christina for several years now and am constantly amazed. Christina knows hair. Curly hair, straight hair...she does it all. My color and cut have been AAA since she got a hold of it. Go see her today, you won't be disappointed.

I love going curly . It used to be naturally. But since Christina showed me Curly girl products it's so much better. My curls "look" so natural but they last longer and the shampoo and conditioner make my hair feel amazing . EVERYTIME I compliment Christi

by Bardo on JULY 25, 2015

I love getting my hair done at Christina's , I always leave feeling like a million bucks! She has similar hair to mine. And EVERYTIME I compliment her hair she says it's "Curly Girl ". It really is great shampoo and conditioner, makes my curls and hair look and feel amazing !!

Awesome stylist and salon

by Jillma on JULY 25, 2015

Christina, owner of Christina's on the Avenue, is just amazing! The fact that she has been in business in Los Gatos for 30+ years and has many, many clients that have been with her just as long is a testament to how good she is. She gave me a Deva Cut right after she got back from training in NYC and I loved it!! For my money she is the best in the area!!

Fabulous Salon

by Curly Girl on JULY 25, 2015

I've been going to Christina for quite some time now and have never gotten a bad hair cut. Christina does a fabulous job with curly hair. She introduced me to the DevaCurl about 2-3 yrs ago and I've not stopped using the product. She also had someone fly in from DevaCurl and give her clients a personal demo on how to use the product and produce the look you want. This salon is always on the cutting edge of new products and talent. Everyone who works their is extremely talented and professional. I would recommend Christina's on the Avenue to everyone.

Christina is the best!

by Sally on JULY 25, 2015

Christina and I happened to be getting our nails done at the same place and started up a conversation. She told me she was a stylist and specialized in curly hair. She said she could help me with mine. Wow - did she ever! Christina has been taking care of my hair for a few years now and I'm just sorry I didn't meet her sooner. My hair has never looked better! She understands curly hair and works with it. She cuts into the curl, uses fantastic products and is great with color. She's really, really talented and I don't hesitate to recommend her.

Fabulous Attention to the Details!!!

by RYLEE on JULY 24, 2015

Christina is such a professional but helps you feel right at home. Her styling advice is terrific and leaves you feeling fabulous!


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