Straight Up Curls

Citrus Heights, CA
4.9 / 51 Reviews

Straight Up Curls

Citrus Heights, CA
4.9 / 51 Reviews

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    Completed our hands-on Level 1 course, featuring foundational cutting and color techniques

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Sherry De Tinne-Cassel

Deva Inspired Stylist
5.0 / 47 Reviews
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Sherry is the best

by Crystal on JULY 07, 2018

Price: $50

Sherry has been doing my hair for years and I always love what she does with it. I’ve got wavy thin curls that lack volume and she has shown me tricks to make my hair look sooooo much better and fuller and curlier. I learn something new every time I come in for a new color or a cut. I can’t ever see myself going to another hairstylist, honestly.


by Aimee on JANUARY 17, 2018

I went to Sherry about 3 months ago for my first Deva cut. I thought I was doing pretty good with my hair, but Sherry was very thorough in finding out what I was doing, and talking to me about what would be better for my hair. My hair is fairly wavy and super fine. I was using way too much product and conditioner and weighing down my curls. While I'm still figuring out a good balance of what products, my hair is no longer weighed down, and my curls healthier and more refined. She gave me so many tips as well as some amazing subtle highlights. Sherry took several hours with me, and I highly recommend her!

Miracle Worker

by Debbie Doerges on DECEMBER 23, 2017

I have been going to Sherry for a couple of years now. Sherry took my hair from black to a beautiful brown and now we have highlights that are stunning. I highly recommend Sherry to everyone!


by CHANEL on DECEMBER 22, 2017

I got my first Deva Cut in November 2017 from Sherry and I was very skeptical at first because I have only been to black owned salons since I was little and I am 33 now. I am mixed with curly hair, all my life I never really know what products or how to really style my hair. Sherry spent over 2 1/2 hours with me getting to know me what I do for a living, stress level, marriage ect... and what is going on in my life to see what the heath of my hair was. Through each step that she did to my hair she explained what she was doing and what it will do for my hair. Sherry taught me so much about my hair, products to use and NOT to use and how to use them. She showed me what product to shampoo, condition and style with even how to dry my hair. I have never been to a stylist that cared so much about her clients and educating them so they could grow beautiful healthier hair. When I came to Sherry my hair was thinning with no curl pattern just stringy waves (top Raman they call it). It has been 2 month since my Deva Cut and everywhere I go I get so many complements on how healthy and thick my hair looks. My curls are full with ringlets and I never could have imagined that I could have this hair in just 1 Deva Cut and with a Curl Pro like Sherry. Sherry will forever be my stylist I am indebted and so grateful of her. THANK YOU.. THANK YOU!!


by Cynthia Lovell on DECEMBER 22, 2017

Sherry has been doing my hair for over 10 years and I have naturally curly hair and have always had trouble finding a good hair stylist. I Love Sherry!! She does Great Work!!

Sherry is amazing!!!

by Britteny on DECEMBER 22, 2017

Sherry has cut my hair multiple times and I am always happy with the outcome. Like many curly hair clients, I often felt frustrated with the lack of options and misinformation when looking for a curly hair stylist. Eventually, I found Sherry and I'm so happy with her technique and knowledge! She cut my hair dry, taught me the importance of deep conditioning, and is reasonably priced. I highly recommend Sherry if you have curly hair and live in the Sacramento region.

Proud to have curls

by Caitlin on DECEMBER 14, 2017

Everything changes when you find a hairstylist like Sherry! As a lady with fine, curly hair I was used to leaving salons in tears. After seeing Sherry, I leave with a smile and unparalleled confidence. It’s amazing how much healthier and happier my hair looks! I also love that I get compliments months after! Thank you Sherry for your talent!

Curly hair

by Anahita on DECEMBER 13, 2017

Sherry really understands curly hair and hair in general. She has done things for my hair that no other stylist has even suggested. She’s not interested in doing your hair fast, she does your hair right and gently. And she’s phenomenal with hair color and puts a lot of thought into the products she uses!

Sherry knows crul!

by Amberly on AUGUST 29, 2017

Sherry is AWESOME! My hair has never looked this good (and with so little effort). She taught me the products and how to properly style my curly/wavy hair. I never thought my hair could look like this outside of a perm or heat rollers.....but now with little effort on my part it does. She has a client for life.


by Angela M. on JULY 31, 2017

I have always hated having curly hair, I chopped it all off a few years ago due to its horrible condition. I wanted to grow it out again but knew I had to find the right person who knows how to direct me. Sherry knew what I needed to do to grow it out and gave me step by step directions. It is the first time i havent sat down in the chair and started scrolling through pictures of what i like and dont like. She knows hair and curls so well that you dont have to say a word and she works the magic! She does not try to upsell products, cuts or color. If you don't need it she will tell you. You can really tell she loves cutting hair and and is such an artist when it comes to rockin the curls!

Sherry's a gifted artist.

by Julie on JULY 19, 2017

I, like others, have a history of horrible experiences having my curly/wavy hair cut and "styled". I'm so happy to have found Sherry because she's been able to help me figure out what to do with my crazy hair. She definitely puts a ton of TLC into her work!

Wonderful Curly Hair Stylist!

by Kelly on JULY 19, 2017

If you have curly hair, then you know what a challenge it is to find a good stylist. You need someone who understands the curl and fashions the haircut to fit your specific needs. Sherry knows how to take advantage of your natural curl and educates you on technique and product so you can replicate the process at home. I live 90 miles away, and any inconvenience of traveling, is offset by the great haircut Sherry gives. I’m very grateful that I’ve found someone who knows what she is doing and lets me enjoy my natural curl instead of a stylist cutting it wet and suggesting I blow dry and flat iron it straight! Thank you Sherry for helping me enjoy my curls!

for Sherry de Tinne-Cassel Straight Up Curls

by Pat W on JULY 16, 2017

Thanks to Sherry's amazing expertise my fine, long, curly and over processed hair has finally been renewed. I came to Sherry over a year ago and Sherry has taken me from broken ends with a brassy color to a more natural look with curls that bounce and shine. Sherry took the time to educate me on what products would work best and how to use them. I Love that Sherry is a color expert and that she continues to educate herself so she can bring her clients the very best. On top of all that Sherry's character and love of others shines through. She is one special person and I am thankful to have her in my life.


by Krista on JULY 15, 2017

I copied my original review from Eschalon and moved it over here because Sherry now has her own little salon Citrus Heights, I am still curly and still loving my curly hair. I wrote this in January of 2017 and still feel the same way. About 3 weeks ago I decided to embrace my curls. I bought the curly girl handbook and read it on a Saturday making notes as needed. I also purchased the the Deva Curl Sampler Pack, it has No Poo, One Conditioner, Curl Cream & Light Gel. After the first week my hair was O.K. but I hated how dark it looked when it was curly and I wasn't a pro at styling. So, I came to this site, researched, contacted Echelon and made an appointment with Sherry. I had to wait two weeks to fit my schedule, but it was worth the wait! I arrived, Sherry greeted me, we discussed what I wanted (better curls, learn to style AND lighter hair!) Sherry trimmed my curls, got rid of my dark color, made it two shades lighter to match my eyes, deep conditioned my hair and then showed me step-by-step how to get the most of my hair. I LOVE it, what a difference a day makes! She's easy to talk too and now I have someone to do my grey roots every three weeks that won't hold me hostage in the salon for two hours! Super excited to have found this woman. :-)

Super color fix!

by Vanessa on JULY 15, 2017

I went to see Sherry to fix color gone wrong at the beauty college. She not only fixed my color but was able to blend it all together so I can let it grow out now. She's a super sweet lady and knows her stuff!

Sherry is a Hair Guru!

by Heather Stephenson on JULY 15, 2017

If you have curly hair, you know how hard it is to find a stylist who understands your hair. Sherry is it! She is hands down the best hairdresser I have ever had. She is wonderful doing my color, she dry cuts my curls and I always love the shape of my hair, but the clincher is she can actually style my curly hair! NO ONE has ever been able to style my curls, but Sherry knows her stuff. She has helped me find the best products for my hair, too, so my curls are the softest and healthiest they have ever been. I recommend Sherry everywhere I go, she is the best!

Life- changing educational experience and AMAZING curls!

by Kate Snider on JULY 15, 2017

My experience with Sherry has been AMAZING! I have extremely thick, curly, frizzy hair and my entire life I've dreaded going into salons and feeling awkward, and feeling like I knew more about my curls than my stylist did. On top of that, my curls have changed so much since I had my baby! It was a struggle! Then, I moved to the Sacramento area and a friend referred me to Sherry. She made time for me and was so warm and inviting. She is honest, straight forward, and so very genuine. And she knows her stuff! For the first time in my life, I was able to sit with a stylist who could explain to me the science of my hair, hair products, and hair methods/techniques. I'm talking down to the nitty gritty of the chemistry! The how AND the why of treating and styling curly hair. I love it! Since my first appointment my hair has been on an amazing upward slope of improvement. Her dry cut was the best hair cut I've ever had (easily), and the techniques she taught me have been LIFE CHANGING. My hair is getting so healthy and frizz is disappearing right before my eyes! Sherry will leave you feeling educated, loved, and fabulous about your curls. I can't wait until my next appointment!

I feel beautiful in my curls!!

by Skye on JULY 15, 2017

Sherry is magic!! I walked in a frizzy mess without ever wearing my curls down and danced out not only with beautiful curls, but with the confidence to embrace what I was born with and how to recreate Sherry's magic at home! Sherry combines her talent with empathy and an embracement of curly hair. I cried tears of self-acceptance and joy when we were done!

Sherry knows her stuff!!

by Jess on JULY 15, 2017

Sherry is a wealth of knowledge, and my hair always looks amazing!! Every curly girl needs a Sherry in their life!

Sherry is a curl expert!

by Lindsey G. on JULY 15, 2017

Sherry is a true artist with curly hair. I have seen a lot of hair stylists in my life and Sherry is the real deal. She knows how to work with curly hair and has lots of tips and tricks to pass along as well. She takes her time and gets the job done right. I really appreciate that she guarantees her work, she definitely doesn't want you to leave unhappy with your hair. I'm a very satisfied customer! Sherry is also very sweet and easy to talk to, which is always a plus.

Sherry is AWESOME!

by Krista on JANUARY 05, 2017

About 3 weeks ago I decided to embrace my curls. I bought the curly girl handbook and read it on a Saturday making notes as needed. I also purchased the the Deva Curl Sampler Pack, it has No Poo, One Conditioner, Curl Cream & Light Gel. After the first week my hair was O.K. but I hated how dark it looked curly and I wasn't a pro at styling. So, I came to this site, researched, contacted Echelon and made an appointment with Sherry. I had to wait two weeks to fit my schedule, but it was worth the wait! I arrived, Sherry greeted me, we discussed what I wanted (better curls, learn to style AND lighter hair!) Sherry trimmed my curls, got rid of my dark color, made it two shades lighter to match my eyes, deep conditioned my hair and then showed me step-by-step how to get the most of my hair. I LOVE it, what a difference a day makes! She's easy to talk too and now I have someone to do my grey roots every three weeks that won't hold me hostage in the salon for two hours! Super excited to have found this woman. :-)

Super super nervous

by Christy on OCTOBER 27, 2016

I was so nervous about getting my hair cut. I have gone to the same stylist for 18 years. My stylist retired and it left me in a panic. I had a friend tell me about Sherry. She sent me to the website the other day to read her reviews. Well the first review, by Mary, was terrible, which made me even more nervous. I contacted my friend and told her about the review, she said to trust Sherry, so I did. She sent me Sherry's instagram hashtag that showed some of her work...#hairbysdc Those pictures made me feel so much better. I just saw Sherry today. She did a great job on my color and cut. I asked her about the bad review she got from "Mary". She said that unfortunately, the part about her ruining the girls hair was true. She was very honest about it. I'm glad I trusted my friend. Sherry was kind, and attentive to detail. She taught me things I never heard of. Plopping is going to be my new best curly hair tool. I will always miss my previous hairstylist, but I'm so grateful I found Sherry. Thanks Sherry for the education, the great cut, and the Honesty.

Sherry ROCKS!

by Shalen on OCTOBER 26, 2016

I'm new to curly hair, thanks to Sherry!! My sister recommended Sherry and I am so glad I gave her a try! I never thought I had curly hair, but she took one look at my hair at our first consultation and changed my life! With a great haircut, product recommendation, and styling tips, she had my previously dull, fine, straight hair transformed to curly and fabulous! People couldn't believe my transformation! I still LOVE my new style, and since then have gotten bold enough to change my hair color from the blond I have always been to a beautiful red, and I received even more compliments! I trust Sherry to always give me an honest opinion of what will work with my face shape, features and skin tone and I have never been let down. Thanks Sherry, you have a customer for life!


by Mary on OCTOBER 12, 2016

Sheri was awful!! After reading these previous reviews I am concerned for any future curly girls considering to go to her. The first time I went to her she cut my hair properly. However the second time, she absolutely ruined it. Many styling have thought my hair to be African American in the past. However, that's more of a racial judgment than it is accurate. I have super curly hair. She proceeded to do the "African American" cut on my that she learned on YouTube. Two months later my hair is STILL awful. She cut chunks out and now my hair is in awful layer. It looks TERRIBLE. Sheri proceeded to tell me I don't wear my hair right and that my nose looks big the way I style it. She made me feel so crappy about myself. I'm still so upset I am considering asking for my money back two months after even. It's not like hair can be glued back on. I would HIGHLY suggest going to someone who knows how to cut curly hair. A lot of stylists are getting certified to give the "deva cut" but they don't really know how to work with curly hair. That is Sheri, please don't go to her she DOESN'T know how to cut curly hair and she is rude.

I loooooove my curls

by Kelly W. on MARCH 24, 2016

I had the best haircut ever! I love my Diva cut by Sherry. I now can embrace my curls instead of dread them. Not only did Sherry take the time to cut my hair to enhance my curls but she showed me techniques to reduce frizz and have more style! Thanks Sherry for getting me on the long and curly path!!

Curls Gone Wild (and I LOVE it) - AKA Thanks Sherry!

by Savvy on MARCH 19, 2016

I had my first official Deva cut with Sherry this last week and really couldn't be happier! Strangers are complimenting me left and right! I wasn't sure what to expect pre-cut, but had done a ton of research about the deva method so I was attempting to replicate it on my own. Sherry gave me an amazing cut and taught me how to make my curls gorgeous all the time! I left the salon beaming and really haven't stopped since! Seriously, best cut and styling and tips ever. Looking forward to our next appointment, Sherry!

Never leaving!

by Kate on MARCH 14, 2016

Sherry is absolutely amazing. I had my first Deva Cut with Sherry and I was skeptical at first, but it came out absolutely spectacular! I've put the ball in her court to do what she thought was best, and I regret absolutely NOTHING. She also is the woman to see if you're interested in getting a perm (or probably any chemical treatment)! She takes her time with everything from cuts to treatments, and washed my hair for 10 minutes so it wasn't smelly. Best experience ever, I've been back more than once, and will definitely be back for Sherry. If you're looking for a wonderful cutter, stylist (including help, since I am one who needs that) or are interested in something a little different that involves chemicals: look no further. Sherry all the way!!

Best Curly Haircut Of My Entire Life!

by Joy Lowry on MARCH 01, 2016

Sherry is the BEST!!! I was ready for a big change with my hair and really did my research and found Sherry here on this site. I am 52 years old and have fine curly hair. I have been having it chemically straightened every 4 months for about 3-4 years. I had it grown out as far as it would go. I came to a place in my life where I wanted to live and embrace the amazing curls that God had given me. From the very first conversation on the phone, Sherry was so attentive, caring and knowledgeable! She scheduled our first appointment together with the perfect amount of time to have a thorough consultation, amazing haircut and style. This was going to be a huge emotional change for me and I am extremely cautious on who touches and cuts my hair. She took all the time I needed to make sure each and every one of my concerns and questions were answered. I ended up having a Pixie cut done. Yes, I cut all my hair off, about 10" \- 12"! Sherry gave me one of the best haircuts I have ever received! She listened to me and guided my choices with sound, solid and professional advice! She worked with my particular hair, face shape, life style, and etc. She took every possible fact into consideration. I LOVED MY NEW HAIRCUT the moment it was finished! I still LOVE my new haircut! I have returned for a second time. She listened again to me and provided a couple of slight adjustments and gave me another amazing haircut! People are constantly giving me positive compliments on how much they love my hair, curls and new style! She changed my life! Sherry is truly a fantastic and gifted artist and hair stylist in every way! I would highly recommend her with any type of haircut, especially curly haircuts! Thanks Sherry!

Love my new hair

by Pat Walton on FEBRUARY 29, 2016

Thank you Sherry for fitting me into your busy schedule and saving me from weeks of trial by error frustration. I had recently discovered Deva Curl products but couldn't determine how much or what product would work on my wavy to curly frizzy hair. Not only did Sherry solve the product problem, she took time to fix my damaged hair with a deep clean followed by special conditioning with instruction to follow up. I headed home smiling with all the teaching I had been looking for as well as a plan to take care of my unruly hair daily. The dry cut is beautiful and even, color natural and I couldn't be happier with the results. THANK YOU Sherry

Sherry is THE BEST

by Heather Stephenson on FEBRUARY 27, 2016

I've gone to Sherry for over a year now. When I first went to her, she was not Deva certified, and even back then, it was the best haircut of my life! I've never had a stylist be able to make my hair look so good, and I especially have never had a stylist who could attempt to style my curls. They always turned out crunchy with no volume. But Sherry styled my hair perfectly! I should add that I believe my type of curls are somewhere between wavy and boticelli. My most recent visit was a few days ago. This time around, Sherry is now Deva certified and so her amazing skills are now fantastic. I am so pleased with my hair cut! My curls are really defined and are easily styled. I like to put in minimal effort in styling my hair, so I know I have a good haircut when I don't have to spend much time on my hair! And I must add, Sherry is a wonderful person, not just a wonderful hairstylist. I'm sure everyone who goes to her has an enjoyable time.

So Happy!

by Sharla on FEBRUARY 21, 2016

I'm so very happy that I found Sherry. After seeing the positive reviews on this website, I decided to try her out. Having experience with curly haircuts, I could quickly tell she knew exactly what she was doing. My appointment was in December and I've been waiting to write this review to see how long the cut last. I'm so happy to say that it has grown out nicely! Sherry also did low-lights for me, which look fantastic and natural on my mostly gray hair. And I took home two great products based on her advice. I also thought the prices were very reasonable. Sherry is the best!

Sherry is the Curl-Whisperer

by Rebecca A. on JANUARY 13, 2016

I've never had a haircut that I really loved until I found Sherry. Not only is my cut and color lovely, but she spent a lot of time giving me instructions (and reprimands!) for how to style my hair and what to STOP doing. Brushes and combs have been banished and all is good in my hair world. Go see her, you won't regret it.

I feel beautiful in my own curls again!

by Skye on JANUARY 13, 2016

Sherry is magic!! I walked in a frizzy mess without ever wearing my curls down and danced out not only with beautiful curls, but with the confidence to embrace what I was born with and how to recreate Sherry's magic at home! Sherry combines her talent with empathy and an embracement of curly hair. I cried tears of self-acceptance and joy when we were done!

I feel beautiful with my curls now!

by Skye on JANUARY 13, 2016

Sherry is magic!!! Thanks to her curly hair empathy and embracement, I feel beautiful in my own curls again!! I walked in a frizzy mess and danced out not only with beautiful curls but with the confidence to embrace what nature gave me and the knowledge how to recreate Sherry's magic at home. I cried tears of self-acceptance and joy when she was done!

My hair turned out perfect!

by Katie on JANUARY 12, 2016

Sherry is such a great lady. I have been to her a few times now. She is a good visitor and listener and a really positive spirit. Over the holidays, I wanted something different for my hair. I was so bored of the same old style. So, my teenage daughter inspired me to go hombre. I brought in the picture and showed Sherry. She was a little thrown by the request as it wasn't a style she was anticipating doing for me that day. Being her typical Sherry self though, she started in on my hair and even ran to the store to get some supplies she didn't have on hand while I had some sit time with product on my hair. She stayed well beyond her planned off-work time that day and I left with my hombre. However, being the perfectionist she is, she encouraged me to come back a couple of days later to fine tune the coloring. She wanted the blond a little blonder and the dark brown a little darker. I came back and she worked on getting things just right. I could go on and on with details of the experience. To make a long story short, Sherry aims to please. She wasn't going to settle just to have my hair done. She wanted me to walk away with her perfect vision, and I did. I love it and so did my family! Thanks Sherry!

Calling all Curly Girl's!

by Mackenzie on JANUARY 11, 2016

To start off, Sherry is absolutely wonderful. She knows what she is doing with your curls. I have super curly hair, it's almost kinky. She made it look and feel better than it ever has. She shaped my hair to reduce the "lamp shade" affect that tends to happen when curly hair begins to grow out. I would recommend her to anyone. She knows how to use the products, and will help you to find what's best for you.

Sherry's work does ALL the talking

by A. Terrazas on JANUARY 07, 2016

Finally found a stylist I can trust with my hair (trim, color, suggestions). My hair is manageable, and always looks great!

Sherry is amazing!

by Claire Sharp on DECEMBER 29, 2015

Sherry cut my hair yesterday with a Deva Cut. Let me tell you, what a weight off my shoulders. Sherry was fast, efficient and very nice. My cut has held up overnight which is unusual and wonderful

Awesome hair from Sherry!!!

by Jeannie on DECEMBER 27, 2015

I had the experience of having a Deva expertise Sherry, to color & cut my curls! I'm very picky with who I can trust with my hair. While looking for a new stylist, there was no doubt in my mind that Sherry was the one I would choose. She is the best at what she does, and I'm so blessed to have found her! Thanks Sherry!


by Kelly on DECEMBER 27, 2015

I was at the point of giving up and straightening my curls. Sherry gave me the best color and cut of my life. My hair looks and feels so wonderful! It washes and transforms into a beautiful style that looks so good. Sherry was such a blessing to find! I love my curls again!!! Thank You Sherry!

I love my curls again!

by Rhonda Ryan on DECEMBER 12, 2015

I have spent so much money straightening my hair! Now, with Sherry DeTinne Cassel being the Diva specialist that she is, I have embraced my curls because they are beautiful! She is a curly hair QUEEN!

Deva Curl Style with Sherry

by Jade on DECEMBER 10, 2015

PHENOMENAL!! Sherry transformed my hair from a damaged mess to a beautiful head of Deva-curls!! Sherry is very knowledgeable & educates you along the way as she heals your hair, as well as perfects each an every curl!! She is an Amazing Deva-Curl Stylist!!

Search is over!

by Cindy on DECEMBER 07, 2015

So happy (and relieved!) to find Sherry at Echelon Salon...I have wavy/slightly curly hair that seemed to confound most stylists. I often end up with too many layers or not enough. Sherry's used the Diva cut to balance my hair perfectly. She knew exactly what I needed with little explanation from me. I receive so many compliments!

Found a new stylist!

by Claire on DECEMBER 06, 2015

Sherry was able to fit me in on the day before Thanksgiving. Even though she was unable to dry my hair completely because it was the end of the evening, it was more important for me to get a cut. She is knowledgeable about curly hair and gave me many tips along the way. I used to go to a Deva stylist in SF but now I no longer have to make the drive. I look forward to going back to Sherry - she was enjoyable to chat with, too, and is very passionate about her craft.


by Erin on DECEMBER 05, 2015

Found Sherri by luck but I'm so glad that I did. Not only did she give me an amazing haircut but she eased all of my fear of trying a new stylist after 7 months of avoiding haircuts because my last stylist moved. She talked to me throughout the cut telling me what she was doing and why and her confidence with curly hair completely eased any lasting anxiety I had. Sherri is amazing and I'll obviously be seeing her again!

I loved it. Sherri's amazing

by Erin on DECEMBER 02, 2015

I found Sherri by luck and just have to say that she is AMAZING! She absolutely eased any anxiety I was feeling by just telling me what steps she was taking and through her confidence and experience working with curly hair. I plan to make Sherri my regular stylist.

Terrific DevaCurl Stylist!

by Karen on DECEMBER 02, 2015

Sherry at Echelon has been cutting and coloring my hair for 13 years. I started with Sherry when I first moved to Folsom and have continued working with her even after moving to the Bay Area. Sherry is worth the 3 hour drive! She has always done a wonderful job with my cut and color, and has given me great advice and recommendations. I love the Deva hair looks amazing and is much easier to style. Sherry is a terrific stylist and color expert, and I would highly recommend her!

I love it!

by Joann on NOVEMBER 23, 2015

Being new to the area, I was relieved to find Echelon on the DevaCurl site with experienced stylists for curly hair. As soon as I sat in the chair, Sherry took the time to consider my color, cut and curls. I trusted her recommendations and ended up with a beautiful head of hair. She cut my curls dry turning my round, thick, frizzy shape into a style that suits my oval face, she helped me use products to soften and define my curls, and chose a shade that complements my coloring. The experience was uplifting and it all had to do with Sherry's expertise. This is the start of a long relationship….

Great Visit

by Jenn on NOVEMBER 20, 2015

I was skeptical about getting my hair cut while dry at first, but the results speak for themselves! Sherry was great and made me feel comfortable with the process. I will be back!

Amazing experience!!

by Xonya on NOVEMBER 13, 2015

I had the most amazing experience with Sherry who Gave me my first Deva Cut!! She's awesome :) Her technique & knowledge is very impressive. She heard my concerns & that Trust is a huge factor, I hadn't had my hair cut in 4 year's. That's how long I've been living in the Sacramento area. I highely recommend her. Sherry, Thank you for making me feel beautiful. :)


by Dena on NOVEMBER 04, 2015

Wow, I am 48 and have fought with my curls my whole life. Not only did Sherry make my hair look wonderful, but she brought it back to life with the Deva products. She didn't just do my hair she taught me how to do it. I have to say I've never quite experiences a cut like this...dry combs are brushes...styling products that dry stiff and crunch into a soft, shiny beautiful curl. When she showed me she was putting 2 golf ball sizes of gel in my hair I thought she was crazy. I knew this would be the end of this relationship. Boy was I wrong. Trust Sherry...she knows what she is doing, and she's really nice too. 5 star experience!


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