EmeraldSydney Salon

Carlsbad, CA
4.7 / 24 Reviews

EmeraldSydney Salon

Carlsbad, CA
4.7 / 24 Reviews

Emerald, that is certified with Deva Curl. She cuts curls dry, curl by curl. Emerald also colors curls and can do many different types of braids.

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Completed our hands-on Level 1 course, featuring foundational cutting and color techniques

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    Completed our hands-on Level 1 course, featuring foundational cutting and color techniques

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Emerald Richards

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Worst experience with a hairstylist

by Holly on MAY 11, 2018

This is the first time I write a review. But I got so frustrated that I had to do it. Same as Julie, when I tried to make an appointment, I never talked to her. The texting went over several days finally I made an appointment, she canceled on my the day of the appointment saying she was very busy and could not see me. Again, she never bothered to call to make an appointment over the phone. Texting over another several days, we made another appointment for two weeks later. She canceled on me AGAIN on the day of my appointment (both times about two hours before the appointment). This time saying she was not feeling good when she woke up. I am not making another appointment with her. Based on my experience she did not seem very concerned about her work ethics and scheduling service.

My hair has never looked better!

by Amanda C. on APRIL 03, 2018

Emerald is so great with curly hair. I went in because my curls were feeling limp and sad and she brought them back to life! She was able to maintain the way I like to style it but cut out a lot of the bulk that was weighing it down. I had a great time with her, and I'll definitely be back!

great experience

by Amanda on JANUARY 26, 2018

I was visiting San Diego and really needed a haircut before attending an event. I was nervous to go to someone new. I have had devacurl haircuts before, so I thought finding a stylist who was trained in this way would be the best bet. I was very happy with the cut that Emerald gave me. She took her time and was very thorough. She wanted to make sure I was happy with it. Emerald was also very friendly and kind.

Best Curly Hair Expert Ever!

by Shonda on JANUARY 19, 2018

I have been a client of Emerald’s for going on 3 years. I couldn’t be happier with my hair! It’s so easy to care for now and is so low maintenance thanks to the great cut. I often get compliments when I’m out and about. Emerald is such a joy to talk to and I truly I enjoy my monthly appointment. We even had her do my oldest daughter’s hair for her wedding and it looked so beautiful! My youngest daughter also has an adorable cut! Emerald is professional, kind, talented and an all around good person. I highly recommend her services! She does great color, too!

She Knows Curls

by Renae on NOVEMBER 24, 2017

I went to 3 different Deva stylists until I found Emerald (through this site). She knows curls and color! What was different about Emerald was she was flexible and actually listened to what I wanted and liked. The others just did robotic styling and cutting without my input. I have stayed now for almost a year and will continue for a long time. I don't think you will be disappointed. Give her a try. Go for an appointment and see how she works with you and your curls, I think you'll find her to be a stylist you will want to return to. (as for a previous review of scheduling conflicts, I can say that hasn't happened for me. Emerald has always double checked and been flexible with my schedules and changes as needed).

Try another Deva Curl Specialist

by Julie on SEPTEMBER 03, 2017

After reading the Yelp reviews for Emerald, I thought I would give her a try. Please bear in mind, I NEVER actually spoke to her. All messages were done by text, including booking the appointment and the confirmations. Let the text messages speak for themselves: Friday @ 7:07 AM (SQAP): Hi ME, your appointment at EmeraldSydney on 9/2 at 3:00 PM PDT has been confirmed. Friday @7:08AM (Me to Emerald): Booked it. Thank you. Friday @ 3:08 PM (SQAP): Hi Me, your appointment at EmeraldSydney on 9/2 at 3:00 PM PDT is coming up. Friday @4:15 PM (Emerald to Me): Awesome. Let me know if you have any questions. My salon is located in Carlsbad off Jefferson in a building called Sola Salon.. When you enter the building you'll head left and I am the last studio on the left. Friday @4:46 PM (Me): See you Saturday! Saturday @1:39 PM (Me to Emerald)This is ME. Is my appt today at 3? Sat @1:50 PM (Emerald to Me): It says Sunday on my schedule. Sat @1:50 PM (Me to Emerald) It should be the 2nd. Sat @3:08 (SQAP): Hi Me, your appointment at EmeraldSydney on 9/3 at 3:00 PM PDT is coming up. Sat @ 3:27 PM (ME to Emerald): I have confirmation for 9/2/17 at 3:00. And I I also got a confirmation for 9/3/17 at 3:00. I don't recall making appts for both days. Well, I hope I see and meet you Sunday 9/3/17 at 3. Sunday @ 12:17 PM (Emerald to Me): I think I'm not the right stylist for you. I hope you can find another curly stylist.. The way I see it: Holiday weekend - 3 days. Saturday afternoon appointment, she blew me off and rescheduled the appointment for Sunday, same time. Why would I book an appointment on Saturday and then another appointment again on Sunday? Wouldn't her computer have confirmed both days had I actually scheduled both days? Her computer confirmed and reminded me of the Saturday appointment, It did not confirm the Sunday appointment, only the reminder sent. When I questioned the likelihood of booking 2 appointments, back to back, her spineless reaction was to cancel the appointment she rescheduled. My curls and my hairstylist are important to me. I want someone that I can openly communicate my needs and desires; integrity and professionalism are also very important. Emerald obviously does not meet my standards. I prefer to find a stylist that I can actually talk with, and not rely on modern technology.

First DevaCut

by Sherri on AUGUST 25, 2017

I sat down in Emerald's chair and she said "tell me about your hair" I said "it's totally frizzy (and has a mind of its own, and some like to curl and some just don't and tangle city - OH and its frizzy!). I walked out with super bouncy curls, great shape and shine and virtually NO FRIZZ. I thought OK, but let's see how it is tomorrow after I wash and style - well that's today and I'm having an awesome hair day - bouncy curls, shine and NO frizz. Best haircut ever. Thanks Emerald (PS happy birthday)

Just Awesome

by Nani on MARCH 26, 2017

So happy to have Emerald now working independently. She does a great job, listens to what I'm looking for and my curls/hair looks great, highly recommend!

Simply the best!

by Badriah on FEBRUARY 16, 2017

So grateful I found Emerald. I have complete confidence in her talent and can trust her with my curls. Something that I haven't ever had before. She's brought out the best in my hair. Now I have a cut and color that really represents my personality. I look forward to getting my hair done by her, something that's new to me also. Curly hair can be a challenge. So often I would just end up wearing it in a messy bun. After seeing Emerald I am comfortable having down and curly, knowing that it looks great, and get tons of compliments on it. Yay! She's fun and knows what she's doing. What more could a girl want?!

Great experience!

by Ivelisse on FEBRUARY 15, 2017

GREAT NEWS! This is Emerald who previously worked at Ulta in San Marcos. She's located at Sola Salons (Suite 4) on Marron Road. Great little spot! This was my first curly cut in several years, I have been blow drying my hair for quite some time now and wanted to start wearing my hair curly again. I found Emerald by way of this site and she was able to schedule me the very next day! I will admit I was concerned with walking out with a short cut, however, we first discussed my concerns and she gave me exactly what I wanted! The cut is perfect and she also provided guidance on styling going forward. I recommend her 110%! #CurlsRock

Emerald's Got Magic Scissors

by Zoe Diaz on FEBRUARY 10, 2017

Emerald is the "bomb"! My curls are beautiful since I have gotten curl cuts with her. Her salon is super nice but her prices are very reasonable. She has a great personality and is professional.

My hair cut looked like a piece of art!!

by Leah on JANUARY 18, 2017

Emerald cut my hair back in October! Honestly, I didn't realize how happy I was with the cut until about 3 weeks later! I have African Americans texture hair with lots of shrinkage. I really appreciate her professional quality haircut! She really knows what she is doing. I tried to reach her yesterday at Ulta, and yesterday was her last day working at that location. I hope I can connect with her again somehow. [email protected]

Love my new cut

by Naila Iniguez on NOVEMBER 27, 2016

When I came to emerald I hadn't cut my hair in 3 years and was desperate for a change. I told her I wanted to go short and she did not disappoint. I love my new cut, Thanks Emerald!

Desperate for help with my curls!

by Mary Stevens on NOVEMBER 13, 2016

My hair has been in bad shape for a long time and I'm so grateful I found Emerald! She was a lot of fun and together we came up with a plan for a style that suits me. Gently shaped, soft and curly. Perfect!

first cut in 7 years!

by Carmen on NOVEMBER 03, 2016

It had been 7 years since I've let anybody cut my hair, I did my research and found Emerald, after reading all the good reviews from previous clients I decided to book an appointment and it was the best decision I have made for my hair. She left the length I wanted and she managed to give my hair shape and volume. She also gave me tips on how to style and what products to use. Emerald is definitely worth the drive, she will know exactly what to do with your curls!

Best experience ever

by Ercilia Guajardo 10-6-2016 on OCTOBER 08, 2016

Best hair cut ever, my hair had never looked better, I have gotten a lot of compliments I also brought my 17 year old son to get his hair fixed after a bad haircut he needs to look good for senior pictures, he also got a lot of compliments at school, thanks Emerald you are a miracle worker, we will see you again.

Fist, best cut ever 10/6/2016

by Ercilia Guajardo-Ellsworth on OCTOBER 07, 2016

I had not had a hair cut in about 10 years afraid to get it done after a very bad experience but I found Emerald on Devacurl.com and it was the best experience ever that I also brought my son to get a cut to fix a Bad cut the he got before and he was very happy that it was fixed with only a little cutting, thanks Emerald we will be back for sure.

best stylist ever

by cheryl on OCTOBER 02, 2016

had my first deva curl cut by Emerald, she did a great job, best my hair has ever looked. She is very easy to talk and makes you feel comfortable, love it, thank you Emerald

Best haircut of my life!

by Megan on SEPTEMBER 09, 2016

Emerald is the best hands down. If you're looking for the number one hairstylist for curls at a reasonable cost, she is your girl. She's worth the drive and super fun too!

This girl knows curls

by Cynthia Youssef on JUNE 22, 2016

I'm so glad I went to see emerald. I'm 36 and this is the first haircut that really made me happy. I got the diva cut and she also did some highlights, which actually makes my curls stand out even more. Worth the money, I highly recommend her. She knows curls. Thanks Emerald!

I found my curly hair guru in Emerald!

by Cyndi on APRIL 10, 2016

You can trust Emerald with your curls. She was so kind, answered all my questions and suggested products that would work for my curl. I left feeling empowered and like I actually have a style. I got second day hair! and us curly girls know that is not easy to achieve :) So grateful she put her name on the Deva Curl website! I would highly recommend Emerald to cut your glorious curls she is the best! More compliments on my hair than I've had in years. I love my curls again!

Emerald is the best, I don't trust anyone else with my curly hair.

by Jenny Godinez on MARCH 30, 2016

I am so happy that I found Emerald, she is truly the best with curly hair. Never going anywhere else, I drive 40 minutes just to go get a hair cut with her. I highly recommend her!


by Janyce on MARCH 18, 2016

My naturally curly hair (3a) has been looking awesome since receiving Deva-cuts by Emerald. She has great skills and knows how to cut and shape curly hair. I highly recommend her.


by Heather Lynne on MARCH 18, 2016

Emerald will give you a GREAT haircut for your curly hair. She knows how to bring out the fun without the frizz. Understands curly hair is different and needs love. She's friendly, nice, and her prices are a steal!


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