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5809 E Speedway Blvd, Tucson, AZ, US 85712

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Completed our hands-on Level 1 course, featuring foundational cutting and color techniques

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This revolutionary cutting technique was designed for all natural textures, from wavy to super curly. Hair is sculpted curl-by-curl, while dry, in its natural state. This service includes a transformation service.

DevaCurl Transformation

From wavy to super curly, the beauty of this service is the customized design for every client. This luxurious process begins with a healthy botanical cleanse and condition, followed by a styling and coaching session for at-home curl care.

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Level 1 Inspired
Completed our hands-on Level 1 course, featuring foundational cutting and color techniques


DevaCurl Transformation


1 Reviews

Stay away!

Anna Monterosso|February 26, 2017
If I could give 0 stars I would. Let me start by saying that this is by far the worst and most bizarre salon experience I've ever had. Aja has NO BUSINESS running a salon let alone using the Deva Curl name to further her brand. A bit of history: Prior to yesterday's incident, I'd been to Aja twice (once in August, and once in November/December). Both times I was satisfied with my cut. About week ago, I decided to do a blowout at home, which is a rare occurrence. It was then that I noticed that the back of my hair didn't blend AT ALL, and that there was a "shelf". Having had curly hair my entire life, I understand that curly cuts don't translate into a perfectly blended straight style, but this just looked chopped. Even my previous stylist before Aja knew how to cut my hair when curly so that it blended somewhat decent when straight. I decided to give Aja the benefit of the doubt since this was the first time I had straightened my hair since I started seeing her. She did do a great job cutting my curls, so I figured during this appointment I'd ask her to blend a bit better. Cut to yesterday. My visit began with the usual discussion of what I wanted. I asked for a trim, and mentioned my concern with the curly to straight situation. Aja immediately became defensive and said that what I wanted wasn't possible. She said hair cannot look good both curly and straight. She genuinely seemed disturbed by the fact that I had given myself a blowout. She kept going on about how she hates when curly girls straighten their hair, so on and so forth. She even mentioned to another client who stopped by "Can you believe she straightened her hair?!" It was so embarrassing. Still, my old stylist was booked and I needed my hair trimmed for an upcoming trip for a wedding. I figured I'd just suck it up and wear my hair curly for the event. Being preoccupied with my preparations, and irritated with Aja's attitude, I decided to keep to myself and handle some work emails. After nearly two hours (my longest haircut by far), I was done. The cut seemed a bit off to me, but I chalked it up to me not being comfortable with my new center part, and the fact that Aja has the tendency to poof the ever loving crap out of my hair which makes it hard to tell how the cut really looks. I usually play around with it while I'm still in the chair and it's fine, but I had somewhere to be by that point so I figured I'd do it when I got home. Being in a hurry, I just paid the $60 figuring it would be fine when I got home (my only regret). When I didn't leave a tip, Aja snapped "Have a better day". The fact that she didn't offer to schedule another appointment like she usually does should have alerted me that she knew something was wrong with the cut, but again, I had somewhere to be and her attitude made me uncomfortable. I really hoped that the cut would be fine once I styled it myself. It wasn't until I got home that I realized how bad my cut was. My husband saw me and blurted out "What did she do to your hair?!" I immediately went to the bathroom and redid my hair. Usually the layers are stacked beautifully in the back. This time my hair is literally two lengths and shaped like a triangle. My friend (who is also a curly girl) was equally mortified. Of course I was in tears by that point, so I called Aja. She immediately became defensive and gave the phone to her husband (the other owner). His immediate response to me crying was to get belligerent and yell. He refused to do anything at all because "Aja did a great job" (he wasn't there to see it, and he's not a stylist). He maintained that it was my opinion that the cut was bad, and said that their obligation to rectify anything ended when I left the salon. Though I've never personally complained about a haircut, I have seen other salons routinely fix cuts or refund clients even after they've left the salon. Sometimes it's hard to judge how good a cut really is until you go home and see it how you style it. Even after explaining this, Aja's husband refused to acknowledge that there was even an issue. When I brought up going to Deva Concepts directly, his exact words were "Now you said the wrong thing" and he hung up. Now I'm scrambling to find a stylist who can fix this mess. I also contacted Deva Concepts directly, and they made it clear that they have no control over how stylists use their name. In other words, a stylist can use the Deva name to bring in clients who trust the brand, then do abysmal work, and the client has no recourse. Needless to say, don't go to Aja or her salon. Her attitude and lack of professionalism are absolutely appalling. Although she says her stylists are "Deva Stylists", they're just taught by her and not actually certified by Devacurl. Truthfully, this experience has taught me that being Deva Certified doesn't mean a damn thing. Use their products if you must, but don't trust their stylists.

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