Essenza Salon and Spa

Tucson, AZ
4.9 / 26 Reviews

Essenza Salon and Spa

Tucson, AZ
4.9 / 26 Reviews

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Deva Inspired Stylist

Completed our hands-on Level 1 course, featuring foundational cutting and color techniques

Icon certified art of texture
Art of Texture Stylist

Completed our hands-on course for super curly and highly textured hair

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Deva Product Pro

Completed our online professional tutorial series for daily curl care

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  • Deva Inspired Stylist

    Completed our hands-on Level 1 course, featuring foundational cutting and color techniques

  • Art of Texture Stylist

    Completed our hands-on course for super curly and highly textured hair

  • Deva Product Pro

    Completed our online professional tutorial series for daily curl care

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Debra Boaz

Deva Inspired Stylist
5.0 / 19 Reviews
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  • DevaCut
  • DevaCurl Transformation
  • Super Curly DevaCut
  • Super Curly No-Poo Transformation
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Debra is great!

by Melody on OCTOBER 01, 2018

Price: $76-$125

I was really nervous about someone cutting my 2 daughters hair. We had gotten Deva cuts before and it did not come out great. My oldest daughter has 3 heads full of very thick curly hair and Debra did a great job shaping it up. She walked my girls through on how to take care of their beautiful curly hair and was very easy to work with. Definitely, recommend!


by Cynthia Niles on JUNE 08, 2018
Service Received: DevaCut
Price: $76-$125

After 30 years I FINALLY found a stylist that knows what she is doing with curly hair! It is too bad that I do not live in Tucson. I am an African American woman with long, thick and loose curly hair and she was still able to manage my hair and not put me down in the process of it. The only thing I would recommend for all my thick curly girls is to bring your own detangle brush with you to help if needed. Aside from that, DEBRA WAS GREAT!! Highly recommended! She knows her stuff. Love my curls and may consider coming back for an even shorter cut in the future! Thank you Debra!

Loving my curly hair - thank you Debra

by Lorraine on APRIL 17, 2018

Debra greeted me as aoon as I walked in. I was harried from traffic but immediately that all went away when she took me to her chair and we started talking. Debra is easy to talk to and listened to my concerns about my curls. I love my cut. I left learning how to style my curls and I love them. Thank you Debra.

Deb really listens

by Lynne on APRIL 10, 2018

It’s been a week since my Devacurl cut with Deb, so I’ve had some time to get used to styling my new ‘do. I found Deb to be extremely experienced, plus she REALLY listened to me in terms of the lifestyle I have, and the look that I was wanting. Deb was very honest with me about what she felt would be the best options in terms of style and products. I had read Curlygirl about 15 years ago, and while what I learned from that has been invaluable, Deb was able to bring me up to date on the newer styling techniques, and I’ve found these to be a huge help. As she was cutting my hair, I could see that the shape was going to flatter my face and give me the look I had wanted. After my hair was washed, Deb took the time to go step by step in explaining to me about product options for my hair, and how to best use them, including what NOT to do and why. Lightbulbs went on! I learned a lot about things I’d been doing that had worked against encouraging the curls/waves I wanted. A week after the appointment with Deb, I’m very happy with the experience. I have used her product recommendations, but I’ve also felt confident in trying a few other options based on what Deb told me about my hair. I’ve found that the shape and style that Deb gave my hair is flattering, and my hair moves better with my waves/curl than any other cut I’ve had. Hope this is helpful!

Been looking for a curly hair stylist my whole life!!

by Mikelle on FEBRUARY 20, 2018

Debra was an answer to many years of searching for someone who knew how to cut my curls!

Love My DevaCut from Debra

by Paula V. on JANUARY 11, 2018

I had my very first DevaCut with Debra last month and I couldn't be happier! She did such a wonderful job of explaining the dry cut process and walking me through every step of the styling so I could repeat it at home. I started using all of the DevaCurl products she recommended and my hair has looked amazing every time I style it! It even takes me less time to style it than before, with better results. I can't say enough good things about my experience with Debra and I'm really looking forward to going back to her when its time for another cut.

Best haircut ever!!!

by Gabbana Madrid on JANUARY 08, 2018

I was super excited when I found out that someone in Tucson actually knows how to cut curly hair! I was a bit nervous at first but I’m extremely glad I did it. I went in with a big frizz ball just laying on my head, but but the time she cut and styled my hair, the curls were super defined and frizz free. They also framed my face perfectly! Thank you sooo much, Debra!!!

Deva Lover

by Tiffany on JANUARY 04, 2018

Deb you are the best ever! Thanks so much for making my curls bounce again :) Glad to have found my Hairstylist !!

Best Cut I had in Years!

by Barb V. on DECEMBER 30, 2017

I recently moved to AZ from FL and haven't had good luck finding someone who could cut my curly hair for years. . . Then I found Debra! She is amazing and knowledgeable about how to care for and treat my curls. I highly recommend her to any Curly Girl who wants to fall in love with her curls!

just ok, not recommended

by Laura on DECEMBER 18, 2017

I got the dry curly cut (Deva), I've had it several times before with other stylists. And it seems Deb, as other Deva stylists, have a haircut style in mind and they don't deviate from it--even if it's not what the customer wants or looks good or is on trend. So it seems that all curly-haired girls get the same haircut with Deva technicians :(

Curls for days!!!

by Gelya on DECEMBER 01, 2017

I love my new curls! When I went in, my hair was a frizzy yet flat mess. By the time I left, I had bouncy voluminous curls! My hair is so pretty now. I love it! Thanks Debra!


by Jocelyn on NOVEMBER 21, 2017

I love Deb! She turned me into a curly haired girl who loves her curls. I went in for the first time to get my haircut, nervous to try something new. I was blown away but how beautiful my hair looked and how I can make it look like that every day. I get compliments on my hair all the time and Deb made them come out of hiding and look amazing!!!

Debra Boaz for curly hair!

by Lolita on NOVEMBER 12, 2017

I have been very pleased with my haircuts and color since coming to Essenza salon, and all credit goes to Debra Boaz. She does wonders with my short curly hair. It looks effortlessly good without the need for a lot of products or daily styling. Her technique for cutting hair while dry really works well for me. Highly recommend!

Debra Boaz, as good as it gets

by Donna MC on OCTOBER 30, 2017

Debra has worked hard over the last 4 years to shape and manage my curls in the dry Arizona heat as well as more humid conditions as well. I have gotten innumerable compliments since she has determined the best cut as well as the best products. I always feel beautiful when I leave Essenza salon. She is the most professional person I have ever worked within the industry -as good as it gets and more!!!

Debra is wonderful!

by Amy V. on OCTOBER 11, 2017

Debra is an excellent stylist who knows how to take care of my curls. I am so happy that I have someone I can trust with my hair and who always has helpful ideas and tips! I definitely recommend her to every curly girl I know :) Thanks Debra!!

Best haircut ever!

by Sadia on OCTOBER 05, 2017

Debra is amazing. I had 10 inches taken off my hair (at a different salon) and had a case of triangle head. She expertly shaped my hair and made me feel SO good about myself~ i love the way my hair looks. After 35 years of bouncing around from stylist to stylist, I have found a keeper! She is a very talented stylist for curly hair and her lovely personality is a bonus. :)

Great Curly Cut

by Kathi on SEPTEMBER 24, 2017

I never knew there was a curly cut. A relative of mine told me about her great cut with Debra. Debra has magic scissors, is always on time and very professional. I had hated my curls but now I love them thanks to Debra.

Great cut

by Nikki on AUGUST 26, 2017

The first time I met Debra she was able to transform my Solange-esque afro into a stylish and manageable afro pixie cut! I waited a couple months before going back because the cut was done so well that, even as it grew out, it still looked good! I've always been wary to go to salons mainly because, being a person of color, you just don't want your hair to get jacked up by people who don't know how to work with this texture. I trust Debra with my hair and definitely recommend her for your afro-textured and curly hair needs!


by Crystal on AUGUST 23, 2017

Debra was amazing! I will definitely be back and refer all of my family, friends and coworker. You can't go wrong by seeing Debra.

Debra makes me love my curls again!

by Leslie Kuchyt on AUGUST 17, 2017

Until I found Deb I was in a constant battle with frizz. I have never been happier with how my hair lays than after she cuts it; it is shiny, soft and the curls look beautiful! She has made me love my curly hair again!

Fighting frizz my whole life

by Debbie G on AUGUST 11, 2017

I have fought my curly hair since the 1960's. For the past four years I have been able to spray and go and enjoy my curls. I have been with Debbie for over 17 years. She always has great ideas and I trust her to advise me in new products and styles. I always feel good when I leave

Curly hair + Debra = Great hair!

by Mary Suko on AUGUST 09, 2017

Debra does wonders with my curly hair. She knows how to cut it to maximize the curl. She is also excellent with color. I highly recommend Debra to anyone with curly hair as she knows how to make you look your best.

Just scrunch and go!

by Jill P. on JULY 14, 2017

I have been going to Debbie for a couple of years. She has always been consistent in her hair cutting and coloring and attentive to my wishes. I get compliments everyday from strangers! I am writing this review from Europe where I traveled without a brush or blow dryer--each morning, I dampened my hair, scrunched and headed out! So easy! I would recommend Debbie to anyone with wavy or curly hair!

Debra is amazing!

by Leslie Streeter on JULY 13, 2017

My hair is curly with cowlicks and difficult to manage. Plus I need to be able to just "wash and wear" it when I don't have time to style it. Debra Boaz at Essence Salon and Spa is amazing! She jokes that she didn't bring her magic wand to work with her when I ask her to cut my crazy hair so it will look good with no effort, but she always manages to do it without the wand. She cuts my hair to work with the natural curl so it doesn't look frizzy or messy and I actually like my curls. She also teaches me quick styling tips for busy days. She listens to what I want and takes time to do a fantastic job. Thanks Debra!

Amazing Service, Products Available, and Convienant Appointments

by Danielle Shamburg on JULY 08, 2017

The older I get the curlier my hair gets! I didn't know what to do with these curls until I found Debra. I have always liked my hair long but I wanted more fullness without frizz. After my first visit with Deb, I loved the cut style technique she did and she also introduced me to products that my hair now loves! My gorgeous curls and I now have smooth "get ready" mornings!

Debra Boaz is a GREAT stylish for your wavy/curly hair!!

by Gail Lee on JULY 05, 2017

If you are looking for someone who knows how to get the very best of your curls or waves, it is Debra Boaz at Essence Salon and Spa! I thought I only had enough wave in my hair to be a problem until Debra turned my hair into beautiful curls! Now I get compliments every day on my hair! And it is so easy for me to handle. Debra will also teach you how to manage your hair and you won't believe how great it looks!


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