Curls, by Nadine

Barrie, ON
3.1 / 76 Reviews

Curls, by Nadine

Barrie, ON
3.1 / 76 Reviews

One curly girl helping other curly girls learn to love their hair. I offer curl lessons and product knowledge to help you achieve your best curls.

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Great with natural hair

by Bree on JANUARY 26, 2017

Nadine has made me truly love my curly hair. I always felt that my previous stylists were burdened with having to deal with my thick curly hair until I met Nadine. She is so passionate about perfecting the curls and teaching her clients how to properly care for curly hair. She is also incredibly talented with accentuating my natural curl- I couldn't tell you the last time I straightened this hair. She is my curl champion and it feels awesome to finally find a stylist who gives me this amount of confidence with my hair :-)

I would DIE without her.

by Zilla Akl on JUNE 12, 2018

I absolutely love this woman. EVERYWHERE I go I have curly girls asking me where I get my hair done, complimenting the colour (no matter what colour it is at the time!) and asking me about the products I use. And every time I give them Nadine's number. I took the risk of using someone else ONCE and i will NEVER make that mistake again. Nadine is the only woman I will let cut, style and colour my hair. She always gives me the hard truth about the health and condition of my hair and will work with me to get it looking it's best. Recently I wanted to jump on board with the silver trend, Nadine chatted with me for over an hour educating me on the reality of trying to obtain this (non) colour on curly hair. Nadine advised me that this would be much riskier than the blonde I currently keep. She wanted me to have realistic expectations about the amount of work I would have to put in every week to maintain the colour and to keep my curls looking healthy. We came up with a plan to minimized any damage (makes us both happy) and to provide me with what I had asked (makes me happy). I absolutely LOVE my silver hair. More than that, I love the amount of time Nadine spent with me going over exactly what to expect. Nadine is an open book when it comes to what she is using and doing to your hair, you never have to guess or hound her for information. She is always a message away if I have questions about my hair or new products that I've come across. She's open, honest and truly wants to make her clients happy. You will not be sorry having Nadine take care of your hair.

Um... is there a problem here?

by Trixie on MARCH 05, 2017

I am new to Barrie and am looking for a new curly stylist. Nadine is an ok stylist aside from the long nails scraping my scalp. What struck me was the bizarre atmosphere in the salon. After reading her rant down below I can see maybe she has other problems than a few bad reviews. I may come back if I can't find a better stylist but I am pretty sure that i can.

Professional and kind

by Zilla on JANUARY 26, 2017

I have been seeing Nadine for years now. I went natural about 4 years ago and needed someone that understood my new choice. From the moment I met her she was kind, warm and professional. In my first appointment Nadine asked me what my long term hair goals were and explained to me that the stylist client relationship was based on trust and that she would absolutely not make any drastic changes to my hair until that trust was established. She educated me further on the Curly Girl Method and Deva and I left her salon with an amazing cut and a pamphlet about taking care of my unruly curls. When I told her I wanted to go back blonde she didn't just say okay lets do it. She asked me if I was sure, if I was going through a break up and why I wanted to do something so drastic. She went through the process of going lighter, the damage that would be done to my hair and what the upkeep would entail. Two years later I am still getting compliments on the colour of my hair. Trained in new york, owned her own salon at 30, an amazing mother to a gorgeous curly headed little girl and just a genuinely nice person. She inspires me with her hardwork and hustle and I could never trust anyone with my curls. Now that I actually travel to Barrie to get my hair done I can say with certainty that her house absolutely does NOT smell and she doesn't smoke. I don't think those other "reviewers" have even had their hair done by Nadine let alone have stepped foot in her home. And I would much rather go to her warm, inviting home than that hideous TRASHY BSO she was working at in Barrie when she left Toronto. Im going to review that place next.

Addressing the reviews

by Nadine on FEBRUARY 13, 2017

Hi, I'm Nadine of Curls by Nadine. I'm going to take a moment here if I may and address some of the negative reviews I see here. Firstly, I rarely book clients when my daughter is here and when I do I let my clients know when they book that she will be here. She is NEVER unsupervised, my boyfriend watches her when I do hair. I think it's extremely, extremely disrespectful to give me a bad review because my child is home while I work. She is quiet and very well behaved for her age. And I do not appreciate being attacked as a mother or a stylist for something that is untrue. My home smelling of smoke???? I do not smoke, I have never smoked in my life. I would never allow anyone to smoke in my home. Once again this is an attack on me as a mother. Not acceptable. I do light incense, if that bothers you, just say so and I won't light it. I follow up with ALL my clients new and old, within a week. If you are so unhappy with your hair or your experience here I'd greatly appreciate it if you would just tell me when I follow up with you instead of giving me a bad review. I 100% guarantee my work, if you're not happy please just say so and we'll fix it. My salon is in my home. I don't own my home, I rent it. So I'm sorry if it's not fancy but I'm not about to renovate a home that I do not own. I made it look the best I can with what I'm able to do. "I'm not deva certified". Well here's why it only says Deva inspired stylist. In 2009 I went to NYC to train with Loraine Massey. I became a Deva inspired stylist. I went back to NYC in 2011 to do a Curlaboration course. I became a Deva Curl Architect. A few years later Loraine Massey was bought out and left Deva. When that happened they decided to change their education system. They added more classes and changed everyone's classifications. My Devacurl education has not changed, only my title has and I don't appreciate being reviewed negatively about something you know nothing about. I owned my own curly hair salon in Toronto for 5 years before I sold it to move to Barrie. I built a salon from nothing and grew it into something someone wanted to purchase from me. In a total of 5 years I had a total of 3 negative reviews. So to be seeing all these negative reviews in such a short period of time is extremely frustrating. I have only improved my skills over the years and am currently working towards being a Deva Curl Coach. I hope anyone new reading these reviews takes a moment to read this and the others. Please do not base your decisions on the reviews about my home salon but based on my skills as a curly hair specialist. Thank you Nadine, curls by Nadine.

Cannot recommend

by Ugh nevermind on JUNE 12, 2018

I am so disappointed. I recently visited this salon for a big chop simply because my hair was driving me insane. The stylist went so short I cannot even hide it in a pony tail anymore. The layers are ravaged and uneven and i cannot work with this. What a ripoff

Not a great salon but hey...

by Becca on JUNE 12, 2018

I'm sorry but who is even intimadated when walking into a salon? Go and see a shrink woman. For myself, I don't love going into peoples houses for business and would much prefer a cushy salon but this is the only deva hairdresser in town if you don't have a car. It isn't pretty or luxurous and the stylist sure seems uneasy with new people but I get my cut and get out. She usually disapears while I am drying anyway which srsly I could do without as I have to redo it anyway

You are what you look like

by Dorothea Brown on JUNE 12, 2018

Oh my when I walked into this house and saw the condition of the stylists hair (a very dry almost grey, straightened hair with inches of dark root) I almost turned around. I ended up changing my appointment to just a trim to be safe. It was a trim, thats hard to mess up, but I was terrified! I did let her style me in the end which was okay. It is my opinion that a hair stylist should be her own example of what kind of good hair she can produce.

Deva no

by Lauren on JUNE 12, 2018

I have had several devachan stylists before this one and this is no deva stylist. The techniques used on me were not something I recognized and the result was not as clean and crisp as the other Deva stylists. I feel thinned out and choppy. I also requested lightweight minimal products because I prefer my hair fluffy but earthtones is really for tighter textures and is quite heavy. I barely got a day 2 out of this style.

Product nastiness

by Sam on JUNE 12, 2018

I'm not sure where she learned about products but she put some massive heavy products in my hair that were totally too much for my wavy hair. Very oily. I am clarifying immediately. I can't tell how the cut went, will feedback later

Great cut and so fun

by Franki I on JUNE 12, 2018

Went to Nadine for the first time last week for a hair cut and am beyond pleased! I have wavy, frizzy hair and decided to go short for the first time in my life. I was a bit nervous but damn did she do a good job. I've never been so happy with a haircut. Nadine is super fun and friendly - going to her home is way less intimidating than stepping into a salon.

Nadine to the Rescue!

by Elyse on JUNE 12, 2018

Nadine brought my curls back to life, (and style!) after another stylist who claimed to understand how to cut springs and things botched my hair. She made me feel good again about being a curly girl, and for that, I am a client for life.

Great Cut and Service

by Kathryn on JUNE 12, 2018

I have been a client of Nadine's for many years now. I look forward to my appointments because I am always treated well and I feel the cut and colour I get from Nadine are A+ all the way! I also enjoy going to a local small business and supporting a local entrepreneur. I have found her to be punctual, professional, and talented. I love my haircuts and feel my curls are the best they have ever been. I recommend her to others as I am a satisfied client.


by Andria on JUNE 12, 2018

I was recommended to Nadine by a friend. She worked magic on my hair. I didn't know what a difference having a proper cut could make. She was also warm and professional. This is a home Salon and it was clean and comfortable. I was offered tea, coffee, and water. I will return to Curls by Nadine


by Nadia on JUNE 12, 2018

I liked the wash and style I got here when i went with a friend but the stylist was so high strung and nervous! It may have been a bad day but it made me feel uncomfortable. I wouldnt want her to cut my hair as I would feel so sorry for her if she messed up.


by Jen on JUNE 12, 2018

I'm sorry I forgot to add that when you invite clients into your home you should get a babysitter.

Hardworking, personable and great at what she does

by Olivia Jones on JUNE 12, 2018

I am so happy with the service I receive from Nadine time and time again. She is professional and knowledgeable. She knows hard work and is an inspiration to me as a single mom. Although Nadine was booked solid and working 25 days straight over the holidays, she still squeezed me in for a last minute appointment. I don't think she knows just how much that one appointment helped me. I have been out of the work force for sometime and I walked into a new job oozing confidence. Not only is she amazing at her craft, she's amazing with her clients. Nadine takes the time to listen and get to know you as a person. I will continue to give her my business and refer my friends.

Professional and amazing

by Lindsay on JANUARY 10, 2018

After having 2 kids and my previous hairdresser moving away I was in MAJOR need of a hair cut and colour. Nadine was and IS absolutely amazing! She made me feel completely comfortable with a professional and calming atmosphere! Being a mom a with 3 young kids it was such a relaxing break (the head massage almost put me to sleep lol). Thank you Nadine for the amazing hair cut and colour! I’ll be coming back to see you very soon!

so happy!

by Maria S. on JUNE 12, 2018

I LOVE my cut and colour!

Uncomfortable Atmosphere

by Rebecca on OCTOBER 07, 2016

I am desperately trying to replace my beloved curly rock star who moved away. This is not going to be my replacement. I tried, but I left with very crunchy hair that was straight at the ends and an unshapely cut. This salon is in a personal home and it was an uncomfortable atmosphere with a child running around apparently unsupervised. We are much better off in Toronto where there are deva certified (key word certified) stylists with more education and experience who work in nice professional salons.

Road trip to Toronto in my future.

by Tazza Rogers on APRIL 15, 2017

I have short, thick, greying curly hair. Stylist did not cut into the curls, in order to create supportive structure for the longer ones. Really disappointed. My hair looks dense and helmet like. Not a curly specialist. Please seek out a genuine Curly Specialist elsewhere.

Have had Nadine as a stylist for myself and two children and we LOVE her!

by Kimberly on FEBRUARY 13, 2017

Have had Nadine as a stylist for myself and two children and we LOVE her! Ny hair is bone straight and I have Malato children a boy and a girl with very different hair from each other but both curly. Nadine is able to work on all three of us with supreme knowledge professionalism and class. Her home is open to us as clients and her family is always very much in the background of a very clean home. Nadine not only cuts and colours our hair but she also educates us on how to handle our hair and what products work and don't work for each of us. I find the level of expertise well beyond comparison to the several shops we have used throughout barrie, Toronto and north of here. The fees that Nadine charges are very well priced and comparable to shops in the GTA and Barrie are less than half of what I have paid in the past. Which only shows the level of professionalism Nadine is; refusing to price gauge even though her work is supreme

The is no replacemrnt

by Sasha on FEBRUARY 17, 2017

There is no replacement for Krista. After trying Nadine twice (three actually, she was owner of Curl Cabin that went under about 2 years ago) I have decided to make the trek to Kingston to continue with Krista who is Canada's best curly stylist. Nadine only did basic training but Krista is the goddess of curly hair.

Trust this woman with your hair!!

by Lynn A on FEBRUARY 13, 2017

I have been to Nadine for over 8 years now - meeting in a Barrie curl salon, following her to a curl salon in Toronto, then to her own salon in Toronto and back to Barrie. She taught me how to handle and care for my curly hair. I have never left disappointed & always have compliments on my cut & colour. I have sent many curly haired women to her and they have all been pleased with the results. I am amazed at the pictures of the transformations she posts!! You can tell she knows her stuff!! I have always loved her decisions and choices with my hair and I am someone who trusts her enough to let her do whatever she wants from cut to colour!! I go to Nadine for her talent, skills, education in herself and to me about my hair and her flexibility in scheduling. Her home is clean, does not smell and her daughter is quiet and lovely. If you want to pay more for the fancy atmosphere, you go ahead! I'm paying for talent ;) she's a joy ;)

Perfect curl control

by Marseyah on FEBRUARY 04, 2017

Nadine is Barrie's own curly hair specialist! I'm so glad I found her again after many years. She is always accommodating when I need a last minute appointment. She has never let me down. She is one who truly cares about her client's satisfaction. It's not about the money. When I told her I wanted to cut my hair she asked me if it was something I have thought about for a while or a spur of the moment decision. She told me to think about it and if it was something I was ready for then we would cut it next time. I didn't do it! I've read some of the reviews and the negative ones are shocking. How does one comment negatively when they have not been to her salon?! You would see that Nadine is certified with a number of certificates DISPLAYED on the wall - nothing to hide. Her salon is clean, cozy and relaxing and stocked with quality Diva Curl products for us curly gurlz. Then to comment on her little girl?! Nadine likes to schedule her appts most often when her daughter is not home. One can go to other salons and find kids running around there but never has her daughter been seen or heard when I am there. There are stylists at a salon I went to who proclaim they are 'curly hair specialists' with no certifications but because they watched Nadine for a few hours?! I need to be able to trust a stylist with my hair. I trust Nadine with all her working experience both in Toronto and Barrie and her ability to work with ALL textures of hair! Nadine wishing you continued success❤

Not worth the trip

by Kath on JANUARY 26, 2017

I'm a little confused. I found this stylist on instagram and chose her because she claims to be deva certified but this site lists her as only Inspired. I know full well there is a high degree of difference and it shows in the cut. I just thought you should know that this particular stylist tells tales and that her salon is sub par despite her rantings on instagram.

Consistent and reliable

by Nardo on JANUARY 26, 2017

I found Nadine about 5 years ago and have never looked back. She's the only consistent and reliable stylist/colorist for my curls. She also did a fantastic job for my wedding (8 up dos) as well as one of my best friends (6 up dos). Super professional and actually listens to her clients. It's a pleasure to sit in her chair.

Thank you from a cancer survivor sister.

by Ava on FEBRUARY 01, 2017

I have been a client of Nadine for 5 years now and have followed her wherever she is and always will. I drive all the way from hamilton to come and see her because I have beautiful hair and do not trust anyone touching it but her. My sister who is a cancer survivor makes the same trip I do, I introduced her to Nadine after she lost all her hair and was trying to grow it back. She asked so many hairstylist in the gta regarding extensions and no one could come up with a solution but Nadine did and now her hair is all grown thanks to Nadine giving her proper extensions, treatment and dietary advice to help her hair growth and care. It was a tough time for my sister and honestly if it wasn't for Nadine I don't know how a young girl like her could have survived the thoughts of just losing all her hair. I thank Nadine everytime I see her for changing and helping someone life and image when they almost gave up and helping her feel beautiful . Thank you Nadine!! You re an angel !!

New salon - Not worth it

by Sam on JUNE 12, 2018

I think the cut might be ok but i ended up with hair that was crispy... very crispy!! So uncomfortable I had to wash it out as soon as I got home. I'm afraid to go again what an atmosphere ew

So Easy to Maintain

by Lynn on FEBRUARY 01, 2017

I don't even know where to begin. Do I start with letting you know that the haircuts I receive from Nadine are actually the best I've had? I couldn't be any more sincere saying this. Because she cuts to match your curls, the cut actually suits you, it's easy to style, and looks great grown out. The products I use too, have helped so much with the eczema that I have. Nadine recommended that I start with low poo to get used to it first. After one large bottle of that, I was using No Poo. This feels great on my scalp. Nadine let me know what products I needed and how to use them to get the best results on my own. I remember hating my hair and feeling so lost with it. Thank you Nadine, for being amazing at what you do. Your talent speaks for itself. I come from out of town just to see you and always will!

Terrible colouring skills

by Emahd on JUNE 12, 2018

This stylist ruined my color and damaged my hair

Not very good with curls

by Shenelle on JUNE 12, 2018

If you peruse this instagram, there is a long line of women with straight hair with amateur color applied by this stylist. Straight and very very dyed and fried seems to be the motto. There are also some curls pictures that represent her work. Extremely uneven cuts and frizzy finishing style, every single one. Except for hers that when left slightly wavy as seems to be all she can manage with the damage, looks super brittle. Somehow my hair isnt in there but thats how mine ended up too. I have found, just a little further south, Adina Sharman!! She is a true curly stylist who is triple certified and actually has curly hair and totally knows how to work it. She gets my hair totally smooth, defined and hydrated. Naturally! She is just north of Toronto and worth every penny. For those of you looking for a better change.

Curly hair specialist for sure!!!

by Fiona Lediard on MARCH 06, 2017

It's like what they say about some things you cannot cheap out on. I have extremely Coily hair that I do not like relaxed. Nadine helped me to understand my curls and what they need for hydration and shape. I now love my natural hair. I've been to many people who claim to know my hair and haven't delivered. I know it's hard to deal with curly hair but please, if you are not a curly hair specialist. Do not claim to be. Nadine knows her stuff and I feel So blessed to have met her !!!! After many many many visits elsewhere in town leaving unpleased.

Almost passed

by 3C Curls on JUNE 12, 2018

I have 3c curls and have been struggling to find a stylist who can work my hair. Nadine is a lovely person however she was not able to deliver on the cut shape and her product choices were questionable. I would also prefer not to have my hair washed in a kitchen sink. I got a trim out of it and some conversation so I feel I should give a 2.

Great cut, Great Atmosphere

by Evelynn on JUNE 12, 2018

I've had my hair cut several times by Nadine. A few times when she used to be a stylist at the Barrie BSO and several times since she started her own home salon. I personally prefer her home salon because I really don't care for petty gossip. At the BSO, all other stylists and management would come around when I was there and it was just exhausting. With Nadine, I find she is very open minded. She is great to talk to, great to explain what you're looking for to, and actually explains the best thing for your hair. This is where people go wrong. They see a cut and want it. They don't take into consideration their own hair type. Nadine is great at explaining this. I've NEVER been disappointed by any service I received from her. Cuts, colors, highlights. I will be back soon!!

Saved my hair

by Michelle on JUNE 12, 2018

Nadine is awesome. She fits me in last minute , and I AM VERY last minute when I call her. She has brought me from black to blonde and back again. My hair is not damaged and has a great cut. Nadine blow drys my hair often and I love the style. I have curly hair that was damaged from a previous stylist and Nadine has helped bring it back to health. She knows her stuff! Definitely recommend her as a curly hair stylist.

Expensive for the quality

by Jen on JUNE 12, 2018

I went to Nadine because she is the only curly stylist in Barrie in the salon finder. I have baby fine hair that I color and it is somewhat damaged. That may have attributed to the inconsistent hair cut that I was given which didn't really show when I left her house but when I did my hair myself, it looked awful. I purchased some products from Nadine which feel great in my hair but unfortunately with the shape I was given I will need to go get it fixed. I find that I paid a lot of money for what i got which wasn't much and it kind of turned me off the whole deva thing. Thanks for trying

I love my waves

by Cecilia Thompson on JUNE 12, 2018

I am so happy my daughter introduced me to Nadine. I have very fine wavy hair and every morning I would wash, condition and comb my hair straight while wet. Nadine took the time to educate me about my hair type, why what I was doing was not good for my hair and to show me how to bring out my natural wave. She showed me which products would be best for my hair. I actually have volume now! I am retired and living on a pension and Nadine gave me advise on the best product for me to use that is also within my budget. She is sweet and very hard working. I couldn't imagine going to anyone else.

Hair Saviour!!

by Tanya on FEBRUARY 01, 2017

Nadine is the most knowledgeable stylist I've ever encountered! She's the only person I trust to cut my hair properly and was the only stylist who ever taught me to style my curly hair and finally help me love my curls! She uses excellent quality products, provides a clean, professional atmosphere (I don't want to pay extra for fancy - I want clean and practical and comfortable). I've known and followed Nadine for years because of her skill, knowledge, professionalism and training (I'm confused to read the review stating she's not certified - I know for a fact she is and it shows in her work). Absolutely, positively worth investing your time to get to her. I won't go anywhere else! (I've never smelled smoke anywhere near her home salon - it always smells lovely)

Nadine is a hair angel

by Tina on JANUARY 26, 2017

Message Nadine is a hair angel who is hardworking, dedicated, trained and professional all the time. Her home salon is clean and comforting. Don't believe any bad reviews about her or her home, some past employers are very vendictive when an amazing stylist leaves the company and all her clients follow. How shamefull that a company or undividuals of a company would stoop so low as to sabotage a young woman just trying to be successful and support her daughter. I am a long time client who gets everything from colour, cut, olaplex, keratin and even extensions done and have never experienced anything but wonderful from Nadine.

There is no salon here?

by Sandy on JUNE 12, 2018

I went to this address to make an appointment but there is no salon at 102 buchanan street? Its empty


by Anonymous on JANUARY 06, 2018

This salon is the lowest of the low.

Amazing and would highly recommend!

by Carol Alexander on DECEMBER 28, 2017

I found Nadine through a friend (who’s hair looked amazing). I trust Nadine with my daughter’s hair exclusively. She always treats my daughter with care, is always friendly and professional. I do not have curly hair but now have Nadine cut and colour my hair. We travel over 40 minutes (each way) to see Nadine, and I am SO happy to have found her! I have recommended her to others who now are clients as well.

Life saver

by Patty on DECEMBER 28, 2017

I found Nadine back in May thru my sister, I was at my wits end with my hair..... always frizzy, poufy and I was ready to cut it all off! Nadine saved me and my hair! She’s an amazing stylist, my colour has never been better and she is very professional. Top it off with a super sweet personality and you’ve got a winner here! I would travel and will continue to travel the necessary distance to have this amazing woman cut, colour and style my hair! Thank you Nadine for showing me my curls are beautiful!


by Sam on JUNE 12, 2018

I finally washed my hair and reset after that experience. The cut seems ok although a little shorter than I wanted. I can only give a two for the entire experience. Juat a word of advice...Nadine you should not wear your hair up, like ever. You have some seriously big ears.

Private Instagram

by Heather on NOVEMBER 20, 2017

I am basing this review solely on the fact that I haven't been able to see her work to see if it's a good fit since this stylist doesn't answer email and has private Instagram. It's a little difficult to see a stylist's work when they don't have public portfolios. I have tried twice but will now move on.

Pretty average but not a curly place

by Katie on JUNE 12, 2017

I was told this was a curly salon but it seems to focus on other things... not a true curly salon. I was not unhappy with my service necessarily but this is not the best salon I've been to by far. There are tons of curly stylists out there now, thank goodness, who do a better job.

I give up

by Anonymous on AUGUST 08, 2017

Nadine has cancelled on me so many times, I am going somewhere else. It's a mistake to treat clients badly especially with so much great competition around.

Won't be back

by P. W. on JANUARY 08, 2018

Won't be back

Colour Technique incomplete

by Regular client on JANUARY 11, 2018

I love the way Nadine cuts my hair. I'm not a curly girl, actually I don't know why its called curls by Nadine but she cuts me well. What i didnt like was my dye job. Not what i asked for.

No more frizz and hair is growing

by Aimee curry on MARCH 06, 2017

My hair is growin for once since seeing Nadine. I've been using her recommendation of products which have cut down my frizz, and washing my hair less. Also been receiving olaplex treatments. Saved my hair honestly. She is happy and such a good stylist. She is passionate and happy with her job and I love that she makes me feel at home everytime.

Go back to curl school

by Unsatisfied client on JANUARY 06, 2018

I needed a haircut before an event and while my current stylist, who was away, strongly recommended staying away from Nadine (she had gotten a nasty cut from her in the past), I decided to go to her anyway. Terrible mistake. I now have horrible shelves on the left side of my head so bad that they are impossible to hide. I will have to go and get that fixed and have drastically shorter hair that i do not want. I'm not sure if it was my coarse very curly hair that threw her off? Also, the stylist was in such a rush to finish me off that I left with hair that was not 100% dry and not scrunched out. It felt terrible and brittle. Not only that but the salon is unprofessional in its setup. I understand this is in a home but in this case perhaps it would be best to rent out a chair somewhere in order to have a proper, pretty, organized salon to work in.

Good Cut Terrible Styling

by Deb on FEBRUARY 27, 2017

Hi, I am not sure how it happened but I did get a good cut from this place (so..two stars) however I somewhow I ended up crunchy AND frizzy... I would go back for another cut if I could get to do my own hair afterwards except that the colour I got was totally different from what I asked for and I can do better somewhere else I know it

Not for me

by Lydya Nughty on FEBRUARY 22, 2017

I didn't like the salon and I didn't like the stylist. Nothing else to discuss really... she seems like a bit of a spazz and her service is no better than all of the other salons in Barrie

Too much drama

by Jess on FEBRUARY 22, 2017

I went to this salon once but honestly despite the decent service there is too much drama surrounding this salon. I will not return as I do not like negativity. It certainly looks like someone is writing false reviews on this page BOTH good and bad. ONE stylist cannot possibly have 10 good reviews in one day.

Saved my hair

by Julia T. on FEBRUARY 13, 2017

Did not realize how great my hair could be until I met Nadine a year ago - night and day change. I never realized what a difference one person could make! Now I love my curls and am not abusing my hair washing it daily with damaging shampoos. Getting a dry cut first was such a revelation - always wondered how a stylist could know how my hair behaves after it is already wet? Now I know, they can't! As for having a salon in her home, more power to her - felt very welcomed and my hair has never felt more pampered and that is what it is all about

Always pleased!

by Maureen on FEBRUARY 13, 2017

Nadine has cut my hair for several years and I am always pleased! Even as my hair grows my cut keeps working for me. I am not a curly girl, just very wavy.

She is a rockstar

by Olivia perry on MARCH 06, 2017

Nadine was so accommodating to my needs when I had another "curly hair" stylist butcher my cut and color. She got me in in a respectable time an made me feel like I was her priority. She fixed my color and explained how we were going to shape my curls until it was back to the way it should be. I cannot thank her enough. I was in tears almost as I sat in her chair and in tears again when I left. But for good reason I love the comfortable environment. Feels like I'm hanging with a friend and catching up ;). Thanks again Nadine. I refer Every curly girl to you.

Love my curls

by Kandace Assivero on FEBRUARY 04, 2017

I have never met a stylist with more passion for their work. It was a chance encounter finding Nadine and I am so happy for it. She never once saw my hair as a challenge like many other previous stylists I've had. I trusted her immediately when she told me she would love to cut my hair. She is incredibly well informed on how to properly care for curly hair and helped me to learn to properly style and care for my hair to the point that I have so much added confidence. I wouldn't trust another stylist at this point and would highly recommend her services. I look forward to my next cut! Thanks to Nadine


by Tasha on FEBRUARY 01, 2017

I tried Nadine a couple months back and while I have no complaints about her cutting technique, her styling is terrible. I was crusty and frizzy at the same time and I can't say Ive ever ended up that bad. Now that I see the reviews I am wondering.. is she or isn't she certified? She sells her services as if she is and displays it on her instagram, totally true.. and isn't it weird that most of the good reviews were written on the same day? What are the odds.

Hair Goddess

by Dana Kelman Scott on FEBRUARY 02, 2017

I have been with Nadine for NINE years now! She is an angel! I always hated my hair, it is so tightly coiled I could never get it looking good. Until I met Nadine. The first day we met was the worst day! Her boyfriend was being a jerk, and my husband was losing his job, but I still left looking amazing. I have followed her from salon to salon to salon, happily! We have grown my hair to my waist, but since have had to cut it shorter due to my disability. She is always available for advice, consultation, or a quick laugh. I am proud to call her a good friend now. I hold her in very high esteem. Few work harder. There is a reason I, who have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, force my husband to drive me and our two autistic children an hour and a half each way to see her. She is that good. I am mostly bedridden at home, but I still want to look good. I won't let anyone else touch my hair. She is an expert colourist as well. I carry her cards on me, as I have people stopping me in Sephora (my main hang out) to ask who does my hair. My friend is trekking from Hamilton to Barrie to see her, and my sister is waiting until she returns from teaching English in Beijing. This nonsense about a smoky house has to stop. I cannot tolerate even a whiff of smoke, and I am extraordinarily sensitive, I did not smell a thing. Nadine does not smoke, in fact she is a health nut. That's just crazy. Any time I have seen her daughter she has been beautifully behaved and we'll supervised, in fact, my children hope to get a chance to play with her each time I go, they just adore her, as do I, but she's always had childcare. Honestly, take it from me, if you ever have problems with Nadine's work, why don't you politely let her know? I am certain she would be mortified someone was not completely satisfied and work with you to fix the problem to the best of her ability. I mean, I don't ride in the car for 3 hours round trip in excruciating pain for a lousy haircut now, do I? No Way! Think about it.

my saviour!

by Tiffany on FEBRUARY 02, 2017

Nadine is my hero. I am consistently pleased after seeing her every time. I stopped driving down to Toronto after I found her as she is the first person around here that has been able to handle my hair, and I've tried countless salons in Barrie that claim they can handle curly hair. She always has great advice on which products to chose and is knowledgeable in all of them. It is a home run salon and I have been there both while her daughter is home and when she is not and I have felt welcome every time. So happy I've found a local stylist who is actually good at her craft!

The salon is dingy

by Monica on FEBRUARY 01, 2017

I just like to be pampered and this is not the place for it.

I love Nadine and the way she cares for my hair.

by Deirdre Pringle on FEBRUARY 01, 2017

I found Nadine after making the very long trip to Curl Ambassadors in Toronto and Vaughan for several years. I was delighted to find Nadine and shorten my drive for a haircut by an hour each way. I get the same great cut as I did at Curl Ambassadors. My hair looks wonderful and I feel great about it. Real review with a real name - from a REAL customer who is very happy.

Jniws her craft

by Sylvia on FEBRUARY 01, 2017

Nadine is so talented. I am baying happy to have been her customer for 9 years. She is extremely knowledgeable...she takes each of my crazy curls into consideration (my hair is very different curl patterns all over) she is great at explaining what I need to do to ensure my curls are hydrated and look great for days.... My confidence is much better than it was and I have to thank Nadine and her talent and reccomendations of product. And olaplex saved my life. She definitely is passionate and I love the laid back home salon!!! I will never go to anyone else. This girl knows her stuff. Once imitated never duplicated. I have yet to find anyone more qualified in over 20 years..... I love you Nadine

Amazing and talented

by Karrie on FEBRUARY 01, 2017

I cannot thank her enough for taking care of my unruly hair. I've walked around for years with what can be described as a beast of hair. I am so so happy to have had the pleasure of Nadine and her knowledge. She is one of a kind. It is so hard to find good stylists around this area. I've been to Toronto and it just didn't measure up. I love Nadine. She is also so wonderfully nice. I look forward to every visit. (i come from peterborough now )

Perfect hair

by Yasmin on JANUARY 26, 2017

Wow, Nadine knows curly hair. I had my first hair cut with her today and really enjoyed the experience. Nadine is incredibly knowledgable about curly hair and really listens to your needs. The best part of today, was that I didn't feel the need to go home and restyle my curls, they were perfect, well defined, zero frizz and nice and soft when I left!! Thank you Nadine!!

Worth the drive

by Krystal on JANUARY 26, 2017

Before visiting Nadine, I could not embrace my curls. I've tried many different products and felt like every day was Russian roulette. Nadine has changed the way I view my curls, thanks to her knowledge in product and cutting curly hair. I'm so happy and couldn't ask for anything better! I wear my curls with pride now. If you're tired of feeling out of control or lost when it comes to embracing what mother nature has blessed you with, I promise Nadine will NOT disappoint you. I drive over 2 hours just to see her. It'll be the best decision you've made for yourself in a long time!

Not a classy place

by Emma on JUNE 15, 2018

Price: $50

This place is less expensive then elsewhere so if you need a cheap cut in a cheap place by a cheap looking stylist, this is your place. She doesnt seem to have a large clientele so its easy to get in. Just dont expect much.

Stylist who cannot stylr

by Anonymous on SEPTEMBER 11, 2017

OMG Nadine did hair for a wedding I was in this summer.. what a mistake! The styling was very unprofessional. I could have done those braids better myself! Luckily my own hair came apart before it even started so I just did something quickly myself. There was one poor girl with kinky hair who looked like a poodle the whole time. Hopefully the wedding photos don't show the backs of heads too much but these photos are all over instagram. Ugh

If you like frizzy helmet heads...

by Jen on JUNE 04, 2017

I finally got a cut here due to lack of options left in Barrie after Krista Leavitt left. Let me just say Spend your money elsewhere!! I got layers done and she left me with huge gaps and shelves that make my hair look totally thin!! I am told that I have easy hair to work with however Nadine not only managed to mess up my cut but also styled me frizzy and completely unmoveable curls. It turns out Krista totally still takes Barrie clients people!! I spoke to her and she will gladly clean up this mess. I will not come back to this salon, they do not seem to know or even have nice curls.


by Anne on JUNE 13, 2018
Service Received: DevaCut
Price: $76-$125

Im basing this review not only on the cut I received but on the service. The cut was mainly fine however I had to snip off several pieces that were not where they should have been. Also, the stylist has zero personality, kind of nervous and spaced out, which I can't relate to at all. She had terrible frizzy dry hair. Uncomfortable to the max. The salon is very small and not very elegant which I could live with if the cut and service were superior but they were not.

Not for curls

by Beth on JUNE 12, 2018

She does straightening treatments for crying out loud. This is not a curly salon.

Doesn't cut it

by Vicky on DECEMBER 21, 2016

It was a decent cut but there are so many better stylists a little more south who can do a better job and who have curly hair. Also I agree with the last review that the salon isn't very luxurious.

Not good anymore

by Mel on DECEMBER 05, 2016

I used to like nadine, i really did. But she has changed my appointment so many times i cant rely on her. Her house also smells like cigarettes and i am allergic.

Not a curly place

by TRUE curly on JUNE 12, 2018

True curly girl seeking a curly salon with a stylist who has natural, healthy curly hair.


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