Aura Hair Studio

Salt Lake City, UT

Aura Hair Studio was the first Curly Hair Salon in Utah and has been located in SLC, UT since 2009. We currently still have a full Salon and Spa in Sugarhouse, UT. We have so many clients that travel to see us from every direction, so we thought it would be good to have a second location option in the south part of the valley. It will just be myself, Kristin (Owner) at this location very part time for now. I am very passionate about curls, coming from a whole family of them and learning to love them over the years as I learned to care for them correctly. I love assisting everyone as they embrace their own curls and discover their true beauty on the surface as well as that they possess on the inside.

Our Stylists

Deva Inspired Stylist


A Deva Inspired Stylist is a curl specialist who has completed our entry-level, hands-on course.

Kristin Zullo

  • DevaCut
  • No-Poo Transformation Service
  • Pintura Highlighting
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