LS Hair and Makeup Design at Shag Salon

Chicago, IL

Lynzie Wellin absolutely loves this industry, primarily for the joy it brings to offer someone confidence in their look, while also developing professional, yet personal relationships with each and every person behind the chair. Her background taught her to learn the rules before breaking them, which encouraged both creativity and consistency. Her knowledge of curly hair specifically grew from the stylists she has worked beside. That influence motivated her to attend the DevaCurl Academy’s Cutting Curl Lab and the Pintura Highlighting Lab in New York City, NY.  Whatever your curly needs may be, through communication, Lynzie can create the look that best suits your personal style and offer the knowledge to recreate that look day after day.

Our Stylists

Deva Advanced Stylist


A Deva Advanced Stylist is a curl-focused pro who has attended the DevaCurl Academy and completed our advanced level, hands-on course.

Lynzie Wellin

  • DevaCut
  • Pintura Highlighting
  • No-Poo Transformation Service
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