Jenifer Canning

Boise, ID

I am the survivor of many at home perms and bathroom haircuts (thanks, Mom). But now...I LOVE MY CURLS! Don't get me wrong I still have ''those'' days, but they are few and far between now that I have embraced my natural hair.  Texture is a constant learning curve and I look forward to helping you have happy hair days by sharing tips and tricks. Between my 10+ years experience as a hairstylist and my 30+ years (ahem) with my own naturally curly hair, I've seen, heard and tried a lot. I have completed the DevaCurl Advanced Stylist training in Los Angeles in August of 2014. It was an intense training for haircuts, creative Pintura coloring techniques and styling tips to help achieve beautiful healthy hair. Additionally, in July of 2015, I had the pleasure of job shadowing a DevaCurl national educator in Salt Lake City.  I look forward to continuing my salon education, including learning with you! Follow my Facebook page at Calling All Curls Idaho and enjoy my pics, try out some of my hair cocktails, ask questions and let's talk hair!

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Deva Advanced Stylist


A Deva Advanced Stylist is a curl-focused pro who has attended the DevaCurl Academy and completed our advanced level, hands-on course.

Jenifer Jaquith Canning

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