Gossips Hairstylists Inc.

Toronto, ON

Gossips Hair Stylists Inc. is a Junction Hotspot for natural curls and curl care, owned by Soho NYC-Trained, Advanced Deva Inspired Curl-handler Mary MacDonald, who has more than 32 years experience behind the chair and is unphased by the wildest, crunchiest of curls. The salon also specializes in colour and colour correction for curls, leaving customers with healthy, shiny hair in any shade from rich auburn to bright peacock blue.

Our Stylists

Deva Advanced Stylist


A Deva Advanced Stylist is a curl-focused pro who has attended the DevaCurl Academy and completed our advanced level, hands-on course.

Mary MacDonald

  • DevaCut
  • Pintura Highlighting
  • No-Poo Transformation Service
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