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Stylist Tip:

Hydration!!! You never miss if you say that.

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  • 425 Broome Street, New York, NY 10013

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  • (212) 274-8686

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curl talk with lidia


Who is your curl icon?

I love curly hair in general so it's too hard to pick one person. Some of the girls on Instagram look way better embracing their natural curls than all celebrities put together.


What advice would you give to those just starting their curl journey?

Be patient and be open.


What sparked your curl obsession?

The diversity makes you feel like you're a superhero. You can do any hair type, any curl type, whichever part of the world your client comes from.


What's your favorite part of an appointment?

The consultation when I get to know another curly girl and hear her story.


Favorite product or styling trick?

Hmm ... well which part of a Burrito is your favorite? Any ingredient you remove it's not the same anymore. I love the whole line depending on which way we're traveling.