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IG: @hif3licia

Curl coach and enthusiast

A 31 year old married mother of 3, Felicia has a passion and love for all types of curls. After experiencing her own curl transformation and seeing what it did for herself, it became her mission to help as many curlies as possible learn how to understand, love, and embrace their own curly crowns. Her website and YouTube channel feature tips, techniques and advice on all things curly.

Favorite Products

No-Poo & One Condition Decadence, Heaven in Hair, Wave Maker, Set it Free, Ultra Defining Gel and High Shine


curl talk with Felicia


Tell us your transformation story! What inspired you to start your curl journey?

My big sister Aubrie was definitely my biggest inspiration! She was the one who discovered the magic of the DevaCut and DevaCurl on YouTube. Sadly, she passed away before we could get our DevaCuts together, but I entered the #supercream challenge on Instagram and was introduced to the curly hair community and my Deva fam! I finally got my DevaCut and learned how to properly use DevaCurl products and my curls transformed!


How did you feel about your hair when you were growing up? And how do you feel about it now?

I was always really frustrated with my hair growing up. It just never looked right to me so I spent many years throwing it back into a ponytail. Now I love to wear my hair down and can't remember the last time I felt frustrated because of it! I love my curly crown!


Any tips for members of our community who are just starting to go natural and unsure how to start?

Never compare your journey to anyone else’s. It will only frustrate you. Focus on getting an understanding of the basics and learning what your curls like and don’t like. Once you find a routine that works, stick to it for a while before you start experimenting with other routines and techniques. Don’t be afraid to cut off damaged ends. They’re only holding you back from your full curl potential! Remember that nobody has perfect curls and it’s ok to embrace a little frizz. Curls should be fun!


What’s your favorite hair tip/trick/hack in general?

Hmm… there are so many but most definitely my wet plopping technique! Instead of plopping into a t-shirt, I flip my head and plop my hair into 1-2 shower caps until I’m ready to apply products or until I’m ready for my curls to dry. This really helps with more definition and volume from the roots to ends, even with longer, finer curls.


What are your favorite DevaCurl products?

When it comes to detangling the kids’ curls I can’t imagine not having Wash Day Wonder by my side! It really is the best for detangling tighter textures. My curls can’t live without Ultra Defining Gel! I also love Heaven in Hair, SuperCream, Wave Maker, and Set It Free.


Do you change your routine with the seasons/weather? Or do you typically use the same products year-round? Why or why not?

I usually have to adjust either the products I’m using, the amount of product I’m using, or change my application method depending on the weather. For me, humid days call for moisture sealed with more gel than usual without fully releasing the cast, and cooler days call for less products and I release the cast and fluff more.


What’s your favorite part of being curly?

I definitely love the fact that my curls are unique and are like no other’s. I love the fun of playing with different products and techniques and the love from the curly community!


When do you feel most beautiful?

I feel most beautiful when I’m fully rested, I’ve had time to deep condition properly, I’m dressed up, and my makeup cooperates as much as my curls!


How would you describe your personal style?

I guess I would describe my personal style as casual yet sultry and chic.


What does self-care mean to you?

To me self-care means to not only take care of yourself physically, but you need to take care of yourself mentally as well.


What is your full beauty routine like? Do you spend as much time on skincare/makeup as you do on your curls?

Lately I like to apply my hair products and allow my curls to air-dry while I start my makeup. I love using the Skintasy scrub and moisturizer before my makeup. I have been using Clinique foundation for coverage without the breakouts. I fill in my brows with Benefit cosmetics, apply lashes, bronzer, highlight, and then finish off with Buxom on my lips. I love to set everything with the Clinique moisture surge face spray.


Anything else you’d like to tell the Deva community about yourself or your love of Deva?

Just that I cannot wait until I get my cosmetology license and can get Deva Certified one day!

Felicia's Deva Transformation