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Product Review (submitted on August 29, 2015):
I can't believe the difference this made in my curls and they looked pretty darn good before.

I have a Deva Curl stylist who is amazing and we have grown my very short hair to just below chin length. Like many curly girls I didn't like my curls so I wore my hair pixie short.

My Botticelli curls are delicate and fine. I use Heaven in Hair every Saturday morning and I noticed that when my curls are well moisturized they look so perfect happy so I decided to try this product.

I was concerned that cream would weigh down my curls. it works beautifully (the other cream weigh my hair down to much). My curls are very happy, perfect and well defined.

I used this in the shower after scrunching excess water. I use one pump and glide over my curls and a second pump and gently work in a bit.

It has taken me almost 2 years to learn how to use the Deva Curl products properly. Once you get it, it's awesome. I have gone from trying to hide my curls to embracing them. Can't imagine not having a Deva Curl stylist who has coached me every step of the way.