The Art of Texture


Transform Super Curly with Confidence

In this introductory course, you will explore the world of curl specialty through a range of textures beginning with the DevaCurl Transformation service. We will guide you from fear to fearlessness when faced with super curly and highly textured curls! You will learn which DevaCurl products will work best to bring your clients’ curls to life before ever picking up a pair of shears.

It all begins with the curl conversation, then the consultation—where you’ll discover curl density, hydration level, and design the perfect customizable transformation service using DevaCurl products. You will work with live models at the sink. We will then introduce super curly cutting techniques using mannequin heads and live models. You will become the beloved stylist that any client—no matter the curl, no matter the texture—can count on. The Art of Texture will help you empower and guide your client to their fullest curl expression.

The Details:

Two 7-Hour Sessions

Program includes a curly mannequin head. Please bring your own shears, clips, and cut aprons. Lunch and refreshments will be provided.

The Cost:

New Student $850
Returning Academy Student $750

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What You'll Learn

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