Curl Confidential


Limited-edition program for Deva Advanced and Certified Stylists


The DevaCurl Academy is excited to introduce this limited-edition program led by DevaCurl founder, Denis DaSilva.

Get inside the mind of this innovator and curl cutting genius as he introduces DevaCurl’s newest concept, the DevaCurl Clock, and guides you to a deeper level of curl expertise in this action packed two-day program.

Re-think the way you approach naturally textured hair as you learn infinite hand positions to create a multitude of shapes and customized finished looks that will challenge even the most advanced curl specialist. Investing in your textured hair confidence has never been more crucial to your long-term curl career.

The Details:

Two 7-Hour Sessions


Completion of Level 2 Deva Advanced is required before entry into this course

Limited Seats Available

The Cost:

New Student $950
Returning Academy Student $850

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