Teeze Total Salon

Lawton, OK
5.0 / 19 Reviews

Teeze Total Salon

Lawton, OK
5.0 / 19 Reviews

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Deva Advanced Stylist

Completed our hands-on Level 2 course, featuring advanced cutting and color techniques

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  • Deva Advanced Stylist

    Completed our hands-on Level 2 course, featuring advanced cutting and color techniques

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Ashley Brierton

Deva Advanced Stylist
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  • DevaCurl Transformation
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  • DevaCut
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New look

by Juli on JUNE 12, 2018

I had a picture of what I wanted my hair to look like in my head and had to try to explain it to Ashley. She pulled it off brilliantly! I have very curly thick red hair and I love my new look! She knows curly! Thank you!

Frizz to fab

by Lacey on DECEMBER 17, 2017

My hair was a hot mess.. I have the most random curl, poodle tight at the root, straight on top and random waves everywhere else.. when I sat in the chair Ashley talked to me about what she planned to do and started cutting my hair, she was very thorough and knew what she was doing.. she explained step by step everything she was doing and how I would do it at home.. I loved my experience and more importantly I absolutely love my hair!

Absolutely lifesaving

by Peyton bull on DECEMBER 12, 2017

The before and after pictures of my hair are unbelievable. I used to dread my hair, but I love it now! I wouldn’t trade l my hair with anyone else’s


by MC on DECEMBER 15, 2017

I have used Deva Curl products for over two years. After watching endless videos on how to use the products, it was nice to receive hands-on instruction from Ashley. She was great and went step by step on how to use the products best for my hair. Will definitely see her again!


by Carrie White on JULY 04, 2017

Ashley has always provided extra time and perfection in every scheduled visit. I finally have someone I can trust with my hair and know when I leave the salon that I am happy with the outcome of my hair! Thank God!

Everything a curly girl could ask for.

by Karen on OCTOBER 07, 2017

So, I have never been comfortable with my hair. Years of straighting and wishing for different hair. I hate even trying to get a haircut. No one can understand curly hair unless you live it. As soon as I walked into the salon and met Ashley, I knew my life was going to change. She has curly hair!!! Ashley took her time explaining the Deva method from the cut to moisturizing to the style. She answered all my questions and took her time. I’ve never felt more comfortable with a stylist in my life. I’m so thankful to have found Ashley. I’m looking for to my next Deva Cut.

Amazing cut and color!

by Barbara on OCTOBER 28, 2017

After converting to Deva products and stylists five years ago, I have never looked back. I’ve received Deva cuts and pintura highlighting at salons from Los Angeles, to Fort Worth, to Washington DC, and Ashley is one of the absolute best stylists I have found! She goes above and beyond to make sure you leave happy and has a great personality to boot. My curls have truly never looked better!

Great Highlights!

by Gina Glass on JUNE 16, 2017

I called Teeze for the first time, setting a appointment up with Ashley. I was wanting partial highlights and Ashley did a amazing job doing them. She was sweet, friendly and did a great job helping me decide exactly the level of highlights I desired. I will definitely choose Ashley at the Teeze again for my next highlights!

Total difference maker

by Amber on JUNE 03, 2017

Ashley did an amazing job not just cutting my hair, but teaching me how to care for my curls. I can't believe how healthy my hair is and how well my curls hold shape. Wouldn't want anyone else to touch my hair now!

She is amazing

by Josephine Sass on MAY 12, 2017

She gives you the honest truth about what you really need to do.

LOVE my curls!

by Ashlynn Schipper on MAY 06, 2017

Ashley was super sweet and her curls were beautiful! I was really nervous going in because every time I get my curly hair cut it's always awful and not even. My nerves went away as soon as Ashley started giving me advice about my hair. Ashley was able to answer all my questions on how to manage my hair. Ashley washed and styled my hair with DevaCurl products and I love how it turned out! My curls have never looked so healthy and full!

I love my curls now

by Blakley on MAY 01, 2017

I am not going to lie I was nervous when I booked my appointment with Ashley at the Teeze Salon. She did tell me on the phone that she went to a school New York City to learn how to just cut and color curls. I have NEVER liked my curls, since nobody knew how to help me with them. Once I got into Ashley's chair all of my fears were gone as she explained everything she was doing to my hair, even coaching me on how to manage my hair. Absolutely the best cut and color I have ever had. Thanks to Ashley I can now EMBRACE these curls.

Something New!

by Morgan on MAY 05, 2017

This was my first time going to this particular salon and I'm very sure it's my favorite. Ashley was very sweet and wasn't like any other stylist I've had before. She helped me figure out what sort of treatment my hair needed, things in my routine to switch up, and gave me REALLY beautiful curly hair that was fun and out of my comfort zone (in a fantastic way)

Curly Awesomeness

by Erin on APRIL 17, 2017

Ashley does an AMAZING job with my crazy hair. She listens to her clients and understands the issues curly girls face when it comes to hair care!

Amazing results!

by Eryn on JUNE 17, 2017

We were so thrilled to find a DevaCurl stylist in Lawton. Ashley did an amazing job on my daughter's DevaCut and no poo transformation. She took the time to teach her how to care for and style her hair, and the results are amazing!

Feeling Fabulous!!

by Holly Powell on JUNE 12, 2018
Service Received: DevaCut, DevaCurl Transformation
Price: $51-$75

My experience at Total Teeze with Ashley Brierton was exceptional!! I came in with my long natural curls and a want for a cute short cut. I had a couple of pictures of the shape I had in mind, but nothing exactly like what I had envisioned. After talking to Ashley about what I was hoping for, she began snipping away. She was very direct with advice on what products and techniques will benefit my hair. She gave me an incredible cut that I just adore! I would recommend Ashley to all the curly girls out there!

Pleasant surprise

by Brit on JUNE 02, 2017

This was my first time at any salon in Lawton, moving from Tampa I was a little nervous but I was really looking for something different. Having curly hair I have always had a hard time finding someone who understood curly hair and who could teach me a thing or two about the best way to care for my curls. Ashley was a breath of fresh air, so friendly and knowledgeable! As long as she's at Teeze, I will be a loyal customer! Thank you Ashley you are a gem!

Fascinating Process

by Miranda Fritts on OCTOBER 22, 2017

I’m not going to lie, I was a little nervous about going to get my hair cut, which I usually am before any hair appointment. I had never been to Ashley before but other curly haired friend suggested her after her experience at Teeze. I walked in with no product in my hair with it curly, or more accurately frizz city. After Ashley assured me I was in good hands, she began to shape and sculp my hair snip by snip. It was the most fascinating thing to watch. Then she started to color my hair, taking time to strategically place highlight in specific places to really make my hair pop and look natural. She did all this while giving me tips on how to care for my hair and answered any questions I had about curly hair. I will say it took almost 4 hours to do all that but she did a lot to my hair and really took her time with me. She definitely made me feel special and like she really cared about my curls. It was definitely a unique and fascinating experience.

She really cares and is s curly girl too!

by Josie on APRIL 30, 2017

Ashley shared her curly story with me and almost had me in tears because I too shared a very similar story. We both grew up embarrassed and feeling very self conscious of our crazy coils. The passion in her voice when she talks to you about your hair is undeniably evident that she really cares and wants to truly help. She knows the Deva curl product and is very specific on how you must use it. I got a Deva cut and and bought the Deva product which she cocktailed together for me. Go see her


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