Hairstyles By Stacia at Believe Salon

Cary, NC
5.0 / 21 Reviews

Hairstyles By Stacia at Believe Salon

Cary, NC
5.0 / 21 Reviews

​Hairstyles by Stacia is a Curly Hair Salon. ​ I am on a mission to help you become educated on how to achieve healthier, shinier and more manageable curly hair. I use water soluble products to help you obtain the most hydrated hair possible. I cater to all types of curls, waves, and super curly hair. I am here to help you fall and stay in love with your hair. It gives me joy to help you start your unique Curly Journey.

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    Completed our hands-on Level 1 course, featuring foundational cutting and color techniques

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Worth every cent

by Gabriela on DECEMBER 04, 2017

Stacia was absolutely amazing. I was pretty nervous going in, as it was my first Deva Cut, but Stacia was so incredibly sweet and made me feel comfortable immediately. I had monstrously long and thick hair, and she really took the time to give it the care it needed (3 whole hours!). I was really blown away when I realized how much time she’d taken in properly cutting and styling my hair (it didn’t feel that long), and the results were incredible! Stacia gave me so many great tips during my time there, and my curls have never looked better. I was also relieved that she didn’t try to pressure me into buying lots of expensive products like many other hair stylists do. She told me honestly which 2 products would work best for my curls and where to buy them if I didn’t want to purchase them from her right then! I would highly recommend Stacia for any curly girls in the area, and I’ll definitely be going back.

Wonderful cut

by Steph A on SEPTEMBER 11, 2017

I was previously using another stylist in the area trained under Deva technique. I decided to thermally straighten my hair for the past 3 years. Once realizing I need to not fight the curls with chemicals it took a year for my natural curl to take shape once again. I decided to call my previous stylist but he was not returning any of my texts or emails so I felt he no longer was interested in my business. On I went with a new search. There she was, Stacia! I got in in under 10 days. I was thrilled. What a fabulous cut just like I had before but here we were having fun at the same time. I went dry with the normal frizz when my ringlets do not behave. snip, cut, shape, lesson once again on product and home technique and voila I was back to the best curly cut ever! Not tons of cut hair on the floor because I started above the shoulders. Just enough to leave me shaped and less 'triangular'. I thank Stacia for her skills and her listening to me since I drank an espresso only moments before I got there! Boy was I chatty! Fun session. Reasonably priced and look forward to returning. I had most of products from the line at home but always open to new products Stacia has experimented with. (I am a Boticelli)

Amazing first experience

by Dominique on JUNE 12, 2018

This was my first Deva Curl experience and Stacia was so welcoming. I enjoyed the whole process and experience. I will definitely recommend Stacia to my family and friends. She is what we have been needing in the area!

Brought my hair back to life

by Ana P. on JUNE 12, 2018

This was my first deva cut and I was very happy with the results. Stacia was amazing! She showed me step by step on how to care and style my hair. She was very patient in showing me EVERYTHING!! Very knowledgeable about curly hair and the products she used. She was able to fix my damaged hair due to over use of a flat iron. She was very sweet. Overall GREAT experience! If you are contemplating a deva cut and are nervous, do not worry with Stacia, she will hook you up!! Looking forward to my next cut and bringing my hair back to life.


by Nicole on AUGUST 16, 2017

Stacia is amazing! Not only is she super sweet and down to earth, she also truly understands curly hair. I'm always a bit nervous when I have my hair cut with a stylist new to me, because my curl pattern is loose and finicky, but Stacia really brought the best out of my curls. They're the best they've looked in years! If you feel that your curls have been misunderstood, I recommend booking with Stacia ASAP so she can give them the TLC they're crying for. I couldn't recommend her more highly! :)

The best haircut I've ever had!

by Ana on JUNE 19, 2017

I saw Stacia about a month ago. I was looking for a change but afraid to get another bad haircut. I read her reviews and decided to give her a try. She was great! She took the time to answer my questions and the result was amazing! Shoulder length curly hair with no volume. Exactly what a wanted! She uses great products and I learned a lot during my first appointment. My hair was always on a pony tail but since I saw Stacia, my hair is healthy, my curls are bouncy and I am wearing my hair down every day. My new haircut and routine has been life changing. It was worth every penny and I will definitely see her again. I finally found someone great who can deal with my curls (3b, corkicelli).

The best kind of shock

by Tayler on JUNE 12, 2018

I truly don’t even know where to begin! Stacia’s knowledge about curls is extensive. I don’t think I could’ve picked a better stylist . Today I had my first DevaCut and she walked me through every single step. She praised the things I did correct at home and educated me on the not so amazing habits I was forming. She took her time and never showed an ounce of frustration. First time I’ve ever had such a pleasant experience with a stylist! And over everything my curls look better than they EVER have in my 26 years of life . Stacia definitely gained a forever client in me and I’m recommending ALL of my curly friends to experience what I did today !

She got my curls back!!!

by Rhonda on MARCH 15, 2017

Stacia is great. She listened to what I wanted and made it happen. It just amazes me how much curlier my hair is with the DEVA cut. I went from wavy weighted down locks to loose ringlets. I will definitely see her again. Highly recommend her cut and chairside manor!!

Hair feels amazing!!

by Mona on JANUARY 07, 2018

Wanted to wait to do a review until after my 1st wash at home. Had my hair done by Stacia last weekend and love it. My wash was so much easier to manage and less tangled. This was my 1st Deva cut with no regrets. Will be back in 3 months for sure!! Thanks Stacia for the education on how to care for my hair. I even bought the diffuser and used it, love the results! See ya soon, Mona

Highly Recommend!!!!!!

by Cindy on SEPTEMBER 06, 2017

As anyone with curly hair knows, finding a talented stylist for our hair can be a nightmare. Your search has ended!! I had my first cut by Stacia today. I am so pleased with my cut! Also, Stacia is as lovely as she is talented! Totally a wonderful experience. It's been a few hours since my cut, and I'm still smiling. Thank you Stacia!


by Brandy Hart on NOVEMBER 18, 2017

New to embracing my natural curls. Stacia is a curly girl too and understands the journey no matter what curl pattern you have. She really knows her stuff and is very humble and down to earth. She has an awesome spirit and awesome energy! I can’t wait for my next appointment!


by Johnna Frierson on SEPTEMBER 05, 2017

After having experiences with other stylists that left me really disappointed or unsatisfied, I was so happy to find Stacia. She was knowledgeable, personable, and made me completely comfortable during the whole cutting/styling process. She listened to everything I wanted and gave me exactly that, plus a few curly girl gifts.

Treat Yourself!

by Jessica on OCTOBER 07, 2017

I had been wanting to experience the devacurl services for awhile & finally took the plunge. My hair is a sense of security to me & I don't let just anyone cut it! After doing a little research I discovered Stacia & decided to book an appointment with her. She educated me even more about my hair & curly hair products. Stacia is very down to earth person. She made me feel comfortable from the moment I walked through the door. Would highly recommend her! I enjoyed my time in the chair!

Great curly stylist

by V on JUNE 22, 2017

I saw Stacia after receiving a horrible deva cut somewhere else in Raleigh. It had been almost 2 years since I had a real deva cut in NYC and I wasn't even wearing my hair out anymore. I had a hole in the back of my hair from breakage and my curls were limp. Stacia worked her magic and my hair looks AMAZING! She did what the other stylist could not - blend in the short breakage part while creating a bouncy shape and she brought my curls to life! She is very knowledgeable about natural hair and is very personable. You will not be disappointed, go!

Stacia is AMAZING!

by Chelsey on APRIL 01, 2017

Stacia was amazing! I came in curious about the devacut, already using some devacurl profucts. I literally used to hate going to hair stylists because they never really knew my hair and usually recommended something that didn't work for my hair. Stacia really took the time to ask about my routine, what I wanted my hair to do, and some of my concerns. The products she recommended really made me love my curls even more! When I came for my devacut she listened to my concerns about wanting to keep my length but add volume. She did an amazing job and gave me tips on how to deal with product buildup. I will definitely recommend her to my curly/wavy haired friends!

Where to even begin...

by Karen on APRIL 07, 2017

I will start by saying Stacia is AMAZING! The time and care she put into my experience was, truly, wonderful. I came in ready to give up on my natural hair journey. I have been transitioning healthy, permed hair for about a year now, and none of the previous stylist I'd gone to really knew how to help with this journey. They would all mention some big regimen of 6-7 products that ALWAYS weighed down my curls and dried them out. Stacia took the time to sit and talk with me and explain my hair and what it needed. She listened to my concerns and gave me a few products that would work for me, and boy did they! I am absolutely in love with my curls now! They have a new life! I can't thank her enough. She is very knowledgeable about all of the products and how they work for various hair types. I recommend her to all of my curly/wavy haired friends!

Thank you, Stacia!! I love my cut!

by Kimio on JULY 20, 2017

I got my first cut by Stacia today & I LOVE LOVE LOVE the experience I had in her salon. Stacia took her time getting to know my hair...the products I use, how I style my hair, how often I wash it. During my cut, Stacia even suggested a different way of wearing my hair, which I was initially reluctant to do (but was open to it given her expertise) & I am so glad I did!!). I have been getting my hair cut by the same wonderful curl professional for 4 years, but I like the ease of booking appointments online & Stacia's salon is closer to home. Stacia, you rock! And you gave me the best cut I've ever had! Thank you!! I'll see you in a few months.

Happy Customer

by Brandy on JUNE 12, 2018

Went to Stacia today for a professional cut after I chopped my hair off at home and to learn more about what I needed to do to make me love my curls. Stacia was extremely pleasant and easy to talk to and open to my million questions. I’m totally thrilled with my cut, hydration, and hair lesson.

Best Cut Ever!

by Brianna on OCTOBER 15, 2017

When my sister and I arrived, Stacia was waiting to greet us. She took us back and made us feel welcome. She knew exactly what to do with our hair and made the experience great. She had lots of tips and answered all our questions. She did a great job on my cut (way better than any I've had before) and shaped my hair very nicely. Working with Stacia was probably the best experience I have ever had at a hair salon! She knows her curls! I will definitely be returning for my next cut!

Finally a DevaCut for 4c Hair

by Monique on APRIL 22, 2017

Stacia is fabulous! I've been wanting a DevaCut for years but could not find a sylist in the area that was confident in working with 4c hair. Stacia took her time in loving each of my tiny curls and I walked out with a great hair cut that will look better -not worse- after I recondition and style it. Combing out my tiny ringlets to cut it means that I never know how short my hair will be after I style it. This was not the case when I left Stacia. Thank you so much!

Pleasantries all around!

by Marcia on JUNE 12, 2018

Stacia did a fabulous job on my hair that likes to wear me at times! Color & cut were spot on. She is very professional & refreshingly down to earth. Explained step by step her process & the product(s) she was using. Recommended products but did not put on a hard sale.


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