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devachan salon - 79th st

27 Reviews

220 W79th St, New York, NY, US 10024

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27 Reviews

Very satisfied- would definitely go back

Alex D.|December 2, 2018

Service Received: DevaCut

Price: $126-$175

Had my first DEVACUT experience at the 79th Street salon in NY. At first I was reluctant to keep the appointment due to some negative reviews on line. Well, I was pleasantly surprised. I had my cut/ consultation and education with Taylor and was very satisfied. She listened to my wants and made recommendations for my new curly look. She was pleasant and knowledgeable and gave me the aftercare instructions . I also like the fact that she is a curly headed girl herself so SHE UNDERSTANDS.I also wanted to get Pintura and was assigned to Nicole. She analyzed the condition of my hair and did not recommend highlighting at this time. That made me trust her because she could have easily given in and started the painting session. Instead, she colored my roots and cleansed my scalp with such a fantastic hair massage. I think I fell asleep during this procedure. I left the salon with a head full of bouncy shiny curls. This goes to show that not all reviews are accurate. Each person's experience is different and our expectations are based in part on our perceptions which are not always realistic. Thumbs up to these two stylists /colorist Deva artists.

You saved my hair

Juniper|June 20, 2018

Service Received: DevaCut

Price: $126-$175

I had colored my hair last year and my hair was just badly damaged that the curls were partially there. After my first Devacut, it seems my hair has resurrected! I get compliments on how great and healthy my hair looks! no more frizz or hay hair! My hair has never been healthier. I have to go for another "trim". Although it came out to a little on the expensive side, it was well worth it. Heck, we can spend money on so much junk, then why not on our curls!!!

very sad

P|May 8, 2018
I had my first haircut at the salon on 79th street. I brought in two photos of my own hair, taken 3 years ago. I showed the stylist the photos, told him that I don't like my hair hanging in my face and thought he understood. He was a lovely man but the haircut was the worst I've ever gotten. It's a total frizz bomb. I bought the products they suggested, used them the way they advised and man, this morning when I did my hair it was terrible, and unevenly cut on one side. Why bother asking the client how they feel about their hair or what they want? Very disappointing. Sadder still is that my husband gave me a $300 gift card for the salon...and I have $90 left on it that I won't be spending. What a shame. My advice is to make sure you have your stylists complete attention and that you really discuss your wants and needs.

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