Curly Q's

Springfield, MO
5.0 / 24 Reviews

Curly Q's

Springfield, MO
5.0 / 24 Reviews

CuRly Q's is operated and owned by Cyndi. She has been to level 1 Inspiration classes located in Kansas City MO 4 years ago. She loved the philosophy and techniques taught by Deva, so she attended the level 2 Advanced courses in L.A, California 3 years ago. Her mission is to help curly girls fall in love with their curls. As a fellow curly girl herself, she understands the struggle. She cuts and colors all types of curls using the Deva method and especially loves pintura highlighting.

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Deva Advanced Stylist

Completed our hands-on Level 2 course, featuring advanced cutting and color techniques

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  • Deva Advanced Stylist

    Completed our hands-on Level 2 course, featuring advanced cutting and color techniques

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Cyndi Childress

Deva Advanced Stylist
5.0 / 20 Reviews
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Absolute best for curly girls (and boys)

by Ronda G on JUNE 24, 2018
Service Received: Heaven In Hair Divine Deep Condition, Pintura Highlighting, DevaCut

I’ve been going to Cyndi for three years, and it’s safe to say that I have found my forever home. If Lorraine Massey is the rock star of curly girls world-wide, Cyndi is the rock star for us in SW MO! 🤩 She’s knowledgeable (she’s a curly girl herself) and she takes the time to explain everything she’s doing, from the styling technique, to why she uses certain products for certain results. She really is the best I’ve ever seen. I have my standing appointments booked for infinity 🤣


by Sheila on JUNE 22, 2018

I LOVE Cyndi. She taught me how to style my naturally curly hair! It completely transformed my curls and the way my hair is cut AND the way I style it. For the first time EVER, I love my curls. I was almost 40 years old before I knew what to do with my hair so I can love it. Better late than never.

WOW! Awesome experience!

by April on APRIL 29, 2018

I've never had a stylist tell me what to do with my curls before. I drive 90 miles to go see her, and took my 3 year old curly down for her first hair cut. I set up my next appointment before I left, and even think my curly hair might survive the pool/lake without a ponytail​ this year!

First good haircut I've ever had

by Brandy on APRIL 19, 2018

I used to think people that drove an hour or two to get their haircut were crazy, not anymore! I'd road trip to see Cyndi! She can commiserate with all the horror stories you have about your hair, she's lived it too. She explains each step, makes sure you are ok with the length, shows you how to put in the products and how much product yo use. She tells you each product she uses, but there are no high pressure sales tactics. I booked my next appointment before I left. I grabbed a few of her cards and had passed them out the first day to people who wanted to know where I had gotten my fabulous cut

So happy I went to Cyndi!!!

by Jennifer Hamilton on JANUARY 07, 2018

I only started the CG method a few months back but knew from the beginning my hair needed reshaped. I was so happy when I found Curly Q's since Cyndi is CG certified. I drove 2 hours and I would have driven 4!!! She talks to you about your hair type, what you want, and explains every step so that you can use that information at home! Best cut I've every had and next time it's needed, I'm coming back here!

I'm in curly girl heaven!

by Amber Stump on DECEMBER 29, 2017

I went to Cyndi for my first ever curly girl cut, and I was truly blown away. My curls have never looked so good! I appreciate how she walked me through everything she did and answered all my questions so I can recreate the look at home. I'm thankful to have someone so knowledgeable about curls that I know I can trust my hair with - I will definitely be a returning customer!

She Saved my Sanity!

by Jennifer on DECEMBER 12, 2017

After years and years of getting bad haircuts for my, what I thought was, unruly curly hair she properly showed me how to wash it, style it and care for it and changed my life. I used to hate my curls and now I love them!

Best Haircut/Color EVER!

by Tiauna Young on AUGUST 19, 2017

Thank you, Cyndi. Thank you for teaching me about my hair. Thank you for taking the time to explain why my hair seemed like it was doomed. Thank you for listening and understanding. Thank you for teaching why old ways don't work - why you can't cut a curly head like someone with straight hair. (Seems like a duh, but we've all done it)! Thank you for giving me the hair I've tried to get for 20 years now! Thank you thank you thank you! I love my hair and that's all because of your love for helping people. I will forever drive from NW Arkansas to see you and your awesomeness!


by Paula Muller on AUGUST 17, 2017

I messaged Cyndi as I had just found out about the DevaCut. I knew it was iffy, but my 12 yr old granddaughter is here from MN and starting high school this year. We have struggled for 11 yrs with her curls. We have had horrible layers, thinning, different products from A-Z with no relief. It resulted in a frizzy pony with a headband with fuzzy hair all around her face. I thought it was time as well as really important for her to learn to do something with her hair. Cyndi worked with us and magically got us in (granddaughter leaving next week). I had the most amazing learning experience and she was so patient and did so good at teaching her how to manage her hair. I had curly hair and knew nothing of these techniques that make perfect sense. She walked her through each step explaining why and how..and what happens if you don't! The final step was the DevaCut and finishing technique...OH MY. She was beautiful (she always was) but I have never seen her hair so absolutely AWESOME. No fuzziness, no pyramid/tent looking hair. Thank you so much for all the information for both my granddaughter and myself. You are amazing, and we will be coming to see you at Christmas when she is here to make sure everything is still progressing and follow up with any questions. You are truly a wonderful teacher and amazing person. Thank You so much for working us in before she leaves.

Best Haircut of my life!

by Candi on AUGUST 12, 2017

Where to begin.... I have hated my hair for atleast the last 14 yrs. Bad haircut after bad haircut, every stylist claiming they can cut and style curly hair. It was awful, everytime. I quit trying it was in a bun everyday. Then I found Cyndi from Curly Qs. She spent time to show me teach me how to love my curls. This cut has changed me, I love my hair again. Thank you Cyndi for teaching us curly girls to love our locks. Your amazing

In love!

by Stefanie R on JULY 10, 2017

I saw Cyndi 4 weeks ago for a cut and fell in love! My hair did things I had always been told it would never do! She is amazing with curly hair! This past weekend, I took my son in for a cut and I had her do an all over color on me. She used 3 different shades of red and it is gorgeous. She is busy, but so worth the wait! Or, do what I do and make standing appointments through the end of the year so your hair is always at it's best.


by Ronisha Bussard on JUNE 21, 2017

Got a deva cut to fix my curly mess of hair. My hair is now even and hanging the way I want it to. Highly recommend curly Qs!

Nothing short of magic

by Gabby Poole on JUNE 09, 2017

I cannot believe that I forgot to leave a review!! (Only when coming back to get the phone number to schedule another appointment did I realize this). Cyndi hands down is God's gift to curls! I have been to SO MANY stylists around the city looking for someone who could cut my curls and not walking out looking like a pine tree or a poodle. Cyndi made me walk out feeling BEAUTIFUL, confident about duplicating what she did, and in love with my hair. I was there about 90 minutes in total for a curly cut, and she explained everything she was doing and why she was doing it, and how I could duplicate everything while was working. It wasn't just a haircut, it was an experience and lesson. I have always loved my curls, but have hated getting them cut because it was like playing Russian roulette when every chamber was loaded. Now I know I can embrace my curls, and be confident when I get them trimmed, too! Thank you so much Cyndi!!!

Simply Amazing!

by Heidi Marks on APRIL 09, 2017

I have a three year old daughter with a head full of curly hair. She's had her hair trimmed a couple of times, but it's always lacked a good shape. I have always wanted to let her wear her hair down since she has gorgeous curls, but it's just never really looked quite 'right', because the shape was so off...and also because I've never really known how to manage her curls. Cyndi gave her an awesome shape!! AND, she thoroughly explained to me how to manage her hair (from how to wash/condition to how to style and even how to sleep with curly hair to preserve the curls!). I learned so much and wish I had gone way before now. She was also soooo great with my daughter (who has never really had the full salon experience and was a bit hesitant). I was blown away by Cyndi's expertise and how well she did on my daughter's hair!! We will definitely be going back!

100% happy

by Amy welch on APRIL 04, 2017

Cyndi was so sweet , she takes the time to share how to take care of your hair. This was my first time to cyndi and I WILL be driving 2 1/2 to see her again for sure . She works magic with your hair , she completely knows what she is doing with your hair . I trust her 200% with my hair. Thank you cyndi for making me love my hair again . So bottom line if you are looking for a deva sylist Cyndi is the one you want .

The best ever

by Amy welch on APRIL 03, 2017

Cyndi IS THE BEST ! I drove 2 1/2 hours to have her cut and highlight my hair . Its was the best decision I ever made for my hair . I will continue to drive 2 1/2 to see her ! She worked magic with my hair , she took to time to show me and explain every step she was doing to get the best results for my hair , so that I could continue the methods at home. You can tell she loves her job and wants to make everyone feel confident with there hair. I am 200% happy with my hair cut and highlight . I have never hugged my hairstylest in all the years getting my hair done , but with the way she made me feel about my hair I had to give her a big hug , to try to show how much she helped me with my wild cury hair . She is the the best ever !! Thank you so so much Cyndi .

AMAZING curly hair stylist

by Brianna B. on APRIL 01, 2017

No less than 5/5! 100% amazing customer service from Cyndi! Today was my first time getting my hair cut professionally and she did such a fantastic job! First of all, Cyndi is a wonderful person. Her personality is sweet and the mood and environment of her shop was very warm and homey. I felt super relaxed and after getting my hair done, I felt stress-free. I walked in there not knowing what style I wanted (other than a devacut) or what I could even do with my hair since I've never had it cut and styled before. She knew exactly what to do. My hair is now framed better to my face, there are no shelf layers, it looks completely full and volumized, as well as super soft & shiny. Another thing I really loved is that she tells you exactly what she is doing every minute. I trusted her completely and she wow'd me. She also gave some really great advice on the different styles I could do and how to better manage my hair. She made me fall in love with my hair like I have never done before. I love the way it turned out and actually look forward to another style! Thank you so much, Cyndi. :) You have made me feel so beautiful and joyous. <3 If you have any type of curly hair, go see her now! She is now my go-to stylist.

Amazing and Informative

by Angela Blake on MARCH 30, 2017

Cyndi was amazing! I brought my 5 year old daughter in to see her and she took the time to show me how to care for her curly hair and gave me ideas on how to style it. Cyndi was patient, knowledgeable and informative. I highly recommend her services.

Superior service

by April Maria on MARCH 26, 2017

I have 2 daughters with super curly hair. Cindi has taught them how to care for their hair properly and gives wonderful cuts so that the curl is enhanced. No more bell shaped cuts!

Love my DevaCurl cut!

by Trena Owens on MARCH 06, 2017

I am so happy that I found Cyndi when I was looking for a new stylist for my long curls. She took the time to get to know my hair and needs to give me the best cut. Love my curls more than ever!

Love her!

by Melissa on MARCH 03, 2017

Cyndi has been amazing in helping me embrace my waves and learn to care for them! My straightening days are over.


by Ashley on MARCH 01, 2017

Cyndi was very knowledgeable and listened to my concerns. It was my first ever Deva cut! I didn't know my curls could look like this!

Where had she been all my life???

by Sheila on FEBRUARY 13, 2017

Cyndi taught me to LOVE my curls. I would follow her wherever she goes.

we drive over 150 miles to see her

by Audrey Doering on FEBRUARY 03, 2017

Cyndi is the very best. My hair is long loose curls and she is the only one who has been able to tame it. For over three years she has done my hair. Her ability to apply color in just the right places to make the curls shine is amazing. I drive from Fayetteville, ar to see her as NO ONE ELSE WILL EVER TOUCH MY HAIR EVER AGAIN:)


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