Sherry's Nail Salon

Augusta, GA
4.9 / 18 Reviews

Sherry's Nail Salon

Augusta, GA
4.9 / 18 Reviews

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Deva Advanced Stylist

Completed our hands-on Level 2 course, featuring advanced cutting and color techniques

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  • Deva Advanced Stylist

    Completed our hands-on Level 2 course, featuring advanced cutting and color techniques

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Hope Key

Deva Advanced Stylist
4.9 / 15 Reviews
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  • DevaCut
  • Pintura Highlighting
  • DevaCurl Transformation
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by Natasha on NOVEMBER 02, 2018
Service Received: Pintura Highlighting

Hope did a great job with my highlights and curls.

Awesome Experience

by Coralis on OCTOBER 26, 2018
Service Received: DevaCurl Transformation, Pintura Highlighting, DevaCut
Price: $175+

I have never dyed my hair, nor trusted people to cut my hair besides family members. I gave Ms. Key my trust, and she blew my mind. I cannot stop looking at myself in the mirror. She took her time, and explained what she was doing. The atmosphere was awesome as well. I honestly want to thank her for everything, I'm extremely happy about my results, completely worth it. Look forward to seeing you again.

Curly Girl Education

by Jenn on AUGUST 22, 2018
Service Received: DevaCut

I’m a new curly girl... 2years ago, I went thru chemo and lost all of my straight hair for about 6 months. When it grew back...lots of wavy and frizz! I have been to two other Deva stylists since my new hair pattern but they didn’t educate me as much as Hope did. She asked me several questions to gather an understanding of what I was doing so she could help me correct and conquer the frizz. Her cut included me standing so she could see how my hair fell..this made so much sense to me! I’m still learning and trying a few suggestions she gave me to try and I’m looking forward to finding my routine.

Best Salon Experience EVER!

by Natashs on AUGUST 22, 2018
Service Received: DevaCurl Transformation, Pintura Highlighting

No offense to the Devachan in NYC, but Hope did a better job getting my curls to bounce. Hope knew exactly what I wanted and gave me various options to get to the color I want. She applied my color and toner, then styled it while teaching me more about how to care for my curls. Before my hair was dry I already knew I loved it! She blended my 5 different colors of blonde with my dark brown roots! I have never in my life left a salon happier. I don’t ever want anyone else to do my hair again!

Great Experience Ever!

by Leigh on JULY 26, 2018
Service Received: DevaCut
Price: $76-$125

For years I have been to salons that have styled my naturally curly hair straight and cut it. So when it was left to be curly it never looked right always heavy and triangular. I found Hope through the DevaCurl website and I am soooo happy that I did. She gave me the best haircut I have ever had! The method she used to cut my hair was perfect and the styling method fantastic. I noticed right away the bouncy and shiny curls. I have never felt this great about a hairstyle. Hope listened to what I wanted and is great at what she does. She made me feel very comfortable and secure with what she was doing. I felt so comfortable that I let her cut a ton of hair off. I went from having hair all the way down my back to above my shoulders!! I am so happy and all thanks to Hope Key! I look forward to my next appointment and continuing with DevaCurl!

Curly Customer for Life

by Susan Vizvary on JUNE 27, 2018
Service Received: DevaCurl Transformation
Price: $51-$75

I have been going to Hope since the end of 2013. I found her by chance, while I was looking for a new stylist and saw that she did the DevaCut. Every time I went to any salon all they ever wanted to do was cut and straighten my hair. I was at a point that my hair was so damaged and I just wanted to quit fighting my curly hair and embrace it. Well I am so glad I went to Hope. On my first experience she did a DevaCut and used the DevaCurl products and my hair was shiny, bouncy and healthy. I have only ever gone to Hope since. She understands curly hair and colors my hair too - I get compliments on my hair now which I never received in the past. I couldn't be happier and I will follow her wherever she goes!!!

first deva cut

by Lyndsay on MAY 25, 2018

I found Hope through this finder and decided to take a chance and make an appointment! I have dreamed about having a deva cut and for my hair to be cut in a healthy way. My hair is naturally curly and I just wanted to learn the best way to style it and take care of it! Hope has a love for curly hair and it shows in her work! She is thorough and answers any questions you have!! Loved my first deva cut experience and will definitely be returning in the future!!

The best salon experience of my life

by Millie Lugo on MAY 07, 2018

I’ve been natural my whole life. but then got influence by my peers and decided to straighten my hair on a daily basis throughout high school. This caused major damage and eventually I had to cut all my hair off. This was year ago. Ever since then I’ve been natural and my curls have been perfect. My hair is not too long but I do have a lot of it. I love getting my hair done! every time when I used to go to the salon, before I met Hope, stylist would ask me to straighten my hair before I got a haircut. This made me very nervous because as I mentioned before my hair was damaged because of a straightener. So about every 3 to 2 months I would get my haircut. So I thought that because I didn’t straighten it as often as I used to, it wouldn’t be that damaging to my hair. As the months passed by I noticed that some of my curls begin to get loose. I did not mention but I do have color on my hair too. A couple months back I stumbled upon the devacurl products. And the natural hair product fanatic that I am I did some research and absolutely fell in love with the products, cutting method, and the styling method. I use the devacurl decadence line and I love it 😍!!!!!! just using the products I notice my curls start to spring back up. Even though the products were making my curls look healthy I begin to feel like I need a haircut. I was really nervous to go back to salon because I don’t want to keep straightening my hair. So I decided to find hope. And that was the best decision I have made for my hair !!! She is very professional, a great listener, creative, great at what she does, and just overall amazing. I really enjoyed that she asked a lot of questions she can get a better understanding what I wanted my final hair look to be like. You can even ask her I was super super nervous and she made me feel super comfortable and that’s what I loved about the whole experience. And my hair feels and looks healthy and I’m happy !!!!!!! So big thanks to Hope Keys !!!!!!!!



I have curly hair and have struggled for years looking for the right products. I have been using the Deva Products with very little result. When I met with Sherry she instructed me on the proper use of my products. WOW did it make a difference. She was very knowledgeable and helpful. I am very thankful I found her and really appreciate all of her help!

Keeps My Curls in Good Shape!

by Emily Y. on APRIL 16, 2018

I've been going to Hope for over a year, and she does such a great job every time. She's very educational on the best methods to care for your curls, and I love that she uses different products on me that I may want to incorporate into my routine. Highly recommend!

First Deva Cut for 9 year daughter

by Rebecca Patrick on APRIL 10, 2018

When we went into the salon my daughter was so tired of her frizzy, tangled curly hair she was thinking of cutting it. She has been trying to grow it for so long. She walked out loving her curls, ready to take the skills that we learned and use them at home! Hope taught us so many ways to keep her hair frizz and tangle free!

Wonderful 1st DevaCut

by Michelle on APRIL 06, 2018

Needless to say I was quite nervous about getting my first DevaCut on my heat ruined hair, but Hope was awesome. She first did a thorough consultation on my hair and walked me through each and every step of the process. I did not feel rushed at all and she answered all of my questions. The right cut from the right stylist is truly life changing!

Awesome! Professional! Knowledgeable!

by Carrie Brooks on APRIL 03, 2018

I met Hope by chance in Savannah when we were both there running a half marathon. She mentioned she was a stylist and specialized in curly hair. She gave me her card and asked me to give her a chance once back in Augusta. I’m so glad I did! Hope’s knowledge on curly hair and the diva products was like attending “curly hair University!” She took her time and really listened to what I asked for- most stylists end up cutting off way too much! She kept the length but added layers and made my curls look so healthy! I recommend Hope to anyone who wants a great cut without the fuss and/or drama of an overly busy salon. Hope has a quite nook hidden in the back of a quaint salon. Love it and love her!

First Deva cut

by Vanessa Wright on MARCH 08, 2018

I went today and got my first devacut. Hope is amazing and very informative on how to use all the products. I am beyond satisfied with my cut. I wanted to cry when I saw my “after” because I have never seen my curls look at amazing as they do now. As long as the military keeps us in Augusta, I will be going to her for now on!


by Macy Ellis on MARCH 02, 2018

Loved the cut and style Hope Key was able to do! I have naturally kinky curly hair & she knows exactly how to cut it!

I embraced my curls.

by Gwen S. on MARCH 02, 2018

Hope has been the only hair stylists I have trusted for over 7 years. She has encouraged me from day 1 to embrace my natural texture. I could not have done so without her encouragement, tutorials, and product knowledge. I have gotten more compliments since becoming a 24/7 curly girl than ever before. Hope is dedicated to helping every client feel comfortable and beautiful. Visits with her are something that I look forward to: the conversation flows naturally, she is full of hair knowledge, and is a calm spirit. Her curly hair knowledge and coloring expertise solidifies my confidence in Hope Key. I recommend her to anyone, curly girl or not.

First Curly Hair Cut

by KBB on FEBRUARY 21, 2018

Fantastic haircut. Hope seems very passionate about curly hair and cutting it correctly. I had lots of questions, and she was very willing to talk through all of them. Learned a lot about styling and using different products that won't weigh my hair down. I will be back!

The only stylist I trust with my curls

by Kate M. on FEBRUARY 07, 2018

People with naturally curly hair know how hard it is to find a stylist you really trust. Hope Key is knowledgable about hair texture and understands how to treat my curls right. I've got thick, curly hair (3a/3b type), and I've always been pleased with how she cuts and styles my hair, whether I'm in for a trim, a reshaping/layering, or even a dramatic cut (losing 7+ inches for an angled bob!). She is also the only person I've let highlight my hair, giving me gorgeous balayage each summer that totally works with my curls. I always leave feeling better about my hair than ever and have stuck with her for the past few years. I thought I was a curl expert, and she has taught me about new products and techniques. I recommend her to all the curly girls I know in Augusta.


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