Ulta Salon

Orlando, FL
4.8 / 10 Reviews

Ulta Salon

Orlando, FL
4.8 / 10 Reviews

Level 1 Deva Inspired Stylist catering to all curl types and textures.

Devacurl Services


Deva Curl Stylist No Longer Works Here

by Avery on SEPTEMBER 14, 2018

As of today, there is no longer a Deva stylist at this location. I called and the man who answered the phone said they have both quit.

Best first Devacut ever!

by Jan on APRIL 10, 2018

I was so nervous about getting my haircut but this is the best place to go. My stylist was so sweet, listened to everything I had to say such as concerns, length retention, and what my problems areas are. My hair transformed into something amazing. My curls got tighter, bouncier, I had more volume, and my frizz went down by at least 40 percent. Which is amazing for me because I have very frizz prone hair. She styled my hair so well that I got 8 days out of it. I keep trying to style my hair like she did and I can’t get it right. Magical fingers man!

pintura highlights/devacut

by Bee on MARCH 27, 2018

If i could share a photo of my before and after i’d love to. I moved from NYC to kissimmee and drove 45 minutes to nina because of the reviews i read on her work and was in desperate need of a haircut but was uncertain about where to go i got pintura highlights & a hair cut she was very patient with me and explained step by step on how i should care for my hair on top of the fact that i am continuously complimented on my hair she made me love my curls i now own a whole dresser of deva curl hair products thanks to her & have another upcoming appointment with her would definitely recommend if you are in the central florida area

Best stylist

by Julisa on JANUARY 28, 2018

I have been going to Nina for a couple years now. She has completely transformed my hair. She has taught me to love my curls and how to maintain them. Nina is a blessing to curly girl nation. Definitely check her out, you will not regret it.

I've found my new stylist! Nina is great!

by Bobbileigh on OCTOBER 30, 2017

I have been trying to find someone who really understood my hair and I clicked with since embracing my curly hair 3 years ago. Nina had great reviews, so I contacted the salon for an appt, she was booked up for a while, but I got put on a waitlist and she got me in a couple weeks later. We talked about my hair, what I liked, what I didn't. I explained I wanted to keep my length, and she said she would, but she thought cutting some length off and giving some layers would give me more fullness and volume that I was looking for. She was 100% right. My super fine hair looks much thicker and full of life. I am one happy curly girl!

Hair God

by Natalie on MARCH 09, 2017

Nina has blessed my hair with her haircuts and recommendations on products from deva curl. Hands down a hair goddess.


by Roxy Eustache on MARCH 07, 2017

Nina is absolutely fantastic. I wasn't even looking for a stylist because I was too scared of someone messing up my hair. I saw Nina walk in a Starbucks with her beautiful curls and found out she's a devacurl professional. Amazing hair experience, i love how my hair looks. She kept my length and taught me how to use devacurl products. Thank you for making me feel beautiful, Nina!

Excellent Service

by Belinda Williams on FEBRUARY 18, 2017

I have had my hair cut by Nina on two different occasions. She is highly skilled in the Deva Cut method and did a fantastic job on my tightly curly hair! .

Simply Amazing!

by Francis Ramos on JANUARY 06, 2017

I absolutely love Nina! I can't wait to go back and have her do my pintura highlights. I get compliments on my cut almost on a daily basis!! And I am completely in love with my cut. She gave me the shape and volume I desired, and was super nice!

A Great Cut

by Sharon Henry on NOVEMBER 06, 2016

Love Nina! She does a great job and the Deva Cut makes all the difference in the world for a curly girl.


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