Sorelli Hair Studio and Spa

Melbourne, FL
4.8 / 20 Reviews

Sorelli Hair Studio and Spa

Melbourne, FL
4.8 / 20 Reviews

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    Completed our hands-on Level 2 course, featuring advanced cutting and color techniques

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Deva Advanced Stylist
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Finally learned my curls

by olivia on JUNE 12, 2018

Richard transformed my hair while also giving me great tips on how to care for my hair. Before I went to him I was clueless. Would highly recommend letting him do your hair!

Richard is truly an expert in treating & styling natural curls

by Charlotte on MARCH 09, 2017

My daughter is almost 10 years old and yesterday was her first visit to a salon for a real haircut...ever. One of the reasons we waited so long to go is because she has an incredibly huge head full of curls and it is not easy to find a place/stylist that deals specifically with curls and that understands mixed hair and how to cut, treat and style it. Until now. :) Jacquelines first salon experience was incredible. Richards' cutting and styling is amazing! He really listened to her and gave her everything she wanted. She is so happy...she has literally not stopped smiling since :). In addition to his expert styling, Richard really took the time to go over her hair with us and educate us both on what to do and what not to do with it. If you are in the area, I would totally recommend you treat yourself and your curls to a visit with Richard. And if you are not in the area but are tired of not finding someone who understands and knows how to treat your hair...I would recommend travelling to see him... he's worth it...and so are you. :)

Richard is a Godsend!

by Blanche on MARCH 04, 2017

I cannot say enough good things about Richard. My daughter has the curly hair. We tried many stylists before finding Richard through the DevaCurl website. She would leave every salon in tears - not a good thing with a teen! From the moment we met Richard and explained our circumstances, he was super understanding. He takes the time to get to know his customers and their wants and needs for their hair. He teaches you how to take care of your hair. He was so good with my daughter that I decided to give him a try with my own hair. Best decision ever! Thanks, Richard, you truly are a Godsend! No more tears from my teenager! Yay!

Richard is the BEST

by Naomi D on JUNE 12, 2018

After a lifetime of not knowing how to "handle" my curly hair, and years and years of flat ironing, using the wrong products, and not having stylists who understand my hair, I finally found my expert! Richard took time to listen to my struggles I have with my hair, reassured me of my cut (I came in for a trim and left with a decently big chop), and helped me understand my hair type and how to care for it. I recommend him to anyone looking for a stylist, but especially those with curly hair who are searching for someone who knows curls!!

Curly Cut

by Carmelita C. on JUNE 12, 2018

I got my curly hair cut from Richard. He is the most informative curly specialist I have encountered in all my years of going to a salon. He educated me on color (originally wanted it), cut and how to care for curly hair with the right products. I will recommend him to anyone if you have curly hair no matter what hair type, ASK FOR RICHARD! : ) Thank you soo much for giving my hair LIFE!

Richard Exceeded My Expectations

by Heather on NOVEMBER 13, 2017

First curly cut, first dry cut, first time meeting a hair professional knowledgeable about curly hair.. Mind completely blown. Richard took his time with every aspect of my visit and gave me so many tools I’ve already adopted and having great results at home. Super thankful for the cut because it makes my thin, low density hair look fuller and with more volume. If my curly haired sister lived here she’d for sure get a gift from me to go. I’d recommend any person with curly hair to see Richard! Wonderful experience.

First curly cut

by Mary on APRIL 08, 2017

This was my first curly cut and I was pretty nervous. Richard did such an amazing job and made sure I knew everything I needed to about my curls. They have never been so alive and curly before. Definitely the best my hair has ever looked.

Richard made me love my curls!

by Marcella on MAY 02, 2017

This review is way late! I had my first appointment with Richard last year and it changed my life. Well, it changed my hair life! It was seriously the best hair appointment I've ever had. So much education! He is so knowledgeable about curls and he takes his time so that I was able to take in everything he was explaining, I loved it so much that I gave my sister the experience as a Christmas gift. If you have curly hair go see this guy!!!

Great stylist and great communicator!

by Susan Stockman on APRIL 09, 2017

I went to Richard for my first Devacut and I'm so glad I did! He gave me a cut that was much more flattering than what I had and it really let my curls shine. I really appreciated all the education about getting my curls into good condition and maintaining them. I also learned a lot about what products to use and why. Also, the followup with information and hints is really important to me. I am a "snowbird" and he has a network of curly hair experts so I will be getting referrals for my summers up north. Richard is a real find! I highly recommend him to anyone with curly hair.


by Damaris on MARCH 03, 2017

Richard is great. I've been having a hard time finding somebody local who can handle my curly hair and then I met Richard. He is great. He taught me how to manage my hair and how to respect my curls. Can't wait to go back.

I have curls again!

by Alexia on JUNE 17, 2018
Service Received: DevaCut

Richard is absolutely incredible and I am forever grateful for his help. He is the only one I will trust to work with my curls!!!! My hair was so damaged and I lost the volume in my hair and the definition of my curls. Richard brought my hair back to life and taught me how to do it myself at home with the right products. I had gone to multiple hairstylists and had been constantly asking what to do with getting no where. My hair is now voluminous and I have defined curls!!! How your hair looks is important and contributes to your self image because when you feel pretty, you smile and walk with confidence more!

Best Curly Cut Ever!

by Heather on FEBRUARY 17, 2017

Richard knows curly hair! This was the first time in my life I haven't had to restyle my hair when I got home from my hair appointment. If you have curly hair, go see Richard. Your curls will thank you!


by Carole on JANUARY 30, 2017

Richard is a curl expert. He takes the time to show you exactly what your curls needs and teaches you the tips and tricks to get the look you desire. He is patient and completely dedicated to serving you! So thankful he is came to the area!

I've finally found my curl expert!!!

by Sarai on JANUARY 26, 2017

Richard has been so helpful in showing me how to respect my curl, I've seen a difference in my curl definition since following his recommended regimen. My sisters are also seeing him; he's really good at what he does!!!

So worth it!

by Nancy on JANUARY 16, 2017

Richard did an amazing job with my extremely thick curly hair. He cut it into a style that is easy to work with and looks great. Thanks to the styling tricks he shared with me I can now maintain my curls with ease.

Awesome curl Guru

by Lisa on JANUARY 13, 2017

This was my first experience with a Curly Hair Specialist and it blew me away! Richard took his time explaining and educating me. He gave me an awesome cut and refreshed abundant curls. I will definitely be back!

Best salon appointment ever!!!

by Belinda on JANUARY 14, 2017

What an awesome salon experience! Richard took his time to explain every aspect of how and why to care for curly hair the Deva Curl way. I have a whole new outlook on my curls...I love them!! Richard also makes himself available through text messaging and e-mail

I love my curls! Thank you!

by Lorelei on JANUARY 06, 2017

Richard took his time cutting and setting my hair to perfection and educating me on how to best care for it. No question went unanswered and I felt amazing when I left. My husband and boys absolutely LOVE my hair and I do too!

Richard is awesome with curly hair!!

by Mason on JULY 23, 2016

Richard is awesome with curly hair! He knows his stuff and takes time to teach you how to properly take care of your curly hair and style it. You won't be disappinted!!

Best curly cut ever!

by Jenny on JUNE 12, 2018

This was my first time ever getting a curly cut. Richard was very knowledgeable about curly hair and did an amazing job. I loved that he listened to what I wanted and was very helpful with explaining what he was doing and why. It was definitely worth it you won't be disappointed!


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