The Mane Hair Studio at Sola Salon Suites

Torrance, CA
5.0 / 22 Reviews

The Mane Hair Studio at Sola Salon Suites

Torrance, CA
5.0 / 22 Reviews

Owned and operated by Laura Lawson, The Mane Hair Studio is an intimate two-chair Hair Salon/Studio in Torrance, CA at Sola Salon Suites. Laura carries the full line of DevaCurl products and Neuma beautiful and sustainable haircare. She provides Halo Couture Hair Extensions and Babe I tip Hair Extensions ; color lines include Schwarzkopf, Redken and Keune So Pure.

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Deva Advanced Stylist

Completed our hands-on Level 2 course, featuring advanced cutting and color techniques

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  • Deva Advanced Stylist

    Completed our hands-on Level 2 course, featuring advanced cutting and color techniques

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Laura Lawson

Deva Advanced Stylist
5.0 / 22 Reviews
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Amazing Cut!

by Candace on AUGUST 04, 2018

Laura gave me an incredible (first time!) cut and made me feel comfortable throughout the entire process. I am thrilled with the results (even the next day after styling myself!). I can't stop looking at myself!

Trustworthy and incredible

by Nichelle on JUNE 12, 2018
Service Received: DevaCut

Laura is truly a treasure. I first came to her when I needed my hair styled for my wedding. She takes the time to listen to what you're looking for and will also give her input on how it may come out depending on your curl type. She made sure I looked my absolute best for my wedding! Post wedding I returned to Laura for a summer cut and have received what is indisputably the best haircut I've had in my life! I plan to bring my mother to see her later this summer for her birthday. So excited to see how she'll do mom's hair!!

Finally a good stylist!

by Amanda on MAY 05, 2018

I have moved around a lot and tried a LOT of different stylists, but have always HATED the cut the second I leave the salon. No more! Laura has done my hair 3 times and I've LOVED it each time! I have learned how to love my curls and how to make them look amazing! Thank you Laura!

I can’t stop staring!

by Jasmine on APRIL 14, 2018

I was extremely nervous to get my hair cut, but Laura has a great way of making you feel at ease. What I really admire most is her honesty. I had a lot of damage from coloring, but I didn’t want to get rid of too much length. Laura was able to compromise with me and I am very thankful for that. Not only am I in love with my hair, but I fell in love the ambiance of the salon. It’s personal, cute, and very comfortable. I can’t wait to come back in a couple of months. Laura is great!!

Best cut ever

by Kadie B on JULY 28, 2017

After years of traveling long distances to get a dry cut I finally found Laura 15 min away. She returned my call right away. I wanted to try short hair for a change and the summer. I showed her a picture and she got what I was going for right away. She introduced me to a new deva product for frizz I'd never tried. I can honestly say it's the best cut I've ever had. I constantly get compliments even from strangers. The best part is that it's so easy to style and always looks good because of her expertise in cutting.

Absolutely Awesome

by Leslie on MAY 12, 2017

Laura takes time to really find out what you want. She cares and wants you to be satisfied. It was an awesome experience as I've finally embraced my curls and treat them with respect. Thank you Laura!!

Finally great curls thanks to Laura!

by Patricia on MAY 08, 2017

Laura did an amazing job with my hair. I don't have very tight curls but they are curls nonetheless. I was tired of all the hair damage due to straightening it. I knew I needed to find a good stylist. She walked me through every step. She gave me great tips on how to repeat the process and look at home. I'm so thankful I found Laura. I will definitely be back when it's time for my next cut.

Love my curls now! After 29 years of not knowing how to deal with them

by Liza on DECEMBER 06, 2016

All jokes aside, for 29 years I absolutely hated my hair. I wished that I these curls go away and felt helpless. After finding Laura I can finally say I am a proud owner of beautiful curls and I love them. I get compliments daily! It's such a great feeling when you are finally happy with your hair and therefore appearance. Thank you Laura for listening to me and doing such a great job! I'm a fan!

Changed my life!

by Elizaveta A. on NOVEMBER 27, 2016

This may sound silly, but for 29 years I didn't know how to deal with my curly hair... I was always wearing them in a ponytail and never enjoyed wearing my hair down. Laura's haircut changed my life and Deva products did as well. I am now enjoying compliments from friends, family and strangers every day. More confident and happy!

She is an ARTIST!

by Jen C on OCTOBER 28, 2016

I am in my mid-thirties and I have curly thick hair and my daughter is 4 and she has very curly hair. We both had the very best hair cut and style we have ever had in our lives with Laura. My haircut and style gave me more confidence and it has allowed me to think of my hair as a great asset rather than something I have to deal with. Laura is truly an artist and she takes extraordinary care and time in her work. I highly reccomend her to anyone young or old with curly hair. I garuntee that you will be as grateful to her as my daughter and I are for our beautiful hairdos.

After 2 years of no haircuts my hair feels great!!

by Anisa Anorve on AUGUST 13, 2016

I haven't had a hair cut for almost two years and was in desperate need of finding a good stylist who knows how to cut curly hair! I came across the devacurl phenomenon and jumped on the bandwagon right away. After searching for deva irk stylists in my area I came across Laura's studio! She is an AMAZING hairstylist and really cares about the health of your hair. Every question I had she answered and really explained to me the process of a devacurl cut. I loved it! My hair actually has full curls now and isn't dull looking anymore! Thank you Laura and I will see you once I come back from my trip! :) I recieved a drycut and picked up a styling cream for $115! It's worth the money (I know because I'm always on a budget and this was the time to splurge for sure)

The best!

by Elizabeth on JULY 19, 2016

I've always had trouble finding someone who could cut curly hair. I even had someone straighten all my hair before she cut it! So this is why I'm so excited I found Laura! She knows what she's doing! It was such a relaxing experience. She walked me through the process of a deva cut. And we went over what I wanted my hair to look like after. It turned out wonderful and the products she used to style my hair worked great! Very professional and overal a great experience!

Great communication! Great results!

by Carolyn Kotowski on JUNE 20, 2016

My first dry hair cut was a success! I explained to Laura what I wanted and she asked me about the shapes I liked and the best ways to achieve my goals. She noticed that in order to remove all my damage, I would need to cut more hair off than I had originally wanted, so she asked me what I preferred and we moved through the appointment together. I felt really comfortable with her cutting my hair and I love the result! I got my hair cut a few days ago and restyling my hair hasn't been an issue! Which it was always an issue for past hair cuts.


by Dominique B on MAY 31, 2016

This was my first Devacut and thank God it was with Laura! She took the time to really listen to me. I appreciated her showing me and telling me how much product she was using and giving me pointers and tips on how to handle my curly hair. Never did I think my curls could look and feel this healthy but thanks to Laura I see the light! Can't wait to see her again

Finally My Hair And I Are Happy

by Dinah on APRIL 12, 2016

I recently became aware of the Deva Curl Method and decided to give a local stylist (Laura) a try despite the "higher than I usually pay price tag". Why or why did I not find her sooner! She is the BEST! She made my visit so relaxing and enjoyable. But the visit didn't start in her salon. She helped me feel so at ease even during our 1st phone call. I really appreciated how she took the time to speak with me over the phone to discuss what I wanted, what to expect and answer any initial questions I had for her. After the 1st phone call, she made herself available via text in case I had any questions between that time and the appt day. She is not only enthusiastic about curly hair but so knowledgeable about how to take care of it. She really knows how to work with curly hair and really takes it seriously. I appreciated how she took me step-by-step through the care process and in the end let me know she is available for any curly hair support if I needed it. :) It was all worth it. When I walked out of her salon, I not only felt great about my cut but I think I could hear my curls cheering! Finally after years of searching, my hair and I were truly happy. Thank you Laura, I will be back! If you were like me and have been salon hopping for years, you need to see her. She's the real deal.

Thank you Laura!!!

by Sabrina on MARCH 11, 2016

My curls have never been this fabulous! I was in need of a new shape my naturally curly hair was very long but the ends were damaged from years of that evil flat iron and bleaching ect. Anyway, I'm so glad I found Laura! We got rid of about 6 inches of my length but I'm sooo happy with my results my curls are back to life!!! I never thought my curls could be this beautifully defined after the damage I did to my hair! I love my devacut!! I can't wait to see how it looks when it's grown out some more! Thank you Laura for taming my mane!! Imma deva curl addict now, just placed my order for more products!!!

Laura is the best!

by JOSIE Z on FEBRUARY 28, 2016

Laura took time to get to know my curls like no one ever has. She is professional, friendly and kind. I'm so happy I found her!! Thank you Laura.

Thank God for Laura!

by Curl-E on FEBRUARY 19, 2016

My hair type before meeting Laura: a Hot Mess! I have been wearing my hair in a bun for years and have avoided getting haircuts due to let down after let down.

So glad I found Laura!

by Erica on JANUARY 30, 2016

I am SO glad that I found Laura! Over the last several years Ive been trying to learn more about how to work with my curly hair, but after numerous set backs going to stylists who meant well but gave me very poor hair cuts I was very frustrated. Im so happy that I found Laura and decided to go in for a deva cut and pintura highlights. Laura took so much time listening to me and making sure she made my hair look amazing. She also gave me so much guidance on techniques and tricks to do at home. I have never had such a positive experience at a salon. Also, her salon is so pretty, relaxing and private that it feels more like a trip to the spa than a trip to get a haircut. Before I went in for my deva cut I would hardly every wear my hair down because it was unmanageable and stringy, now I've been wearing it down and getting lots of compliments. If you are a curly girl you need to go see Laura!


by Andrea on AUGUST 18, 2015

When I came in to get my hair done with Laura it was amazing. She is so good with curly hair. She took me step by step through the process which helped me a lot. My curls were totally transformed and I love them.

Wonderful experience!

by Kira on MAY 30, 2015

I was so please with my experience with Laura. I'm always a little worried about letting people cut my hair, but she really put me at ease and answered all of my questions. She took her time with my hair and was so thorough when it came to explaining how to use the Deva products. I've (mostly) been able to recreate the style she created and I've gotten so many compliments on my new cut. I'll definitely be returning!


by Curls curls curls on APRIL 23, 2015

Laura is great with curls! She listened to all my needs and helped me get a cut that is fabulous for my hair type and face shape. She also took time to show me products that would work for my hair and a great how to on styling. Five stars! She is awesome!


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