Beauty By Alaska

Stockton, CA
5.0 / 18 Reviews

Beauty By Alaska

Stockton, CA
5.0 / 18 Reviews

We are remodeling and bringing you a new and improved Beauty Parlor Boutique. With new training and stylist.

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Alaska Morales

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by Rachel R on JULY 12, 2018
Service Received: DevaCut

Thank you Alaska for being apart of my curly hair journey! Loved the time spent with her and of course my cut! Thank you for taking the time to cut my curls right!


by Brittainy Maki on JUNE 21, 2018
Service Received: Bounce Back Treatment, DevaCut
Price: $50

My daughter will be 4 next month and her hair turned out better than I could have ever imagined! Thank you so much Alaska! We will definitely recommend you to anyone who wants curl like my baby!

We're in love with it

by Jasmine Flores on JUNE 17, 2018
Service Received: DevaCurl Transformation, DevaCut

I've never seen my daughter smile ear to ear when it comes to her hair. Alaska did a great job on the cut and transformation. She explained everything she was doing and giving us tips to use at home. She was very friendly and helpful. Thank you again.

Amazing experience

by Caitlin Schmidgall on JUNE 15, 2018
Service Received: Bounce Back Treatment, DevaCurl Transformation, DevaCut
Price: $51-$75

I had an absolutely amazing experience yesterday with Alaska! She is so sweet and absolutely transformed my hair with her Diva Curl products. She is easy to talk with and an amazing person. I will definitely be back!! It was worth every penny!

Lovin' my Devacut!!! 😄

by R.C. on MAY 11, 2018

I've had 3 previous Devacuts and honestly this is the first time I've loved my cut! Alaska took her time looking at my hair and cut it using the proper Deva method, which I really appreciate!!! Other Deva stylists I've been to in the past deviated from the Deva cut method, and I was not happy with the overall cut and condition of my curls after. Alaska thoroughly explained each step, and I learned lots of tips and tricks from her too. Thank you Alaska!

Now my curls rock!

by Deanna on APRIL 15, 2018

I enjoyed my 1st hair appt with Alaska. She has a great personality and took time to explain each step of what she was doing with the DevaCurl products she was using. The deep conditioning worked wonders! I walked out with healthier curls, better knowledge on how to treat my hair and some great styling products. I will be back for more cuts to continue to shape my layers to look like they should and more product.

She’s the best!

by Maléne Latu on MARCH 28, 2018

I got my first cut last year. I didn’t know what to expect. All I knew was that I loved it on others!! Alaska took her time explaining the process to me and also how to get my hair healthy again! She did an excellent job!! I also love the Deva Curl line!

Defined and bouncy curls

by Cheryl on MARCH 09, 2018

Alaska gave me my first Deva cut and I came out with defined and bouncy curls. I wasn't sure what to expect and Alaska was happy to answer all of my many questions and made me feel very comfortable. When my husband first saw it, I got a big "wow" from him. I'm excited to see what the DevaCurl products will continue to do with curls. Thanks Alaska!

Defined and bouncy curls

by Cheryl on MARCH 08, 2018

Alaska gave me my first Deva cut today. I feel like my curls are defined and bouncy. I wasn't sure what to expect and Alaska was very encouraging and answered all of my many questions. I'm excited to see my husband's reaction and how well the DevaCurl products continue to enhance my curls.

First deva cut and deep condition

by Crystal weatherwax on MARCH 03, 2018

This was my first deva cut but won't be my last. I instantly felt comfortable with Alaska she has and awesome presence. She brought out the curls and softness I have never seen in my hair!

Alaska the Curl Goddess

by Renee on FEBRUARY 10, 2018

Got a deva cut and deep moisture treatment from Alaska that truly revived my curls. My hair has shape now, no more scraggly ends or flatness in the back. It is 100% more healthy now. She recommended products and gave great advice on things I can do at home. I can't wait to bring my daughter to get a cut too. Alaska was very knowledgeable and a good teacher. Now that i have found her I wouldn't trust my hair to anyone else. I highly recommend her!

DEFINITELY coming back!

by Tabitha on JANUARY 07, 2018

I always feel so cautious when trying a new stylist due to bad experiences in the past, but Alaska helped erase all my doubts as soon as she started. She taught me all I needed to know about my curls and helped my hair bounce back (literally) ! I couldn't be any happier with what she did, and am going to make myself a permanent client!


by Leslie on SEPTEMBER 23, 2017

Alaska rocks - I was referred by a friend. Alaska treated my hair and scalp so gently I have never had a better experience. I am not a young woman however she has taught me and instructed me on how to and what products to use to make my curls absolutely awesome thank you Alaska see you soon!

Loving my hair

by Janet on AUGUST 29, 2017

Alaska is great as always. We had to wait to let my hair grow out from a bad haircut that I had gotten from someone else. She gave me this super cute 1920's bob and I absolutely love it.

Very Happy

by Lakeisha on JUNE 03, 2017

I've always read and heard about the Deva curl cut and so I tried it and I love it. Alaska did a very good job now my curls are much happier.


by Stella on APRIL 30, 2017

I have always had a bad experience when I got a haircut, due to my curly hair . I think some stylist just don't know what to do with curl heads . I haven't got a haircut in year due to the fact I was tired of not getting what I wanted . It's also been a year since I've been using DEVACURL products & that is how I found my new stylist ALASKA ! She was so nice ! And I learned a lot of new things from my visit with her and I will defiantly be changing my hair routine . If you're in the 209 area you HAVE TO GET A CUT FROM HER! You won't regret it ! THANK YOU ALASKA!!

Alaska is a really good stylist

by Janet on FEBRUARY 26, 2017

Alaska helped me fix my hair from when I had previously went to another stylist. As we all know it's very easy to get a bad haircut when you are a curly girl and go to someone who doesn't know what the are doing. Alaska saw what the other stylist had done and helped me not only with trimming my hair but coming up with a game plan to get where I want my hair. She is very knowledgeable and understanding.

very happy with my stylist

by Janet on FEBRUARY 23, 2017

Alaska was very helpful and sweet. She knew what she was doing and help fix my hair. I will be going to her from now on.


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