Capelli & Trucco

Long Beach, CA
4.5 / 11 Reviews
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Capelli & Trucco

Long Beach, CA
4.5 / 11 Reviews

Capelli and Trucco Salon Location: 300 E. 4th Street, Suite A122. Long Beach, CA 90802 (inside the Phenix building). Hours: Wed- Friday, 11-6pm and Sat, 10-4pm

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Philesha Burris

Deva Certified Stylist
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I Love My Hair!

by Christian B. on JANUARY 20, 2019
Service Received: Pintura Highlighting, DevaCut
Price: $76-$125

I had my 3rd DevaCut with Philesha and she did an amazing job. I decided to get bangs for the first time. She shaped my hair to perfection and I love it! I also love my color! It was perfect.he never disappoints. I trust her completely. It is always a pleasure to have her do my hair.


by Tausha on JANUARY 02, 2019
Service Received: DevaCut
Price: $126-$175

If you are in contemplation about scheduling an appointment because of price, get over it and get on her calendar. Yes, it is a bit more than the typical run of the mill salon, but you get what you pay for. Phylesha is many cuts above the rest. Her place of business has a classy curb appeal with all the privacy you need inside. No one dropped by to sell hair or products or gossip. She is knowledgeable, asked relevant questions about my hair care routine and made good recommendations. She was welcoming, professional and well put together (It's my opinion that a stylist should always present well to instill a clients confidence in her product and service.) Phylesha had two other clients arrive during my service but staggered her bookings considerately so that she could manage without inconvenience to any of us. My service included a consult, cut, wash, wet style, dry and clean up. I was in an out in well under 2 hours. It's been about a week since my style and my morning hair routine and by extension my life, is so much easier. My wash and go looked good through the 4th day and my twist out is the best ever. And, I can tell she thoughtfully cut a shape the will grow out well. I can go maybe a year before I'll need re-shaping. When that time comes and maybe before that for some color, Phylesha will be my only consideration. Loving my cut, great service.

Devacut & Highlights

by Renee J. on APRIL 05, 2018

I saw Philesha today for my very first devacut. I am new to wearing my hair curly. Philesha patiently answered all of my questions. She gave me a great shape, while keeping my length. My highlights are amazing! I would recommend Philesha to any curly girl looking for a great cut.

She is the best!!!

by Christian B on FEBRUARY 11, 2018

I just had my very first DevaCut and highlights with Philesha Alise and I am so glad I chose her. She is so talented and knowledgeable. I couldn't have asked for a better person. She put life into my hair. We discussed my thoughts on my hair and she effortlessly created a perfect cut. Philesha really listens and takes everything into consideration. I got a curl education. I trust her completely. Philesha is also the sweetest woman. I had the best time with her. I love my cut and I am already excited to go back for my DevaCut #2. Thank you so much!!!

Love my hair!

by Yvonne on FEBRUARY 09, 2018

Very impressed with Felicia. She told me step-by-step everything she was doing, why she was doing it, and what products she used. She instinctively knew what shape best fit my face and she was right. I will definitely return. I've already recommended my natural friends.

Snapped my 3c curls into shape.

by Natasha Sango on JANUARY 07, 2018

Philesha whipped my curls into shape today! All of them! My non curling edges and back of my hair too. Along with covering my grey and adding pintura highlights for a little added dimension. My curls are popping right now! And she gave me awesome tips to get these results at home too! Super happy with my cut & color.

Great experience

by Amber G. on JULY 07, 2017

I went to see Philesha for the second time at her new location and I was just as impressed as the first visit. She did an amazing job at listening to my needs and concerns and gave really good advice to maintain my curls at home. I got the Pintura highlights and although the process is long, my color is exactly what I wanted! I definitely will be visiting again!

hair looked same after pintura

by Flo G. on APRIL 28, 2017

i had the plesure of meeting phylicia at her new studio several weeks ago and had booked in for the pintura color method. honestly my color looks almost the same , i just left with my curls more defined which I could do myself at home. waste of $100+ and the long drive from north hollywood. i appreciate the hospitality and how sweet phyliciA was tho but cant see myself driving almost an hour again with my hair looking the same before and after.

Amazing as always

by Dominique on APRIL 24, 2017

Once again I left Philesha's salon smiling from ear to ear! I came in for a reshape this time, my last deva cut was back in November so I was due back. I will always trust my curls in her hands because she just gets my curly needs. I can't wait to see her in a few months when I go for more highlights

SHE IS THE BEST! 3B/3C Tight Curls

by Bianca Renee on APRIL 23, 2017

This is my 2nd DevaCut with Philesha and I've absolutely loved my results both times. She understands how to reshape your hair, give you bangs, volume, whatever you desire WITHOUT cutting off more than necessary. I was able to keep my length but get more layers, bangs and FABULOUS VOLUME! Not only does she always do a great job, she is super sweet! She makes you feel comfortable and relaxed and also educates you on Curl Knowledge to help you manage your hair on a daily basis. Don't believe me? I filmed my entire haircut on YouTube, you can see the results for yourself. :) "Reshaping Your Curls- Deva Cut #2 | Bianca Renee Today". Instagram: @MzBiancaRenee Thanks Philesha!!

2B wavy fine hair

by 2B grl on MARCH 01, 2017

i saw Felicia at her new space recently in long beach. let me say she was the sweetest most darling person ever & made me feel very comfortable. unfortunately the end result is nothing of what i would ever expect. i left with a huge amount of product in my hair and my waves felt sticky to the touch. i got home and restyled my hair the way i normally do with foam and spray gel and the cut is a disaster. the 6 months i spent growing my hair for this cut went to waste. ive had devacuts before in vegas and loved it and went to her since she's certified on this site but the cut was horrible. i wish i could say different, but i cannot recommend her. again she was the most warm hearted person but the end result was bad


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