Isabelle Grace McCauley
Isabelle is a college senior based in New York City.
Miracle Workers ™ Wavy Edition
Miracle Workers ™ Wavy Edition
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DevaCurl’s Miracle Workers kit addresses major concerns like product buildup, damage, dehydration, and undefined curls. Each Miracle Worker’s Kit contains Buildup Buster to cleanse your curls without leaving them stripped, and treatment masks Melt into Moisture and Deep Sea Repair that restore strength and provide definition to damaged curls.


Use Low-Poo Delight, One Condition Delight to hydrate and cleanse waves.


Build Up Buster ™ Micellar Water Cleansing Serum: Use this cleanser to remove product buildup, then follow up with a treatment mask.

Melt into Moisture ™ Mask: Apply this deep-conditioning mask to improve hair health and dramatically restore heat damaged and lifeless waves. For maximum moisture, apply to wet or dry hair and leave on overnight.

Deep Sea Repair Mask: If your waves are damaged from hot tools, bleaching, or other harmful practices, use Deep Sea Repair once a week to restore strength and provide definition to damaged waves.

Multi-mask: If your waves are in need of both moisture and strength, multi-masking is for you. For the ultimate multi-mask treatment combine Deep Sea Repair and Melt into Moisture. After cleansing and conditioning, finish the look with your favorite DevaCurl stylers and tools.