Mobile FACK P1

1. Fold scarf diagnolly into triangle. Then halve lengthwise three times, to form a long slender rectangle. Grab the scarf on either end and hold the middle against the back of your head. Make sure seams aren't showing!

Mobile FACK P2

2. Bring the ends together so that they cross at the front of the head.

Mobile FACK P3

3. Twist scarf counter-clockwise to form a knot.

Mobile FACK P4

4. Bring ends towards the back of the head and tie twice to secure the scarf.

Mobile FACK P4

5. Tuck ends.

Mobile FACK P4

6. Voila! Whether you are going from your desk to a dinner or straight to a party, this chic scarf will help you step up your wavy style and your 2nd-day hair.

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