Mobile FACK P1

1. Gather hair into a high ponytail/pineapple. Briana used pins on her hair, but you can use a seamless hair tie.

Mobile FACK P2

2. Fold scarf diagnolly into a triangle. Then half lengthwise twice to form a long rectangle. Wrap around the back of your head, and begin twisting end pieces.

Mobile FACK P3

3. Continue twisting both ends of the scarf and cross over towards the front of the head like Briana in the picture. Leave some hair out of the front for added sass.

Mobile FACK P4

4. Now, begin twisting the two ends together, along the side of your head, forming a rope.

Mobile FACK P5

5. Continue twisting the loose ends of the scarf along the side of your head toward the back of your head.

Mobile FACK P6

6. Tuck ends.

Mobile FACK P6

7. Voila! Whether you are going from your desk to a dinner or straight to a party, this chic scarf will help you step up your wavy style and your 2nd-day hair.

Celebrate Super Curly