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Deep Sea Repair

Deep Sea Repair

Product Review (submitted on August 9, 2017):
I have curly hair and I should be happy right? Nope, bcos its also frizzy, so whenever I naturally air dry my hair, it ends up in curls yes, but also a lot of flyaways and frizzy hair at the base of my neck and top of my head which makes me feel embarassed and I think the only way to tame my hair is to straighten it.

So, after some heat damage, my hair had become dry.

I've been using Deep Sea repair to help nourish it back to health and it has helped to bring back the softness.
Curls stay a little longer after using the mask.
But when I wash my hair normally(without using a devacurl mask) and dry as usual its more frizzier. Is this because I didnt use the mask? Probably.
So I dont like the effect when I dont use it.

Trying to find way around this.
But will I recommend this? Absolutely. Its great for a more natural shower-only solution to curly hair.