What is a curl ambassador?

Deva’s Curl Ambassadors help us embrace, educate, and celebrate curls of all kinds. Not only do they love their texture, but they’ve got an amazing story to share. They engage with curly girls and guys in a positive, uplifting way. And most importantly, they are our partners. We’re working with them to bring their amazing passion projects to life.

Heaven in Hair
One Condition Original

Lynn Kate Molina
DevaCurl fan since 2013
Born in Ecuador, raised in NYC. I'm currently a college student obsessed with tacos and Netflix.
Talia Bilig
DevaCurl fan since 2003
I’m a singer, composer, writer, fashion influencer, maker of lists and cringer of bio writing. Above all, I’m a lover and teller of stories. I cover...
Felicia Dickerson
DevaCurl fan since 2014
I’m a 28 year old Curl Reviver & Devotee from NC! I’m all about my family, cakes, and of course, CURLS!
Ginny Pettitt
DevaCurl fan since 2014
I’m a Zimbabwean and English Gemini and the Creator of #HappyFroday & #GoWithTheFro. I want to help women learn to love themselves.
Tori Piskin
DevaCurl fan since 2008
I’ve been a Devacurl client since 2008! When I’m not twirling my hair, you can catch me at some of NYC’s best comedy clubs.