Uniq. Salon Spa Yoga

Uniq. Salon Spa Yoga

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Uniq. Salon Spa Yoga is located in Crivitz, WI. We are a full service salon, spa, and yoga studio. We offer a calm and relaxing environment for you to get away from the stresses in your life. The main goal at our salon is to make your visit as comfortable, relaxing, and soothing as possible. We offer many different products and services guaranteed to satisfy your own unique look. We have hired the best of the best to provide you with a truly wonderful experience.

Deva Inspired Stylist

Sarah Kostreva
Amber Kamps
Lorie Baranek
Uniq. Salon Spa Yoga

744 Dyer St
Crivitz, Wisconsin 54114
phone: 715-854-7766


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