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Some stylists who work at this salon are Deva Inspired. A Deva Inspired stylist is a professional who loves working with curls, and has completed a hands-on curl course. To find the right Deva Inspired stylist for you, read stylist profiles and reviews, then call the salon to ask questions or to set up a consultation. After your visit, please feel free to come back and rate your experience.

Deva Inspired Advanced Stylist

Jessica Canterbury
Shampoo Cut Color Studio

879 Stockton Street
Jacksonville, Florida 32204
phone: 904-389-1242

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July 08, 2015

DevaCurl Rating

Jessica, my young daughter and our FIRST DEVA excited!!!!

Jessica was my deva cut stylist and she did an AMAZING job explaining the products to me as she took me through the steps on how to care for my hair at home to maintain growth, health, and consistency. She was VERY patient and quick (almost too quick that she had to reassure me that she was not "short changing" my "deva" experience. She was thorough and very interested in my past experiences in salons (being an AA curly girl). Very kind and pleasant. Just a few minor things I did wish were different is that I specifically asked to have a nice shape while maintain my hair length, which was almost to my mid back (stretched); now my hair is shoulder length. I was not happy about that and I had a lot of convincing to do when I made it home for my hubby to see. The test was straightening my hair to see how it would fall and while it has many layers and body, I NEVER wanted to trade the integrity of my length for a particular cut. I did let her know that I straighten my hair at times. She also invited me to return if I noticed a few stragglies(which I did, but was too afraid of more hair being cut so I'm dealing with it). I am not sure if the products worked best for my hair texture since after an hour I had a complete Afro (lol). However, I was happy with the results when Jessica was done; so much so that I asked her if she could give my daughter her first and she very nicely said she would even though they were closing. My daughter was thrilled with being a "deva"!! Bottom line, I would recommend Jessica and I plan to keep my appointment that's about 6-7 weeks out. I'll just double-reiterate not to compromise my length so greatly. Thank you Jessica and all said, WE WILL DEF RETURN!!!

June 07, 2015

DevaCurl Rating

Jessica at Shampoo is Awesome!!!

Jessica is awesome with my naturally curly hair. She is very knowledgeable and helpful with curly hair. I also love the base color and partial highlights she gave me! I'm so glad I found Jessica. I even traveled a little over 2 hrs for my appt with her. Well worth the drive!!!

May 21, 2015

DevaCurl Rating

My curls look better than they ever have!

Jessica listened and gave me an amazing cut. She charges less than other Deva Stylists I've been to...only $45! She's quick and knowledgeable and very eager to help you understand your curls and how to style them.

May 20, 2015

DevaCurl Rating

Jessica is a constant miracle worker

For twenty years I've struggled with my curly hair, which is ultimately now awkwardly wavy. Within those twenty years I've gone to countless hair stylists and each and every time I have absolutely hated my hair for the first few weeks. Since going to jessica, I have never once questioned whether or not I like my new haircut, in fact, I always absolutely love it. Jessica knows curly hair and I completely trust my hair in her hands-- and I'm VERY high maintenance and picky about my hair. She knows curly hair and she knows what she's doing, my hair has never looked better or made me feel as confident as I do now since going to Jessica

May 20, 2015

DevaCurl Rating

Great experience with Jessica at Shampoo

Jessica at Shampoo literally changed my life with a new super-easy style and great new highlights. I can go camping, ride in the MG with the top down, or walk in the rain knowing that my hair is still going to look great. I love trips to this salon, knowing that I am going to look my best when I leave. And all my friends love my new look!

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