Olympia, WA

OlyCurl is the only salon in Western Washington that is 100% dedicated to curly hair. Our goal is for every curly girl (and guy) to leave our salon not only looking like a million bucks, but to be able to achieve the same results at home. We teach, preach, and practice the CG Philosophy, ensuring that your curls are the happiest and curliest they can be! We use organic color and bleach alternatives, avoiding harsh chemicals that are drying to the hair and harmful for the body. Please visit our website for information on booking.

Our Stylists

Deva Inspired Stylist


A Deva Inspired Stylist is a curl specialist who has completed our entry-level, hands-on course.

Yukiko Taylor

  • DevaCut
  • No-Poo Transformation Service

Julia Weld

  • DevaCut
  • No-Poo Transformation Service
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