Nikki Dearman

Fort Worth, TX

Nikki Dearman-Lambert | Salons of Volterra at Montserrat In her years as a professional stylist, Nikki has been pursued through the Fort Worth area by her fiercely loyal curly-haired following. Having curly hair herself, she understands the lifetime of frustration and challenges that comes with trying to tame or style those curly locks. If you also have curly hair, you have also probably had your share of bad haircuts from stylists who didn’t understand the unique challenges of making curls look gorgeous. Those frustrations are what led Nikki to take her passion to the next level by becoming a Deva inspired Advanced Stylist, through multiple and ever-evolving Deva classes. She understands that cutting straight hair is easy, but styling curly locks takes special skills.The Deva Cutting technique is Devachan’s revolutionary method of cutting curly hair. I would love to explain how it is done. Call me today!

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Deva Advanced Stylist


A Deva Advanced Stylist is a curl-focused pro who has attended the DevaCurl Academy and completed our advanced level, hands-on course.

Nikki Dearman

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