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Burleson, TX

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Beware - Awful Experience

by Amy on February 10, 2017

I reviewed Sandra when she was on here under the name Serendipity Salon. I guess it got deleted and she created a new name. Sandra did my hair in November 2016.Let me just say that Sandra Crites was very friendly. I had gone in for a DevaCut that is supposed to be done one curl at a time, each curl treated like a separate entity and trimmed? Yeah, that didn't happen. She took huge hunks of hair and pulled them out and trimmed them. I looked like the mad hatter from Alice in Wonderland. During the ordeal, I mentioned that I had read the Curly Girl book. She had never heard of it. That was a big red flag.She washed my hair then realized she used regular shampoo and apologized. Then she said she was out of deva curl products and used some other product. After having me sit under a dryer for 30 minutes my hair was flat and crunchy. She exclaimed, of that isn't going to work! And rewet my hair in the sink. She blow dried it with a hand held dryer then she curled my hair with a curling iron! even sprayed it with a ton of hairspray and scrunched and mussed & scrunched and mussed until I had a tangled web of mess on top of my head. I paid and took the walk of shame to my car with my head down. I rewashed it when I got home hoping that it would be ok. It was not. Then went to bed thinking the morning would give me a new perspective. I re washed it again and it's just not right. I was SO disappointed. When I told her I was not happy with the cut she told me a deva cut is not a cut but an EXPERIENCE. She was very unapologetic but In the end she refunded me for the cut. I hope she has had more training than she had at that time.

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