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Huntersville, NC

Beauty Brands offers a total beauty experience. The best mix of famous brands and indie labels all chosen and championed by our trusted experts who want you to know why we love them. Discovery amazing ideas, product and treatments every time you visit.



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by Marcella on January 23, 2017

I went to this salon after seeing a favorable Youtube review about another curly girls experience. Lorraine Conrad is the certified Deva stylist. This is the worst haircut I have had in my entire life. She cut my hair in a downward motion, debulking my hair which is described as a "No, no" in Lorraine Massey's Curly Girl Handbook. After the cut, my hair was extremely sore from my hair pulling and ripping due to her cutting in a downward motion. My hair is horribly short on the sides with a mullet in the back. I look like Jessica Beals from flash dance. It's been two weeks and my hair has been exclusively worn up with the help of lots of bobby pins and rubberbands. Save your hair and confidence the beating. In the future I will be flying to Miami to get my curly hair taken care of. I'm so glad I didn't take my daughters to her.

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